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 Morgan Quinn

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PostSubject: Morgan Quinn   Morgan Quinn I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 12:10 am

Name: Morgan Quinn

Title: Liberator


Age: Nineteen


Morgan Quinn 191434

Morgan is blessed with an eternal metabolism, shaping her eating habits to put teen age boys to shame while still retaining a feminine figure. Her hair is long, not having parents force her to cut it every few weeks gave her the freedom to grow it out, but usually stays tied in a pony tail. Morgan has a habit of dying her red hair even more red, then waiting too long to re-dye it and letting it fade into what appears to be a pinkish orange. If asked, she will brazenly respond with every colour her hair is that day is her intended goal. The biggest highlight of Morgan is her eye patch. She was born blind in one eye, and always had it covered, the eye patch changes from day to day on design and colour, but her favourite cover is a plain pentagonal patch wrapped around her head. The only physical change granted to her by the man she Succeeds is her eye colour, his yellow mixing with her brown to create a dark gold shade within her iris.


Morgan was born in San Diego, California. She moved to northern Japan at the age of seven, and stayed there. Morgan was always the tomboy since kindergarten, the sudden realization that she doesn't like dresses, she doesn't like make-up for little girls, she doesn't like speaking like a lady or having to say "please" in every freaking sentence. Morgan doesn't wish she as born a boy, but she sure as hell hates what comes with being born a girl. Part of her past involves growing up without a mother for the first half, and the second being raised with a smoker step mom who wore fishnets to her baseball games, and a father who was busy with his multitude of jobs. She had always gotten along better with the guys, breaking rules and getting into fights. Her one eye never seemed to help, only attracting the bad attention and repelling the good. Regardless, when push came to shove, Morgan was always the one to follow virtue. When she was eleven, she saved a boy from her class from a couple of bullies. A boy who like her, had a life that was good enough to be survivable, but not bad enough to complain about. The awkward level of displeasure that built up and up. Both of them just wanted to scream.

Most of her day was spent ditching class and eating candy, stealing from liquor stores and getting into brawls and kicking away creepers. However, almost every night, she would spend time with that boy who everyone now thinks of as either her little brother, her slave, or something rather unmentionable. She didn't care. This boy was special; different from everyone else. His name was Flynn, and he sure was something. Every night, she would leave her house to hang out at Flynn's. Her parents didn't care or were too busy to realize, and his weren't exactly real parents to care for him. He introduced her to anime, to video games, and the nerdy life that he lived. Morgan embraced it so much more than she thought, immersing herself in the world beyond the world, and finding an escape from the blank screen of every day life. At school, he saved her life. He helped improve her grades and academic standing, being the only one to realize she was actually dyslexic. She was always over at his house, either watching anime or playing video games, or engaging in deep, loud, philosophical debates. Safe to say, Flynn's room was no longer quiet ever again, with shouts of anger at "such bullshit" deaths or cheers of "kicking that noob's ass", and even those tearjerker moments of Morgan leaning on Flynn's shoulder as she cried, cursing silently. She would get so mad when Flynn would tell her she's much more of a girl than she let off. One thing that always piqued her curiosity was no matter how hurt or sad Flynn seemed to get, never once did he ever cry, never once did he lose his temper, and never once did he fail to stay true to himself. Those days of smiling peace lasted almost every day for five years, until the world came to an end.

Morgan was on another run away from home when the sky turned black. No one knew what was happening as the clouds covered the sun and rained down monsters of hell's darkening fury. Morgan was caught in the evacuation, taken from city to city without a face of relevance to comfort her. It was within the first few months she discovered her power, the power that came from her and Flynn's favourite video game that her them so many smiles and just as many tears. Morgan was one of the few to discover that Successors were unconsciously choosing the souls they allowed into their bodies, and she took advantage of it.

She hasn't seen her family in two years, not that she really cared. They weren't really family at all. She hadn't seen Flynn in two years, making every day feel longer than the last. She missed her best friend, not that she's ever admit it.


Morgan is brash, brazen, and to the point. While she pretends to be overly sexual, the idea of it intimidates her. She gives off an aura of aggressive power, always wanting to dominate a conversation. She pretends to drink, she pretends to smoke, but never actually does. Her stepmother killed any attraction to either of those. She is always ready for a fight, and always ready for something stupid. Morgan isn't by any means elegant, and not by any means kind. If you're bleeding on the floor, you can just as well rub some dirt in it. You'll get more help that way.

Succession World: Kingdom Hearts

Successor: Xigbar (Braig)


Free Form Abilities:

Teleportation - User has freeform teleportation that can be used freely, as the user succeeds the essence of Space (Once every other post, because people complain about infinite teleportation, even though it's a part of the character).

Arrow Guns - User can summon freely at will, two arrow guns that can shoot an infinite array of tracking shining bullets. Must be reloaded every three posts. Bullets can be teleported.(Each bullet is +15 magic)

Space - Along with teleportation, the user can stand and levitate on air without being hindered by gravity.

Nobody (Sniper) - User may summon up to ten Sniper Nobodies, humanoid creatures of both Nothingness and Space that retain a high caliber of intelligence. Each creature can shoot up to a single shot before reloading, each shot being +15 of the user's magic, and also retain the ability to teleport. However, these abilities are highly limited compared to the user's.

Morgan Quinn Sniper

Corridor of Darkness - User may create a portal of darkness capable of travel to any destination visited before, also allowing pass of anyone allowed by the user. These corridors are even capable of travel between worlds.

Second Abilities:

Piercing Snipe - User can combine their arrow guns into a full ethereal sniper rifle, which can shoot individual bullets at an incredibly far range, or a single charged massive laser arrow that can be charged up to three posts before being shot at blistering speeds and has piercing capabilities, and travels for several miles with perfect accuracy as well as the ability to bounce off of air, and be teleported to the user's destination. (One charge post is +50 Magic, two charge post is +90 Magic, three charge post is +130 Magic)

Third Abilities:

Critical Snipe - The user fuses their arrow guns together to create a single sniper rifle, yet still retains the ability of rapid fire. Each shot is as strong as a single charged sniper shot, being +50 magic. Each shot causes an explosion, and also pierces through defenses. Whatever the shot touches, even the explosion, causes a stun effect. (Cannot be used until six posts into combat, and stun lasts only one post. Critical Snipe lasts three posts, and takes three posts to cool down. User cannot walk when in use, can only teleport once).

Final Limit - The user's bullets become larger, faster, discoloured, and extremely powerful, as anything that touches them will be instantly blown apart regardless of defense, Bullets are tracking and can be teleported. (+/~/ Magic, cannot be used until eight posts within battle, lasts three posts, takes four posts to cool down. Must be standing completely still, can only teleport once.)

Ultimate - The user becomes completely invincible to any and all attacks as they are separated from existence per the feature of "Nobody". They place their arrow guns beneath them and let loose all bullets within their guns multiplied several times into a portal. Portals appear everywhere and anywhere within the area and are shot at blisteringly powerful speeds. (+70 Magic a shot, cannot be used until ten posts within battle, can only be used once in battle).

Base Stats

Strength: 5

Speed: 25

Magic: 40

Defense: 5

Magic Defense: 5

Sense: 20

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PostSubject: Re: Morgan Quinn   Morgan Quinn I_icon_minitimeFri May 23, 2014 1:30 pm

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Morgan Quinn
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