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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

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PostSubject: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan   Thu May 22, 2014 4:13 am

Name of Anime/Manga/Book: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

Anime/Manga/Book Description:

( )

Both a manga, and an anime, the story revolves around the conflicts between clans of creatures from Japanese myth called "Yokai".

The story follows Ruiko Nura, a boy who's blood is 3/4 human, and 1/4 yokai. Ruiko is the successor to the Nura clan of Yokai, who are currently led by his grandfather Nurarihyon who holds the title of "Lord of Pandemonium". Ruiko is named Sandaime of the Nura clan, but becomes repulsed by the idea when he learns that the Yokai clans commit acts of cruelty toward humans. Ruiko then vows to lead a clan of chivalrous Yokai that protect humans, which incites the other Yokai to fight the Nura clan. Ruiko's ultimate goal is to rebuild the Nura clan to it's former glory, after it fell into decline due to the death of it's previous leader, Ruiko's father, at the hands of Hagoromo Gitsune. A near-immortal fox yokai who uses reincarnation through a series of host bodies, Gitsune is Ruiko's greatest threat in his fight for dominance over the other clans.

Magic System:

There exists in the yokai world, humans who possess the power to combat yokai. These humans use a form of spiritual power called Onmyojutsu, and thus are referred to as "Onmyoji" by both yokai and other humans.

Onmyojutsu differentiates between the branches of families that belong to the Keikain house. The Keikain house is the premiere onmyōji house that protects the seal on Kyōto that keeps Gitsune sealed away, they exorcise yōkai for a living. Their bloodline has been cursed so that all males die an early death, so those from the branch families are frequently adopted into the main house. A precedent was set by the 13th head whereby the succeeding family head is someone who can summon the Hagun. (Creators of Onmyoji characters, as well as admins grading these characters should keep in mind that, while these characters may possess VERY powerful Onmyojutsu, they are still only human.)

The different branches can be found on this link...
( )

Yokai do not use a conventional form of magic, nor do they use any form of spiritual magic. Yokai use abilities through the "fear system" which is described in more detail through the link below...

( )

A yōkai's "fear system" determines the sort of skills they use and their area of specialty. A fear system is a reflection of the yōkai species that performs it, and can often aid in identifying unknown yōkai. It also isn't too uncommon for a yōkai to combine two types of fear systems to achieve a desired effect. Keep in mind that a human who does not belong to a yokai bloodline can NOT use a fear system. (Note: I will not be listing every elemental fear system due to the amount of information involved with the category.)

Yokai fear systems are as follows-

Elemental: Elemental-based fear systems make use of natural elements like water, wind and fire. Yōkai with an elemental-based fear system are strongest when fighting in their particular element and can, to varying degrees, use their fear to manipulate naturally-occurring instances of their element.

Physical: Physical-based fear systems rely on boosting the user's strength to bodily overpower and/or overwhelm an opponent. Users are often strong even without activating their fear, and are capable of withstanding far more damage than other yōkai.

Manipulation: Manipulation-based fear systems come in two varieties: the sort whereby the user manipulates others and the sort whereby the user manipulates themself. Those who manipulate others are able to direct a target's movement and actions, often through the use of marionette-type thread or spoken suggestion. Those who manipulate themselves can alter their own bodies to use as weapons. Some can even go so far as to alter the shape and/or appearance of their own body so as to resemble someone or something else.

Displacement: Displacement-based fear users are adept at making themselves difficult to locate and, by extension, attack. Users are strongest against opponents who rely heavily on sight and considerably weaker against opponents with natural reflexes. They can often mask their own fear, making themselves as easy to overlook as part of the scenery.

Creation: Creation-based fear users often don't exude much fear themselves, but are able to produce yōkai or other creatures which do. Users are strongly reliant on being able to create, and are able to bring to life whatever they have drawn/written. Some may even be capable of altering other living beings into one of their creations, by using them as a base.

Presence: Presence-based fear users are able to overwhelm an opponent through the sheer immensity of their fear alone. It could be said that theirs is a fear which causes fear, and users often make use of a secondary fear to take advantage of an opponent's hesitation in the face of their "presence". Users are frequently either physically huge/grotesque or associated with much older folklore and the strength of their fear is in part due to their legends.

Weapon-Reliant: Weapon-reliant fear users tend to channel their fear exclusively into a weapon with which they have superhuman proficiency. Users are rarely seen without their signature weapon, but are able to alter its shape, size and density as the situation requires. Weapon-centered fear may even make use of items that would not normally be considered weaponry, such as string.

Belief-Reliant: Belief-reliant fear users come in two varieties: battle-oriented and non-battle oriented. Battle-oriented belief users become stronger the more human belief they possess, and often feed off humans' fear in order to maintain that strength. Some are even capable of stealing belief from other yōkai. Non-battle oriented users require human belief and/or prayer in order to maintain their own existences. Often, in order to use their abilities at all, they must possess a certain level of human belief.

Grudge-Reliant: Grudge-reliant fear users are often created as a result of someone or something's grudge. Users thrive on hatred, and grow stronger the more hatred they feel toward an intended target. They become considerably weaker if they are deprived of the backing for their grudge but, over time, a grudge-reliant fear can evolve into presence-based fear.

Second/Ascended levels:

A second of Ascended level according to Nura would be using your fear, and giving it a physical form. I.E. Making an ice tornado, or making yourself invisible to the enemy. It's honestly limited to whatever you can think up, using the fear systems that your character possesses.

One unique technique that two yokai may use is Matoi, a technique where one yokai channels their fear into another yokai. This allows the yokai with both character's fear to use the ability of his/her comrade, as well as their own. (Able to switch between both if needed.) Currently, there are two known forms of Matoi- Izutsu, and Kasane. You can read about both forms here...

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PostSubject: Re: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan   Thu May 22, 2014 5:25 pm

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Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
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