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 Samael Hauer (Work In Progress)

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Isaac Shattershield

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PostSubject: Samael Hauer (Work In Progress)   Samael Hauer (Work In Progress) I_icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 4:38 pm

Name: Samael Hauer

Title: Dusk Chaser

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance: Samael Hauer (Work In Progress) Blood-anime-wallpaper-137

Background: (What is the history of your character? Who were they before the Reign and after? )

Personality: (What does your character act like?)

Succession World: One Piece

Successor: Donquixote Doflamingo

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:

Name: Doflamingo Attributes

Description: Doflamingo has considerable reflexes and agility. He was able to dodge Oars Jr.'s attacks with relative ease and completely jumped over Oars Jr.'s gigantic body. He was fast enough to escape through the eye of Crocodile's sandstorm and exit unscathed. He also showed enough strength to equally clash against Crocodile's hook with just a kick. When Baby 5 attacked him and actually hit him with an explosive round, one that he did not even attempt to dodge, Doflamingo took no damage at all and continued his conversation, not even paying attention to it. He also effortlessly dodged all other attacks from her.[2] He was able to block a Diable Jambe enhanced kick from Sanji with his knee and block the subsequent barrage of kicks that followed with his arm without taking damage. It is also shown that Doflamingo can cut a Meteor into pieces even as it falls from the sky.

Name: Busoshoku Haki

Description: A heavy concentration (or coating) of this Haki can be used to harden parts of one's body, turning the area black, thus making the user denser and more formidable, and giving their attacks greater power. Allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armor around themselves.

Name: Haoshoku Haki

Description: This type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious. Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them.

Name: Ito Ito no Mi

Description: Ito Ito no Mi provides the user the ability to manipulate people with strings, as well as use the strings as means to cut through matter such as body parts or weapons. The strings can also be used to connect to clouds, thus providing air transportation. The maximum length of these strings is unknown, but is long enough to reach from Green Bit to Dressrosa, as well as connect to the clouds. The strings can be compressed in bundles for various constructs. The strings are extremely thin and some may even be invisible, making it almost impossible to notice and avoid them. He has shown himself capable of controlling more than one person at the same time without apparent effort.

Second Abilities:

Name: Goshikito

Description: Doflamingo's basic attack, he slashes his target with five strings coming out from his fingers.

Name: Overheat

Description: Doflamingo shoots a thick rope made of strings from his palm and whips it at the target. Overheat's range can go from the sky of Green Bit all the way to Dressrosa, a distance of many kilometers, and is strong enough to cut through a building at that range.

Name: Tamaito

Description: Doflamingo points at his opponent with his index finger and fires a string from it, as if he were firing a gun.

Name: Parasite

Description: Doflamingo attaches his strings onto his opponents and manipulates their movements like puppets. The strings used are so thin they seem invisible, and are so strong they can completely disable the likes of Jozu and Sanji, even keeping his victims trapped floating in midair, and none of his shown victims were able to resist at all. Furthermore, when used in combination with the Birdcage technique, the strings can spread all across the entirety of Dressrosa and control multiple people across the island at the same time without any apparent strain on Doflamingo at all.

Name: Sora no Michi

Description: Doflamingo attaches his strings to clouds, allowing him to move through the air. If there are no clouds present he cannot move through the air.

Name: Marionette

Description: Doflamingo forms a clone of himself, made entirely out of string. Doflamingo can then manipulate the clone with other strings. Doflamingo has shown great skill in manipulating his clone to orchestrate combined attacks with his real body.

Third Abilities:

Name: Torikago

Description: From a clone of himself (Doflamingo), which he created from a massive bundle of strings, it unravels itself and spreads into the sky. The strings then spread over the outside borders of Dressrosa island, creating a massive razor-sharp wire domed force-field,
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Samael Hauer (Work In Progress)
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