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 Jerrad Ferrin-Finished

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PostSubject: Jerrad Ferrin-Finished   Jerrad Ferrin-Finished I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2015 11:10 am

Name: Jerrad Ferrin

Title (Information can be found here: Liberator

Gender: Male

Age: 19


Jerrad Ferrin-Finished 19501wall

Background: His real parents buried within the dark depths of his memory, Jerrad was "born" in the murky underworld of a notorious crime syndicate, relentlessly hounded at by the police for as long as he can remember. Drugs and illegal arms trading were a way of life to him, and crime was all the young boy understood. While in the eyes of most, this lifestyle was despicable, Jerrad saw only virtue in what he did. The criminals that others feared were brothersto him. This place was his home; he was as happy as could be here. However, his family was practically at war with the entire world.

It was a war they were bound to lose.

It all happened in the span of a single night. Everything Jerrad knew was taken so quickly. In one night, his family was gone. They fought back, but Jerrad knew from the moment he saw the amount of police after them that they had lost. They were taken into custody and thrown in jail, where many of them would spend the rest of their lives for the henious acts they had commited. Thus, Jerrad spent the rest of his years in a danky prison cell, looking back on his life and wishing he could spend more time with his family.

Though Jerrad's demanour was brooding and introverted at first, he soon started showing signs of rehabilitation. He started getting along with the other inmates, and was even respectful to the officers of the prison. What's more, somebody noticed these improvements. A profitable business man whom Jerrad had met earlier in his life approached him upon his release. Jerrad remembered being asked about his life, being asked if he wanted something more. At the time, there truly was nothing more the boy could have asked for. Now, however, his friends were all in jail, and he had lost his sense of purpose. This man would give that back to him.

And so, over the next few years, Jerrad began his metamorphosis into the man he is today. He was taught not only about business, but about being a better person, all the manners in the world drilled into him by this man. But more so than anything, he began creating new bonds, making new friends. He grew more attatched to his new father-figure, referring to him as his "Second Father". Though the pain of loosing his family was still present, the wounds had subsided, and it seemed that Jerrad would be able to live a peaceful life.

In hindsight, it was a foolish dream.

Jerrad was at home during the reign, his father at work. The first thing that alerted him of danger was the screaming outside, followed by a vast shadow brought upon by a large mass of clouds. Before he could even look outside the window, a massive black behemoth smashed into his house, it's empty eyes gazing into Jerrad's. He tried to run away, but the creature was fast as well as big. It struck him, sending him flying against a wall. Pain surged through his body, his limbs unable to move. He sat against the wall as the Excul moved closer, unable to do anything. Staring death in the eye, all Jerrad could do was repent. Repent on the things he did in his life, repent on the family that he lost. He wanted to carry on living, to correct the mistakes he had made in the past...

His wish was granted.

Almost subconsciously, he moved to another location in a flash, dodging the Excul's attack. He discovered he had the power to heal himself, along with other unique abilities. However, he was still afraid of the Excul, and chose to run and live to fight another day, rather than confront it. As he ran through the streets, he saw things nobody should ever have to witness. Dead bodies littered the area, the foul stench of decaying corpses in the air. He saw people fighting back against the Excul, some managing to defeat them, and others...

He carried on running, ignoring that which happened around him. He wanted to survive, to live. Though selfish, Jerrad was far too afraid to care. After escaping, Jerrad looked for his father, but has since been unable to find a trace of the man that gave him his new life. Feeling he owed a dept to him, as well as everyone who died at the hands of the monstrous Excul, he pledged to save the sinking worlds, and would learn to face his fears...


Personality: Though having once been a lowly street-rat who made a living out of crimes, Jerrad has since grown into a fine young man. Humble and respectful, Jerrad is a friendly face who stands out amongst his more battle-hardened bretheren. He possesses a calm, easy-going demeanour, with politeness and manners having been drilled into him by his father-figure. He is incredibly selfless, always putting the needs of others before his own. However, this selflessness causes him to feel conflicted due to the pacafistic nature he has developed. Though he wants to help liberate worlds from darkness, he does not wish to fight, and does so hesitantly and begrudgingly, limiting his actual efficiency in combat. Most of the time he will try to talk his opponents out of combat.

After watching his best friends gruesomely murdered at the hands of the Excul, Jerrad has developed a fear for the evil creatures, something which brings about a sense of self-loathing in Jerrad. He is always the first to freeze at the sight of one, with only his selfless nature keeping him from fleeing.

Succession World: Bleach

Successor: Retsu Unohana



Spiritual Power: The user possesses a large amount of Spiritual Power. They can manipulate this power to step on gas or liquid, and are able to create a pressure that can be felt by those in the immediate vicinity.

Free Form Abilities:

Flash Step (Special): The user can make a near-instantaneous movement in a single direction that has the appearance of teleportation. Can be used once every two posts. +/-/ Speed

Low-Level Kido (#1-30): The user is able to use magic known as Kido, capable of employing either offencive or defencive spells. The user can use three of these spells before a three post cooldown commences. +20 Magic Power/Magic Defence

-Kaido: A sub-catagory of Kido, these spells allow the user to heal even the most severe wounds by placing their hand over the injuries and surrounding them with a blue light. These spells also restore Reiatsu, granting the user more energy. Depending on the severity of the wound, healing may take anywhere between 1 to 5 posts.

Second Tier Abilities:

Shikai: The user can unseal their Zanpakuto and release their Shikai, the first form of their Zanpakuto. This grants them a new power.


Mid-Level Kido (#31-70): The user is able to use stronger Kido magic, employing either offencive or defencive spells. Two of these spells can be used before a three post cooldown commences. +40 Magic Power/Magic Defence

Third Tier Abilities:

High-Level Kido (#71-99): The user is able to use the highest level of Kido magic, employing either devastating offencive spells or indestructible defencive spells. Only one of these spells can be used before a four post cooldown commences. +80 Magic Power/Magic Defence

Bankai: The user can further release the power of their Zanpakuto, unleashing their Bankai, the final form of their Zanpakuto. This form grants them immense power and devastating abilities.




Strength: 20
Defence: 40
Magic Defence: 40
Magic Power: 40
Speed: 30
Sense: 10
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Jerrad Ferrin-Finished
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