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 Renesmee Moralus (W.I.P.)

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PostSubject: Renesmee Moralus (W.I.P.)   Renesmee Moralus (W.I.P.) I_icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 6:49 am

Name: Renesmee Moralus

Title (Information can be found here:



Renesmee has a wild burst of curly, fiery red hair witch contrast strongly with her pale blue eyes and almost black eye lashes and eyebrows. Her nose stands out, yet still is quite feminine. Her cheek bones high, and her face thin. The tone of her skin is fair, with almost unnoticeable freckles. She stands roughly at 5'10, not quite tall, yet not quite short either. Her face always appears to be masking something, her true feelings perhaps? And the way she always positions her stance looks as if shes preparing herself for a fight. She is thin although she is well fed, and never passes up a second helping. Her arms and legs are strong thought they may not appear it. Even though her small bust size may not make her very desirable among the men, she is glad of her size because it never causes a problem or distraction when battling.

Renesmee was raised in an orphanage and had to either learn to fend for herself or die; this explains her fierceness when fighting, and the determination when scouring for food. At age 14 she ran from the orphanage towards the sea, determined to become a great legend of a pirate. Soon she found herself alone, as she often had, and was living only on the sheer fight in her. Finally she came upon a ship with evidence that yes, it did belong to pirates. She crept aboard and hid for 5 days, until they were surrounded by nothing but ocean. So now when she came out of hiding, she knew their only choices were to keep her, or kill her. She was contempt with either by now. To her surprise the pirate crew agreed to let her live, but only if she did her fair share, which of course she would. So the girl that never had a childhood, now had to be a pirate. She was first given grueling work, or carrying stolen loot unto the ship, moving cargo, and scrubbing the deck. But she soon won the captain admiration, and was promoted, eventually until she became the captain right hand man.

Renesmee prefers to be kept to herself, but doesn't mind a bit of company as long as their good folk. She is one who likes to keep feelings hidden deep inside her, and her favorite was of letting them out is fighting. She is strong on the outside, and although she has a fighting spirit, is weak and sensitive on the inside (Even though she would immediately kill anyone who knew this, and will take it to the grave with her). Whereas most women wish to have a husband who will provide for them and children to spoil and smother, Renesmee wants nothing more than to leave behind a legacy. A legacy of being the topmost pirate and the first girl captain.

Succession World:
One Piece



Free Form Abilities:

Second Abilities:

Third Abilities:

Base Stats (Information can be found here:





Magic Defense:

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Renesmee Moralus (W.I.P.)
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