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 Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk

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PostSubject: Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk   Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk I_icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2014 2:12 pm

Name: Markus Loben

Title: Chaser Dusk

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: In terms of appearance, Markus hasn't changed much during the reign, as before he had a large resemblance to Naruto Uzumaki, the character whom he succeeded. Markus was quite tall, standing to 6"4, though he never pays much attention to his height. He isn't skinny, yet he isn't bursting with muscles either, as it just wouldn't suit him. He is quite slim, lean. His white-as-snow hair spikes up like a porcupine on his head, similar to that of his yellow-haired predecessor, though his is white, and slightly messier than Naruto's. His eyes share the same color with his predecessor, being a sky-blue, with small, barely noticeable whiskers on his cheeks, a special unique trait gained from being a successor.  His regular attire consists of a white overcoat, a blue shirt underneath, black jeans and prefers to walk around bare footed. Markus has wrapped several black leather bandages round both his arms..

Background: Markus was not really a somebody before the reign, or so was said at school, by both students and teachers. Low grades and endless detentions is all he ever got there. But, he didn't care. As long as he was able to do something he wanted to, being punished didn't matter. But it did to his parents. He wasn't really a bully, but didn't put up with any crap from others, even his elders, and thus he had several fights, all of them which he won. He was happy, but only him. Everyone seemed to hate it. But he managed to keep a smile on his face, his laughter ringing loud.

But then the reign came. Many saw this as a disaster, but he merely saw it as an opportunity He would run around, doing what he wanted, evading Excul, until he gained his powers, now able to fight back. It was perfect. Nobody to scold him for having a little fun. Nobody at all. In this world that now everyone with powers was a somebody, Markus felt better than ever. But, he didn't join the Liberators, no, not them. Neither did he join the Shades. He would live his own life, with his own rules, and his own choices. He set off to find more opportunities, and is still doing so today.

Personality: Though he can be quite annoying at times, Markus is loud, cheerful and optimistic, with a quick temper. He doesn't give up, no matter his challenge, a trait gained from his Predecessor. He dislikes following rules with a deep hatred for them, and prefers to go by his own rules, rather than someone else's. He doesn't seek attention, or recognition from others, but instead, just wishes to do what he wants. To have fun. He cares deeply for his friends, but does not really respect anyone other than his friends, instead pretending to do so in front of those more powerful than him. He can also become quite absorbed in his own goals, often forgetting the needs of others, this being amplified if his goals happens to be revenge.

Succession World: Naruto/Shippuden

Successor: Naruto Uzumaki

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:

Shadow clone Jutsu- This technique allows Markus to create copies of himself with each clone having half of Markus Stats. Markus is only able to create up to two Shadow Clones, and each one is dispersed with a single blow, no matter how powerful it is.  Each clones is able to use rasengan, and once a clone is destroyed, Markus learns anything that the clone learnt. Each clone lasts five posts, and the cooldown is Two posts for one clone, and four posts for two clones.
+10 strength  +10 Speed  +15 Magic Power  +5 Defense  +5 Magic Defense  +5 Sense

Body Flicker Jutsu- This ability allows Markus to instantly move towards a certain location within a radius of 10 meters like a blur, almost unseen. Cooldown of two posts. +60 Speed.

Walking on Water-Markus has the ability to naturally walk on water until hit.

Minor Healing-Markus has obtained the ability to heal any small external wounds, like a scar.

Second Abilities

Rasengan- This is Markus' favorite technique, allowing him to create a small sphere in his hand by either moving his other hand over it at a high speed, or having a Shadow Clone do so for him. The Sphere can then be used for melee attacks. Has a preparation time of One Post. Lasts two posts unless it hits something. Cooldown of Two Posts.
+30 Magic Power

Odama Rasengan-This is a variation of the Rasengan Technique, with ten times the it's power, and with a much larger sphere. Used as a melee attack. Has a preparation time of two posts. Cooldown is Five Posts.
+40 Magic Power

Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu- This is essentially the same as the regular Shadow Clone technique, except it creates ten clones instead of one. Lasts five posts, and has a cooldown of Five Posts.

Third Abilities (Your strongest abilities that change any flow of battle*)

Rasenshuriken-This powerful technique creates a large Rasengan in the shape of a Shuriken, which can then be thrown. Upon hitting it's target, it surrounds them with millions of wind-blades, which continue to cut them for two posts, cutting all their nerve-channels, leaving them unable to move. In order to create this, Markus requires the help of two Shadow Clones, but they can move whilst charging it, as long as they stay close to it. Has a preparation time of two posts, and a cooldown of six posts.
+55 Magic Power  

Sage Mode-This special transformation allows Markus to increase all of his abilities. First he draws in Nature energy, which is difficult to control, meaning anyone untrained in Sage mode who drains his chakra will be turned into a stone frog. In this form, Markus gains two Rasengan, Odama Rasengan and Rasenshurkien instead of one before a cooldown commences. Takes five posts to prepare, during which Markus must stay immobile. Clones can also gather the necessary chakra, then disperse, allowing Markus to gain the chakra instantly. Lasts for Ten Posts. Cooldown of Five Posts
+35 Strength  +35 speed  +35 Magic Power  +35 Defense  +35 Magic Defense  +35 Sense

Planetary Rasengan- Markus' ultimate Rasengan technique, this creates one large Rasengan, with three smaller Rasengan "Orbiting" it. Upon hitting it's target, the three smaller Rasengan rotate around the Larger one at a high speed, causing a large blast of wind to follow up the attack. Can only be used in Kyuubi Control mode, and three posts to prepare. Has a Six post cooldown
+50 Magic Power

Summoning Jutsu-This technique allows Markus, after biting his finger to produce blood, to summon a giant Frog, with two swords which assists him in battle. Lasts Five posts, cooldown is Eight Posts.
+30 Strength +10 Speed +30 defense

4th Abilities

Kyuubi Control-This form covers Markus in a yellow aura, increasing all of his attributes to their peak. This ability also allows him to use Three Rasengan, Odama Rasengan and Rasenshuriken. In this form, Markus can generate two long arms, which can extend for melee attacks. These arms also allow Markus to create a Rasenshuriken without the aid of two shadow clones. Lasts ten posts, cooldown of twelve posts.
+50 Strength  +50 Magic Power  +40 Speed  +40 Defense  +40 Magic Defense +40 Sense

Tailed Beast Bomb- Markus creates a large ball of chakra, condensed into a black ball. Once released it flies to it's target, causing an immense explosion upon impact. Only usable in full Kyuubi mode. has a cooldown of ten posts.
+60 Magic power.

Full Kyuubi Mode- This allows Markus to summon the gigantic Nine Tailed Fox to battle, an enormous yellow fox made out of energy. The beast can extend it's nine tails for attacks. Lasts Five Posts, cooldown of Ten.
+70 strength  +70 magic power  +40 Speed  +40 defense  +40 Magic Defense  +30 Sense




Magic Power-40



Magic Defense-10

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PostSubject: Re: Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk   Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk I_icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 12:42 pm

Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk Korose10

One problem, though. You listed Sage Mode as both a Third and a Second. Change that to being just a Third.
Other than that, you're good to go. Shall other Admins have any objections, tell me.
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Markus Loben-Chaser Dusk
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