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 Gemma Vale

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Gemini Maxxim

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PostSubject: Gemma Vale   Gemma Vale I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 10:29 pm

Name: Gemma Vale

Title: Liberator

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Gemma is a slender woman standing at approximately 5'10", 140 lbs. She has straight brunette hair extending down to her lower back, hazel eyes, and pale Caucasian skin.
Typically Gemma can be found wearing a black tank top underneath a green leather jacket, with white jeans and brown leather boots. She occasionally wears thin framed glasses, but is also seen with them off.


Since her early childhood, Gemma had been an introvert. With above average intelligence, she had little patience for her not-so-gifted peers, her attitude giving her a poor reputation. She didn't mind it, though. The less she had to associate with them, the better. Her solace came in the form of the internet: a vast new world where people like her could gather and mingle. Late in her elementary years and going into highschool, Gemma developed a facade to get her through the daily trials of socializing, reading the mood and joking around when appropriate, always putting on a smile for her "friends". When it came down to it, though, she desperately awaited the day when she would be free of it all and could devote her attention to the online world she had come to know and love.

With the coming of the Reign, Gemma found herself blessed with a new gift, a power befitting of her intellect. It took little time for Gemma to grow accustomed to her new abilities, becoming like second nature after the first year or so. Taking in the chaotic state of the world, Gemma recalled the tales of heroes and villains she'd oh-so-adored as a young girl. While it wasn't her first choice, she decided that she would use her new power to protect what was left of the world from the Excul and the Shades who sought to expand the darkness. While she acknowledged the presence of the other Liberators, she was never fond of associating with them.


Gemma is typically cold and anti-social, preferring to work own her own terms. However, that doesn't mean she avoids collaboration entirely. If it's in her best interest she'll find her way into a group and establish her place as a firm presence with a strong sense of humor. While she often jokes around with others, she doesn't take kindly to being on the receiving end, and will typically let her frustration get the better of her in such situations. She can be stubborn and rude, looking down on anyone that doesn't have crystal clear superiority, but deep down her heart is kind and just.

In the heat of battle, a whole new side of Gemma arises. Like her Successor, she very much enjoys the powers she was gifted with, and will toy with her opponents for as long as she deems safe. Beyond that point, Gemma will become dead-serious, throwing away her humorous facade in favour of a ruthless fighting machine.

Succession World: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Successor: Accelerator


Vector Change - can freely manipulate the vectors of anything she comes in contact with.

Freeform Abilites:

-Calculations - as Vector Change requires quick and complex calculations, Gemma has developed the ability to analyze any force she's experienced before by following its applied vectors, whether or not she understands the force. With these quick calculations she can come up with new applications for her power when the situation demands it.
-Accelerator - by amplifying vector values, Gemma can move objects at high speeds to emulate feats of super strength and agility. For example, she can alter the vectors of kinetic energy at her feet to dash/jump high, or those of someone she punches to send them flying.
Power - Emulated increase in physical strength (+45 Strength. Once per post. Twice per post with one post cooldown.)
Haste - Emulated increase in physical speed (+45 Speed)
Utility - Rendered aspect of passive existence such as water, air I.E: Step on air/water, access to       manipulation of existing energy in a form relative to Telekinesis. Heavy air quotes. Aspect of passive existence in walking on air/water is available every post. Usage of manipulation of existing energy in relative is usable once every three posts.

Second Abilities:

-Redirection - the ability to alter the vector values of anything she touches. The ability is passive, so projectiles like bullets or explosives are rendered ineffective even if he is unaware of them. (+/~/ Defense, +/~/ Magic Defense within realm of use. Will begin to weaken after too considerable use. Weakens after twenty posts into battle, returns to full use within ten).

Third Abilities:

-Awakened State - when experiencing a powerful revelation in the heat of battle, Gemma's way of thinking changes and her Personal Reality becomes altered. In the Awakened State she loses almost all conscious control of herself and can understand laws unknown to her. Her Vector Change ability becomes enhanced such that she can alter vectors from a distance, and she can make the necessary calculations at an unimaginable rate. Tremendous amounts of emotional pressure cause her to manifest wings of Dark Matter (black if negative emotions, white if positive). The wings can be used as physical weapons such as blades, with the ability to alter vectors as well, and are virtually indestructible. (Cannot be used until fifteen posts into battle. Doubles effect time of Acceleration, +150 Magic Defense +150 Defense on aspects of the wings grown onto the user's back as well as increasing the Strength and Speed attributes of Acceleration by +20 on each) (Lasts six posts, takes six posts to cool down).

Base Stats:

Strength 30  /  Speed 40  /  Defense 25  /  Magic 5  /  Magic Defense 5  /  Sense 10
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PostSubject: Re: Gemma Vale   Gemma Vale I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 11:18 pm

Gemma Vale Nas19

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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Gemma Vale
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