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 Wilhelm Grimm [Done]

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PostSubject: Wilhelm Grimm [Done]   Wilhelm Grimm [Done] I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2015 3:26 pm

Name: Wilhelm Grimm

Title (Information can be found here: Shade

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Appearance: Wilhelm Grimm [Done] Dinotyl


Wilhelm was born in a small village in southern Ireland with his parent and twin brother Jacob. His childhood was spectacular, seeing as how him and his brother had all that they could ever want and to many friends to handle. Wilhelm was always the silent and reserved type preferring to play on his own while his brother on the other had forced his to play with the other kid. He could disagree that he didn't enjoy it seeing as how this made him happy. As the years passed the two young man began to grow up and separate from their parents now living on there own and dating. Now twenty the boys couldn't have asked for a better live... But who knew things would go so wrong the day of their 24th birthday...

All around the world even being began popping up all over the world and along with them individuals with powers from verious anime and games. What the he'll was going one? Within the blink of and evil people and monsters known as Shades and Excul flooded into the village announcing that this land was being seized for dark purpose. Oddly enough Wilhelm's parents we're forced to open there home to shade troops along with the parents of other childhood friends. Months would pass as the people of southern Ireland adjusted to this new lifestyle and oddly enough even embraced it.

Yet once again peace was short lived seeing as how people known as liberators began to attack the shades after discovering them in this territory. Having befriended the Shades the villagers attempted to protect them and we're instantly executed for treason against the liberators. With villagers dying left and right Wilhelm attempted to escape with his girlfriend just as she's was struck down with the power of powerful guns. He ran in terror managing to escape the madness with just his brother Jacob. The fight went on for hours as every villager and shade we're slaughtered senselessly.

After all the fighting finished the two would return discovering everyone had died besides them. Within that moment a sadness like no other had overwhelmed them. The boys where powerless to do anything against these people who obtained these people who slaughtered thier families and friends. They wanted revenge... they wanted... no needed these powers to avenge their fallen allies and within that moment of calling out the boys would receive thoughs powers.

That was six years ago... Now the two boys have trained and honed their new powers and now are ready to exact revenge against those taken away their happiness. Will they be able to complete their goals?


Wilhelm can be often described as the silent yet deadly type, often only speaking when spoken to unless there is something he feels passionate about. He seemingly exudes strength often scaring animals around him when ever there near. He finds enjoyment in taking the life of liberators, which oddly makes him feel liberated in his on way. He would seem to only care for the life of his twin brother in which he would do anything to protect, yet even still he still manages to find things in which enters his heart. He loves to operate silently to do things quickly and without fail often clashing with his brother for his unorthodox methods. He feels pride in his ability to carry himself in an assassin way so of speaking, often volunteering to go first to throw himself head first into danger.

Succession World: Hunter X Hunter

Successor: Kite

Abilities* ( )

Tier One:

Nen: The technique has the ability to enhance the strength of physical attacks or objects depending on magic power inside of you used to protect and strengthened the bodies natural defense and overall awareness. Nen is broken down into four principal each severing a different purpose:

Ten: Ten (纏, Envelop; Shroud) is the ability to summon your inner magic power to flow through and around yournbody to protect you from any emotional harm done onto you (Example: Illusions)

Zetsu: Zetsu (絕, Suppress; Null) This ability allows you to completely hide your magical presence preventing anyone from detecting you but also increase your ability to detect thoughs around on a grander scale. In exchange this ability leave you vulnerable increasing the effect of opponent magical attacks by (Maxs Sense Nullifies opponents ability to sense the user)

Ren: Ren (練, Refine; Enhance) is used to boost the intensity and force of magical power to greatly increase the force of physical and magical attacks into a single point also leaving the user vulnerable increase the effect of opponents attack by 20 (Raises Magical of Physical Damage by 20)

Tier Two:

Hatsu: The final princple of Nen, Hatsu (發, Release; Act) is the release or transmission of one's aura so it can be projected to carry out a certain function. In essence, Hatsu is one's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability (colloquially called a Nen Ability). A good Hatsu should reflect a person's own character; one can never truly master Nen if they only copy other people's abilities:

Crazy Slot: The user summons a medium sized self aware clown slot machine purely made of their nen which upon calling it out it begins spinning until stopping on a random number from 1-9 which once chosen summons a weapon assigned with that number to use for various situations. These weapons posses individual abilites used to support a variety of situations in which the user could stumble upon. Somewhere incorporated into the weapon is the face of the clown that often comments and questions the action of it's user.

Slot 1: Ninjato Blade

This blade has the ability to control and manipulate the users nen to shape and form a special attack or defense. +25 Speed and Strength

Ninjato Technique:

Slot 3: Mace

This weapon is used for both magical and physical attacks. This weapon has the unique ability to absorb magical attacks using that energy to fire a deadly blast of it's own. +30 Strength

Mace Technique:

Slot 4: Rifle

This weapon can fire several powerful nen coated bullets in rapid succession when upon firing makes absolutely no sound. This weapon is is perfect for espionage mid or long range attacks. This rifle is allows to first five shots per post. +20 Strength Per Bullet.

Rifle Technique:

Slot 5: Tonfa's w/ Grappling Chain and Weight.

This weapon is used primarily for melee combat. Made of steel these our commonly use to boost the strength of physical attacks. These tonfas have the ability to blast back anything that touches similar to the reaction of same charges with magnets. +50 Strength

Tonfa Technique:

Slot 6: Whip

This weapon is used for mid ranged battles to hit one target multiple times if skillfully used. It possess the ability to upon striking or wrapping around an opponent to cause wounds on which won't heal for the duration of the topic.
+20 Strength

Whip Technique:

Tier 3::

Slot 7: Giant Cone Spear. (SPECIAL)

This weapon has a massive destructive potential after being used it is automatically forced to switch slots to the next weapons. It's power along isn't he strongest of Wilhelms weapons being able to pierce any defense either magical or physical. This weapon can only be used one per battle.

Spear Technique:

Slot 2: Reaper Scythe

This weapon through use of men has the ability to extend the length of it's pole up to five feet to attack anything within range. It in addition can cut through anything as hard as brick. +25 Speed and Strength

Scythe Technique:


Total: 100

Strength: 20

Defense: 20

Magic Defense: 15

Magic Power: 15

Speed: 25

Sense: 0
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Wilhelm Grimm [Done]
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