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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)

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PostSubject: Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:06 am

Morgan stood outside the golden glowing door to kingdom come, miles off the shores of the California coast line. A long, single path way presented the trail she had taken, now beyond the view of the beach. The ocean was shimmering gold; reflecting the sun's rays and the glowing Gateway. Morgan's mood reflected the waters as she stood alone. Excitement and hope, as an entire world was about to be pulled from the pits of hell itself. A Liberation. The work of saving the heart of a planet holding on, grasping the last glitters of light. Morgan, would be that light. Morgan and her party, that was. She was dressed in a black cloak, the hood hanging loose. A small jingle of silver sounded whenever she moved as the hood strings clanged against each other in the small breeze. She had taken the time to summon a silver and rose creature with a silk-rubber membrane as skin, gripping a crossbow of similar material as it's body twitched and flowed smoothly.

There, she waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:54 pm

Hyouhaku arrived at the coast where the glowing door appeared, being notified that the Liberation of the Bleach world would begin soon. Even being quite dedicated to some anime and manga series, the boy wasn't very fond of Bleach. As such, he wouldn't mind losing the world to darkness after a fight...
But there is something else motivating him to win.
Once the gate was in sight, a girl could also be seen. Hyouhaku noticed she seemed older than him, and payed extra attention to the red hair and the eyepatch.
"L-look, Senketsu! It must be the Liberation team leader! Wow, I bet she's a pirate! It must be so much fun to get lead around in pirate orders.", Hyouhaku whispered to Senketsu while lightly daydreaming about different pirate orders.
"I don't think she's a pirate. Look. That... thing besides her. I'm sure it cannot be from that "One Pie" manga thingy you used to read about.", Senketsu replied.
"Hey! It's not just One Piece that has pirate characters! And the name is "One Piece". No "Pie" there!", Hyouhaku said in indignation.
"Well, I still doubt she's a pirate. She doesn't seem to wear the proper garbs... And she doesn't seem to have any pirate-like weapons, like cutlasses or rifles.", Senketsu said. Once he looked at Hyouhaku to see if he was paying attention, he saw the boy daydreaming again.
"So... Let's see. We have May, from Guilty Gear; Ruby Heart, from Marvel vs. Capcom; Tron Bonne, from Megaman... I could go on. And see? All females!", Hyouhaku said, louder than what he should have.
"...You forgot that guy from Vanguard.", Senketsu said, trying to go along with Hyouhaku's flow (slow as heck).
"Ah, right.", the boy said.
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PostSubject: Re: Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:21 pm

Daemon would come from out the thin forest, managing  to reach the very peaceful and beautiful coast line. Slightly further down he would notice a young man who seemed to be watching.. no observing another young lady which fit the description of the person he was told to meet for the Liberation of her succession world, Bleach. As he moved closer he would began to get extremely nervous as he wasnt one who openly sought interactions with others. Although could hear that the boy was talking to himself or so it seemed. Although he better judgement told him otherwise he would slowly and cautiously to him as he placed his hand on his blades as thr fluent movement revealed his Vongola Gear around his neck in case he  encounter some trouble, "He....ll.....o, Sir." He would release a smile in his direction yet it was firm and more uncomfortable then anything yet as he continued walking forward to the leader of this Liberator the young lady with the ruby red hair and a black eye patch. Daemon couldn't help but to ponder what he has gotten himself into this time.

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PostSubject: Re: Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)   Tue Jun 03, 2014 5:50 pm

The words DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT could be heard inside of Nova's head as he was flying through the sky using LightningBody. "GAH WHY NOW OF ALL TIMES, I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAINING!" As he flew to the coastline of California he quickly threw off his uniform for the successor task force and underneath those garments were black jeans and a black T-Shirt with a skull designed onto it. He of course had a leather jacket over his shoulders to feel like his predecessor Laxus Dreyar. It took him about 5min to arrive at the meet up and when he did arrive he could see 3 figures, he was too high up to tell if he knew any of them.

Nova stopped using LightningBody since he had arrived at his destination and began to go into a free fall. He channeled electricity into his fist and when he and the ground clashed his fight cracked the floor and made a small crater which made a very loud crashing noise. After all the dust and debris had settled Nova could be seen in the crater and electricity was sparking all over his body. He let out a smile and he then had a rather serious look on his face and said "Nova Sparks, reporting for action!"
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PostSubject: Re: Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)   

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Liberate the Heavens (Assigned Group Only)
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