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 Tyler Orvan-Shade

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PostSubject: Tyler Orvan-Shade   Tyler Orvan-Shade I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 6:04 am

Name: Tyler Orvan

Title (Information can be found here: Shade

Gender: Male

Age: 21 years of age

Appearance: Tyler Orvan-Shade Z

Tyler is a relatively tall man, being around 6"4 in height, and is quite skinny and light, weighing only 190 lbs. His skin is fairly light, almost pale, but not quite, with his face appearing slightly whiter than the rest of his body. His hair is short and black as night, often giving him a rather Gothic appearance in combination with his pale skin. His eyes are dark blue, but appear black from a distance, matching his hair. His main clothing consists of black robes, black trousers and black shoes, a white belt and bandages wrapping around his waist and his arms. To hide his face, he wears a white mask, with a thin red smile, and a lightning mark running down his right eye.

Background: Tyler was born into a poor family, which treated him badly, as well as each other badly. The rows between his mother and father seemed endless. As a child, Tyler hated the world. All the pain and suffering he saw, all the anger and hatred. He hated it all. In school, he was often bullied and punished by classmates and teachers alike, though he received high grades, that did not seem to matter. Therefore, he would often keep to himself. Except one girl who's name has been erased from his memory.

In order to forget all his pain.

This girl, unlike everyone else around him, was full of happiness and peace, always smiling. She was like the hope inside pandora's box. Her happiness made him happy. Now, she was all that made Tyler trust this world, that things would work out eventually. But they didn't. They only got worst. It all got worst, as bad as it could get, in that one day.

The reign.

Though most of his family died, as well as his classmates, he cared very little, not even shedding a tear. However, when the girl died, he went berserk, awakening his powers. Awakening the powers of Madara Uchiha. After killing two Excul as well as several unfortunate victims caught up in the massacre, he knew his goal. He would end everyone's misery by dragging the world into darkness, and destroying it.


Tyler prefers to keep to himself, often being near silent, even more so during combat. Combat. He takes it very seriously, and sees it as a way of live. Though he enjoys a fight every now and then, he usually doesn't care. He often does not take weaklings seriously, and usually ignores them. Though he hates the wrold and everything in it, he is willing to ally himself with others to complete his goal. He is willing to do anything to complete his goals. Other than this, his emotions are usually unreadable.

Succession World: Naruto

Successor: Madara Uchiha


Free Form Abilities:

Flight Technique-This ability allows Tyler to levitate above the Ground.

Sharingan- This special eye technique allows Tyler to track his foe's movements, even at a high speed, and see magical energy just as the naked eye would see colors.
This grants Tyler +15 Sense

Fire Release- Tyler is extremely well versed in fire release jutsu, with his being stronger than regular fire magic. Each technique, after used, has a One post cooldown.
+30 Magic Power

Genjutsu: By looking at his foe's eyes with his Sharingan, Tyler can cast a Genjutsu on them, making them unconscious for two posts. Two posts cooldown

Second Abilities:

Wood Release- Tyler can also use a unique magic named wood release, which grants him control over wood. He can use this to create large trees for defense, or even an entire forest to crush his foes. After each usage of this technique, a three post cooldown commences. He can also create clones out of wood, which can use the same jutsu as him.
The regular wood release has +30 Magic Power,  +30 Defense and +30 magic defense.
The clones have the same stats as Tyler.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan- This is the next level of Sharingan which, unlike the Mangekyo Sharingan, deals no damage to Tyler himself. This grants him even more sensing, and his genjutsu lasts Three posts instead of two.
+30 Sense

Limbo: Border Jail-Using the power of the Rinnegan, Tyler sends his shadow into the invisible world of Limbo, where it can act independently  to attack and restrain targets, or defend the caster. The shadow is invulnerable to all attacks, except those which use the chakra of the sage of the six paths, and cannot be seen unless somebody has the rinnegan. This shadow is incredibly powerful, able to reflect powerful attacks, and to opponents, seems as an incredible act of invisibility. Lasts for Five posts, and has a cooldown of Three posts.
The shadow has +40 Magic Power,  +40 speed.

Susanoo Ribcage- This is the first section of Susanoo, which creates a large ribcage surrounding Tyler's body, which provides a powerful defence. A large skeletal arm is also created, which can be used for offence. Lasts for ten posts, and has a cooldown of six posts.
+40 Defense, +40 Magic Defense, +40 Magic Power

Third Abilities:

Rinnegan-This eye grants Tyler even more magic sensing than the EMS, and also allows Tyler to use any of the six paths, but only one at a time. In addition, Tyler gains full mastery of all elements, boosting the power of his elemental Jutsu.
+40 Sense, +30 Magic Power to all elemental Ninjutsu.

Tengai Shinsei- One of Tyler's most destructive techniques, Tyler performs three handsigns  before pulling in large meteors from the atmosphere, with incredible power. Takes one post to prepare, and then Two posts for the meteor to hit the land. This ability has a cooldown of eight posts.
The meteor has +50 defence, and has +50 Magic Power.

Wood Dragon- Tyler may create an immense wooden dragon which can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. The dragon is not only really powerful, but can also drain magical energy. Lasts for Ten posts, and has a cooldown of Eight posts.
+60 Strength, +60 Magic Power +40 Defence, +50 magic defense, +30 speed.

Full Susanoo- This is a near complete version of Tyler's Susanoo, which creates a full human body, rather than just a skeleton or a ribcage. This, as the next version of the ribcage, is much more powerful, and can create energy blades for magical offense. Lasts Twelve posts and has a cooldown of eight posts.
+60 Strength, +60 Magic Power +50 Defense, +50 Magic Defense.

Base Stats (Information can be found here:

Strength: 40

Speed: 30

Magic: 50

Defense: 10

Magic Defense: 10

Sense: 10

Last edited by Naga on Fri May 30, 2014 3:18 pm; edited 5 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler Orvan-Shade   Tyler Orvan-Shade I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 4:55 pm

Tyler Orvan-Shade Korose10

The only thing I'm not sure about is that Sharingan. It just feels so... Bland. What about Amaterasu? Tsukuyomi? The copypasta potential?
Maybe it's because I'm kinda noobish when it comes to Naruto.
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Posts : 106
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Tyler Orvan-Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tyler Orvan-Shade   Tyler Orvan-Shade I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 4:59 pm

I can't really remember Madara having EITHER Amaterasu, or Tsukuyomi, so I didn't put it in.
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Posts : 106
Join date : 2014-04-21

Tyler Orvan-Shade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tyler Orvan-Shade   Tyler Orvan-Shade I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 1:45 pm

Guys, just so you know, this is my Invasion/Liberation only character. I made him specifically for the invasion on Bleach, which is why I may not use him much.
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler Orvan-Shade   Tyler Orvan-Shade I_icon_minitime

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Tyler Orvan-Shade
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