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 Byakuya Curien

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PostSubject: Byakuya Curien   Byakuya Curien I_icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2014 2:06 am

Name: Byakuya Curien

Title: Dusk Sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: 20


Human Form
Byakuya Curien 1331063-bigthumbnail

Yokai Form
Byakuya Curien Tumblr_loy8rjBHYy1qbs05mo1_500


Byakuya was a college student studying at a university abroad during the time of the Reign. When the Excul first started pouring out of the darkness, everyone was in a state of shock. While some of his friends were overcome by dread, and despair, Byakuya immediately hatched a plan to escape. He bravely guided his friends around the large groups of Excul roaming the city, using it's populace as a distraction to cover their escape. Byakuya knew the odds, and they were not in the human's favor. After travelling in silence for what seemed like days (The ability to discern day from night being lost to them) the group finally spotted lights in the distance. The light seemed untouched by the darkness, and filled the group with a long absent feeling of hope.

On their way to what the group called "Sanctuary", the group came upon a dense wood which gave off an otherworldly aura. Hesitant, but determined, the group entered the forest in order to reach their Sanctuary. Soon after they entered the woods, members of the group became delirious, some claiming to see visions of their loved ones running off into the dense thicket. It was only a matter of time before many of the members succumbed to their dementia, chasing after phantoms- never to be seen again. Eventually, Byakuya was alone in the darkness. Feeling responsible for his decision to lead his friends into the forest, Byakuya unsheathed his knife and contemplated suicide. Just then, the scent of tobacco filled Byakuya's nose as a shadowy figure stood before him.

"Are you going to be a coward? Are you going to fall on your blade in grief, and dishonor the memory of your friends? A true leader is one who stands taller than all the others, one who remains firm in the face of fear."

A small cloud of smoke blew into Byakuya's face, making him cough and close his eyes. When he reopened them, the strange figure had disappeared. Something in his hand caught Byakuya's eye, an ornately decorated sheathe was firmly in his grasp where the knife has previously been. After taking a moment to ask for the forgiveness of the people who believed in his leadership, Byakuya noticed a single, sunlit path leading out of the forest. Byakuya embraced his destiny as he walked that path of light, eventually reaching one of the first garrisons on his world.


Charismatic, and tactful... These are two adjectives that accurately describe Byakuya. He has the ability to bring allies together, as well as deceive his foe with lies. Byakuya is not afraid to use easily persuaded fools to reach his goals, but that does not mean he is without compassion. He is resentful of those constantly plagued by indecision, and will not stand idly by while nothing is done. Byakuya's jump to action tends to inspire his peers, but is often looked upon as naive, and hasty by his elders. However, Byakuya is fully aware of the weight his actions carry, and will not deny his responsibility in the event of failure.

As a scion from a wealthy family, Byakuya often displays manners not thought to be found on a battlefield. While many argue that his attitude invites needless risk to himself, Byakuya refuses to carry himself with anything less than a dignified demeanor. This attitude may also sometimes lead Byakuya to believe in his opinions more highly than those of others. However, this does not mean that he is deaf to reason and logic that surpasses his own. If one were to seek out Byakuya, they would often find him secluded from the world, perhaps contemplating on the world as it stands now.

Succession World: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Successor: Nurarihyon


Free Form Abilities:

Yokai Lineage- Yokai possess a surprisingly high damage threshold. They are able to fight through the pain of small injuries, as well as more fatal injuries such as a hole in the character's chest. (+20 Def)

Lord of Pandemonium- Byakuya is the lord of the night, and has heightened senses that can be attributed to his particular yokai race. (+10 Sense)

Nenekirimaru- The sword that Byakuya inherited was created by the Onmyoji to combat yokai. The sword is unique in that it is made to combat spirits, and has the power to inflict wounds that drain their energy. (+25 Strength/ Magic against any form of spirits.)

Fleet Footed- Nurarihyon's particular species of yokai has the ability to run at speeds that are untraceable by the naked human eye. This allows Byakuya to greatly outmaneuver his opponent. (+25 speed)

Second Abilities:

Kyoka Suigetsu- One of Byakuya's basic techniques,  It surrounds the enemy in darkness and distorts the enemy's perception of him by creating an illusion akin to an afterimage. Those under the influence of the technique can be easily outmaneuvered by the one using it. (+15 to speed, surrounds the enemy with darkness and creates after images for 4 posts. )

Meikyō Shisui- A hatsu technique that makes the enemy unaware of the user's presence, even if they were looking straight at him; this allows the user to shift himself towards the enemy's blind spot. If the user's fear is cut, then the technique is dissipated. (+15 to speed, grants "invisibility" for 4 posts)

Ougi Meikyō Shisui, "Sakura"- A technique which utilizes superior yōkai sake poured into a large sakazuki cup. By blowing across the liquid, blue flames are produced which burn an opponent. These flames seem to spread according to the user's will, and can engulf multiple victims at once; they can also quickly incinerate low-level Yōkai almost instantly. So long as the water continues to ripple, the flames will continue until the opponent is reduced to ash. (+/~/ to magic, flames burn for 10 posts. Requires a 2 post cool down to re-pour sake.)

Third Abilities:

Ougi Meikyō Shisui, "Zan"- By slashing a sword with Ougi Meikyō Shisui, "Sakura" attached to the blade, it changes the weapon into a flaming sword that burns a opponent to nothing when it swung. (+50 to Str & Mag lasts one post.)

Base Stats

Strength: 60

Speed: 70

Magic: 60

Defense: 40

Magic Defense: 40

Sense: 10

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PostSubject: Re: Byakuya Curien   Byakuya Curien I_icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 11:15 am

Byakuya Curien Nas10
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Posts : 121
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PostSubject: Re: Byakuya Curien   Byakuya Curien I_icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 11:18 am

Btw, your Third, make it (+/~/ Magic) and take off the post limit. When it comes to Third, they usually last a long time if they're some form of augment. Look at Naruto or Ichigo. They stay in Bijuu form and Bankai respectively for multiple episodes at a time. Also considering how your character doesn't have some epic Bankai shiz, it'll be hard to compete with those that do with a Third with such a short lasting time. So yeah. It can last a whole 10 posts with a 2 post cool down (to like... re-apply the sake or whatever).
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PostSubject: Re: Byakuya Curien   Byakuya Curien I_icon_minitime

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Byakuya Curien
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