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PostSubject: Alice-Finished   Alice-Finished I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2015 8:34 pm

Name: Alice Abrams

Title: Shade

Gender: Female

Age: 15


Alice-Finished Anime_render__tomoe_mami__magi_madoka_magica__by_izza_chan-d6k6tny

Alice possesses a short but fairly busty frame. She is blessed with a beautiful, unblemished skin tone and golden hair which spirals into two curls, drooping over her shoulders. She wears a white blouse, a brown corset and a long, yellow skirt. Her legs are adorned with striped, grey stockings and yellow shoes. Truly, her looks radiate both innocence and elegance. However, looks can be deceiving. Though many people will fawn over her graceful beauty, they will rarely look into her deep, amber eyes. Those who do are met with a chilling, empty gaze, betraying no emotion to it's audience. They see her lips curled into a small smile, a smile which remains present even during a massacre. And when they do, they realise that they are looking at the face of a killer.


The Londorn-born girl has always had a good reputation among her peers. She somehow managed to be both the teacher's pet and the popular kid, a feat few can boast about. A skilled student and an intuitive learner, Alice got along well with everyone in the neighbourhood. Everyone wanted to sit next to hear, to eat lunch with her, to do homework with her. People loved the prodigious young girl. People truly believed that Alice was their best friend.

People are stupid. So very stupid. So stupid, in fact, that on four separate occasions, said people allowed themselves to be walked into a place with no witnesses. Now, in Alice's defence, she didn't exactly want to kill them (okay...maybe just a little bit), but her victims had practically chopped themselves up and served themselves to her on a silver platter. The poor girl simply could not resist the temptation. But, regardless, the day eventually came when the youth was spotted fleeing from a crime scene, far too excited about having committed her fourth murder to notice that somebody had been watching her. Thus, she had finally been caught, and was now to be left alone in a dank prison cell for the rest of her life. So much for a happy ending.

But this was not the end for Alice. She would not simply sit in a cell and rot while the rest of the world got on with it's jolly life. She was certain the one day she would be free to commit whatever heinous acts she desired. Her freedom came during The Reign. Unaware of what was happening, Alice awoke to the sound of screaming, a sound she relishes to this day. Her prison cell rumbled, the vibrations surging through her body as her excitement and curiosity grew. Moments later, something blew a massive hole in the wall. A giant, lumbering thing marched into the cell. But Alice had left, leaping out of the cell the moment an opportunity presented itself. She ran as far as she could, avoiding any more of the giant black things. She was not one to show fear, but even she understood the danger these things posed.

Eventually, her legs gave in underneath her, and she fell. Everywhere around her, the black things were causing destruction, and were about to kill her too, no doubt. Except, they didn't. Seemingly oblivious to her existance, the creatures simply ignored her, continuing along their path of destuction until the entire area was rendered desolate. Taking no chances, Alice scurried away, blissfully ignorant to the fact that this was happening all around the world.

Within days, Alice had managed to leave the country, learning by word of mouth that people were fighting back, liberating several countries from the grasp of the Excul. If they were indeed as righteous as they had been described, then they would have no mercy for the crazed murderer. Thus, she chose a different path. The path of darkness. She joined a group of people named the Shades, along the way discovering her own supernatural powers. She now had a purpose. Alice, along with the rest of the Shades, would drag this world and any other into darkness.

They would make it their own little playground.


Alice puts on the facade of a sweet, polite young girl, who obeys her superior's every command. She is the type of person who only speaks when spoken to, and whose words are those of encouragement and comfort. She has impeccable manners, and is always willing to offer words of advice to those in need. She is eternally loyal to both her friends and her leaders, following their requests without a second of hesitation. Most people would describe her as a great friend, someone who would be a pleasure to be around.

To bad she's a lunatic.

Though she mostly shows no emotion, speaking with an upbeat tone and always with a smile on her face, she takes a slight pleasure in the suffering of others, shown by her lips curling ever so slightly into a grin. In combat, she retains her polite demeanour, often letting her foes go first in what some percieve to be a mocking manner. She is known to bow after gruesomely mutilating her opponent.

Succession World: Kill la Kill

Successor: Nui Harime



Regeneration: Due to having Life Fibers infused into her body, Alice has incredible regenerative capabilities. She is able to heal lost limbs almost instantly, and can even survive having her heart ripped out. The only exception to this power is being cut by the Scissor Blades or the Bakuzan, both of which prevent Life Fiber restoration.

Free Form Abilities:

Life Fiber Arms: Both of Alice's arms have been replaced with Life Fiber replicas, capable of morphing into things such as powerful blades or wings for flight. +20 Strength

First Tier Abilities:

Mon-Mignon Prêt-à-Porter: Alice has the ability to create an enourmous amount of clones, though each individual clone is no stronger than a blank. Despite being cannon fodder to any successor, their large numbers can quickly overwhelm those who are not prepared. 200 clones can be summoned at a time.

Second Tier Abilities:

Enhanced Physical Prowess: Due to having Life Fibers infused into her body, Alice is capable of superhuman feats of strength and Speed. +30 Strength and +20 Speed

Third Tier Abilities:


Total: 260

Strength: 100->150
Speed: 125->145
Defence: 10
Magic Defence: 10
Magic Power:10
Sense: 5
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