Kingdom of Broken Barriers
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 Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.)

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Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.) Empty
PostSubject: Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.)   Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.) I_icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 10:17 am

Name: Scarlett Keegan

Title: Liberator

Gender: Female

Age: 21


Scarlett has fair skin and has red hair that extends down to her lower back. Her most noticeable traits are her breasts and butt, even from a young age which add to her extremely curvy figure. She commonly wears a leather black and red flame-designed bikini top and black rubber-leather short-shorts, with a white cracked skull accessory on her head and two yellow chopsticks to keep her hair up. Pink thigh-high hose-like latex and a pair of white and flame-designed red calf-high boots complete the outfit.

Background: (What is the history of your character? Who were they before the Reign and after? )

Personality: (What does your character act like?)

Succession World: Fairy Tail.

Successor: Natsu Dragneel

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:

Fire Powers- The user can now use the element of fire, this gives the user an added ten points to every stat. (+10 All.)
Enhanced Senses- The user's five senses take a boost, adding 5 points to sense. (+5 Sense)
Immense Strength- Gives the user the potential to excel in the Attack and the Magic Attack stat. (+5 Atk. & Mg Atk.)
Enhanced Speed- The user's speed stat takes a small boost of five. (+5 Spd.)
Enhanced Reflexes- The user's sense and speed stats take another boost of five. (+5 Sense & Spd.)
Immense Durability: The user can endure longer battles, thus raising Magic Def. and Standard Def. by five. (+5 Def. & Mg Def.)
Flame Immunity: The user is immune to most flames.

Second Abilities (Stronger abilities that define you, and must be explained in detail.

Third Abilities (Your strongest abilities that change any flow of battle*)

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Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.)   Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.) I_icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2014 11:07 am

Just, although this is a WIP and I'm not allowed to touch this. You can't create two characters in one App.
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Scarlett Keegan (W.I.P.)
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