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 Lilynette Amagi

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PostSubject: Lilynette Amagi    Lilynette Amagi  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 9:59 am

Name: (Queen) Lilynette Amagi

Title: Dusk Chaser

Gender: Female

Age: 21



Before Reign:

Before the Reign Lilynette lived in Northern Japan with her family, who where a Royal family. Lilynette hwrself being a princess had everything she could ever want. She was a sheltered child her parents hardly let her from outside the castle wallls or she would surely be taken hostage. Lilynette was seen as nothing but a fragile sheltered princess but in truth she was far from it. She was a expert in many forms of hand to hand combat. She secrectly trained behind her parents back and became extremely talented over time. She became a prodigy of some sorts one definitely meant for the history books. As her parents discovered she was able to handle herself she had more freedom and the will to do whatever she pleased.

During the Reign:

Lilynette was out making her normal runs when the Reign struck. She was away from her home as sworms of Excul invaded the city she was in. She would retreat home losing her bodyguards in the process. She woulf run home ripping her kimono in the event she had to defend herself. Luckily she didnt but it wouldn't matter. Her castle was being attack by sworms of Excul her mother and father no where to be found. She would enter the castl through a secret pathway which also lead to town. Once inside the castle she would make her way to the main throne room where her mother and father were attempting to defend themselves through karate means. In the end they put up a vailent fight.

In the end her parents were overran and killed infront of her eyes. This sent her into a blind rage. She wanted to kill these Exculs but had no power. So she prayed she called upon strenght. She wanted be strong like Soi Fon from her favorite anime. She called upon her strength pouring her heart and sould into her wish. Then suddenly something happened. A ball of light glittered infront of her chest. The light seemed to call out to her telling her she will be bless with a familar power and to use it wisely. She agreed and promised to use her powers for whatever she believed in wither it be good or evil.

As foretold by the mysterious light the power she received were certainly familiar and ones she needed and called upon. The powers of Soi Fon, he zanpakuto materialized shortly after her powers combined. She already knew how to activate the powers so she did taking down the Excul who killed her parents was certainly difficult yet she in addition with a few others who gained powers similar to hers fought the beast but to no avail. They were forced to retreat to Southern Japan where the princess and her remaining kingdom built another home where she would become the Queen. She did nothing but continue to hone her new found powers and reign as the strongest of her kingdom. 

After The Reign:

Since the events of the Reign the young Queen has changed significantly. She has become more cold and mean in a sort of way. She actually forgave the Excul for killing her parents and thank them for blessing her with powers. She now works for the side of good and evil but instead indulges into her evil ambitions more often then normal. 


At times Lilynette can become Vindictive and Harsh. She loves to toy with people playing mimd games and tricks. Although sometimes evil her past personality still shows when she tales interest into a person. She can be extremely friendly and loving to people who she becomes friends with. At the same time she still holds on to the cold lile behavior. 

Succession World: Bleach

Successor Powers: Soi Fon's


Free Form Abilities:

Enhanced Strength: Since gaining her power her strength has become 10 timee the average humans allowing her shape her already strengthened martial arts body into a unstoppable for of raw physical prowess. In addition to increasing her strength by using the martial arts form of bleach terminology known as Hakuda she has extended her hand to hand comabt to near devastating heights. 

Common Hakuda Techniques:

- Kazaguruma: Lilynette using Hakuda  throws her body up into the air and makes a shearing movement with the legs to get one leg in front of the other without holding on to the ground. The move can either be done backwards or sideways. When the move is done, with one leg high over the head, the user delivers a devastating kick to the opponent, sending them flying away with tremendous force.

-Takigoi:  A Hakuda technique where one blocks the kicks of an opponent by trapping the opponent's one foot against the forearm and blocking the other foot with the combatant's foot. The move blocks and traps the opponent, who is then open to an attack from the combatant's free hand.

Enhanced Durability: Similar to Soi Fon Lilynette was bless with her extreme durability. She will now be able to withstand being kicked into buildings with enough force to go through walls and bring whole sections down on top of her while sustaining no apparent injuries.

Enhanced Speed: Lilynette exactly like Soi Fon is able to reach incredible range of speed using shunpo. Her speed being fast enough to create tangible clones of herself meant for easy disposal. (15 shupo can be used before a 4 post cooldown. Only 3 can be used in a single post.) A normal shunpo gives you +75 speed

Shunpo Techniques:

-Speed Clones:  Lilynette able to create at least 15 clones of herself at once using Shunpo, while they are indistinguishable from her true self and mimic her movements, they do not seem to last long.
This ability last two post. Cooldown 3.

-Utsusemi: It allows the user to have a movement at great, sudden speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Last one post. Cooldown 2.

Expert Swordsmanship: Although rarely using her blade outside of shikai Lilynette is very efficient with it.

Sealed Blade:

Second Abilities:


-Hado: #1-50
-Bakudo: #1-50

1-33: +20 Magic
34-67: +30 Magic
68-99: +40 Magic

(All kido will have a cooldown of three post after the kido exhaustion cooldown.  5 kido can be used before a 5 post cooldown which leads into a 3 post cooldown for each used.)

Intermediate Hakuda Technique: Lilynette has taken her hand to hand combat skills to another level with the use of of this ability. 

-Incomplete Shunpo: An advanced Hakuda technique which utilizes hand to hand capabilities and pressurized kido. This pressurized kido takes the form and look of swirling wind that covers Lilynette arms and legs. This energy could be used to fire a power energy wave blast or a devastating physical attack. This technique last five post and cool down is five as well. +65 Speed and +20 strength. 

Incomplete Shunko:


-Sting all enemies to death, Suzumebach: Lilynette's sealed swore upon saying its release incantation transforms into black and gold gauntlet with a small golden chain connected to a finger like blade which surrounds her middle finger this weapon design pattern resembles a bee or wasp type creature. That small blade is known as the stinger it can withstand the force of a heavy attack of a blade and punch in addition to the gauntlet itself.. The blade it self is twice as long as her nomal middle finger and is used to afflict a deadly technique usimg its ability. 


-Nigeki Kessatsu(Death In Two Steps): Suzumebach's ability. At the first step Lilynette stabs her opponent with Suzumebach's blade. In addition to a wound a butterfly shaped pattern that spreads from the center of the wound appears on the afflicted area this pattern is know as Homonka(Bee Crest Flower). This pattern becomes the target of her next attack. If the same spot it struck again either in the same spot from the front or back of the body tye user will inevitably die. This ability came be used four times before a three post cooldown. The duration of each Homonka is the lenght of the topic. Magic +40

Nigeki Kessatsu:

-Poison Nullification: Suzumebach also has the ability to nullify any poison its user was afflicted with by stabbing into the user. This also works for other people but takes long if not used for the user. This can be used 1 every 3 post. +25 Defense. 

Third Abilities:


-Hado: #51-99
-Bakudo: #51-99

Advanced Hakuda Technique: This is Lilynette's final and strongest Hakuda technique. 

-Mukyu Shunko: This is the complete form of Shunko. Thid technique can do all that its incomplete counterpart can but in addition to the energy covering all of the users body increasing its power two fold in both speed and strength. In this form she can also concentrate the pressurized kido to a certain area of her body to increase her defense. Unlike Shunko this ability has no duration limit although its cooldown is doubled from its counterpart rasing it to 10 post cooldown. (This ability cannot be used if Incomplete Shunko cooldown is in effect.) +65 Speed and +20 strength. 

Mukyu Shunko:


-Jukoho Raikoben: Upon activating Bankai a pillar or energy surrounds Lilynette. When the energy fades Its appearance is that of a gold armor missile launcher base that encases Lilynette's right arm, and comes all the way above her shoulder to form a face shield that she uses to cover the right side of her face to protect her from the force of her bankai.The entire Bankai is made up of a large pointed gold cylinder with black markings, twice the size of herself.Before she activated her Bankai, Lilynette wrapped a heavy metal sash around a strong surface shes around in preparation for the attack's massive recoil and the resulting powerful explosion.Being a ranged weapon of the artillery sort.

Jakuhō Raikōben:

Jakuhō Raikōben has the ability to launch the missile attached to its base. To do so, Lilynette must first raise and aim the huge missile, using the slits present in her face guard to be able to see while doing so. Once targeted, small fins extend from numerous points along the missile, before it is fired. It then tracks its target for a precision strike.After a successful hit, the missile creates a powerful and massive explosion,The burst of explosive energy after the detonation is powerful enough to not only blow away Suì-Fēng and her lieutenant, but also rip the steel sash she tied to despite being a far distance from the initial explosion. The ability of this bankai can only be used three time a topic with a two post cooldown in between each fire. Magic +70 Strength -10 Defense -100

Jakuhō Raikōben Blast:


Strength - 40

Speed - 40

Defense - 10

Magic - 10

Magic Defense -15

Sense- 5

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Posts : 121
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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Amagi    Lilynette Amagi  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 10:48 pm

Lilynette Amagi  Tsuna_15
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Posts : 121
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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Amagi    Lilynette Amagi  I_icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Btw, the abilities that are simply just movements don't need to be added. "Moves their leg like this" etc, it's just a move any flexible person can do. They're not totally abilities. Otherwise, approved again!
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PostSubject: Re: Lilynette Amagi    Lilynette Amagi  I_icon_minitime

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Lilynette Amagi
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