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 Dominic Volk

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PostSubject: Dominic Volk   Dominic Volk I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 12:39 am

Name: Dominic Volk

Title: Shade

Gender: Male

Age: 19


Dominic came from a normal family, although he himself couldn't exactly be labeled "normal", he would think of himself better than everyone else, and would not be afraid to show it. His personality lead to him to relate to what was his favorite anime character 'Gilgamesh' from his favorite anime 'Fate/Zero'. Due to this, he never gained any friends, nor did he feel the need to befriend what he thought were dogs.

When the Reign started, Dominic saw the world had no order, or leader, only chaos. He sat alone in his house, for all his family members had fled in fear, and he waited for the purging of the mongrels to be over. Soon a crash was heard, and the creatures stared him in the eyes, which angered him greatly, as he considered this a way of being called a mongrel and had to be purged. This was when his powers awakened, and golden portals appeared behind him, emerged from those portals were unique weapons which revealed their tip before firing at high speeds toward the creatures, striking them down in one hit.

Dominic realized he held the powers of Gilgamesh himself, and rightfully so. He went outside to be disgusted at all of the humans who dared be struck down before him. He was to be the only King, the only authority in this chaotic sandbox of a world, and the leader of humanity. He was the rules. He was Gilgamesh.

Dominic is extremely arrogant and selfish, claiming that everything in the world is his possession and that he's the one and only king. He is unable to acknowledge anyone's authority, not even from the gods. He's incredibly proud, especially of his treasure collection granted to him by Succeeding Gilgamesh. He views everyone as inferior and does not care for their feelings at all. After having seen enough of the ruined world, and considers it his sand box. In battle he's prone to underestimating his opponents and views fights as a game of amusement. His huge ego prevents him from acknowledging his opponent as a real threat and he doesn't take fights seriously at all. As such, he prefers to severely handicap himself and mindlessly shoot his endless number of Noble Phantasms.

Succession World: Fate/Zero

Successor: Gilgamesh


Free Form Abilities:

Golden Armour of the King - The user may summon at will a suit of armour which grants both physical and magical protection. This armour also grants full immunity to petrification. (+25 Defense/Magic Defense)

Immunity to emotion-based abilities - The user is imbued with a divine right as a king, which sets their mind within an aura of power that grants immunity to any abilities that manipulate the mental status.

Gate of Babylon - The user's Noble Phantasm which is completely unlimited in use. The user may continue an infinite barrage of divine and magical weapons, including shields and bows. The weapons protrude from shimmering golden portals which are created behind the user, or anywhere within thirty feet. Several single portals may float and follow the user. (+20 magic/+25 Strength per weapon. Shields are +30 Magic Defense and Defense. To use a weapon, the user must physically grab it).

Second Abilities:

Third Abilities:

Enkidu - A Noble Phantasm with Anti-Divine properties. An infinite line of golden chains emerge from portals that will track the target. Each end of the chains are bladed. If the chains connect, they will instantly restrain the target. If the target has any form of divine power, they are infinitely restrained without any hope of escape. If the target is not divine, the chain is still abnormally powerful and requires an immense amount of strength to break (Requires 100+ strength to break). The chain has as many as twenty different ending points, and can emerge from anywhere that the Gate of Babylon can be created from. The chains are also imbued with a divine energy that turns any form of transportation useless, as it physically renders the space around it.

Throne of the King - A large golden jet-like aerial device with seeming thin crystal wings and the ability to distort gravity for whoever rides it, where even going upside down does not cause a passenger to fall. The device flies exceptionally fast. The user may freely use Gate of Babylon while flying, as there is no ceiling. The user may also generate shields around the device (+85 Speed, but does not add the user's speed. Can only create a shield once every four posts with +35 Def/Magic Def).

Base Stats

Strength: 15

Speed: 10

Magic: 25

Defense: 35

Magic Defense: 10

Sense: 5

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PostSubject: Re: Dominic Volk   Dominic Volk I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 4:59 pm

Dominic Volk Tsuna_17

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA Let us stroll through heaven and hell, Eiyuu Ou!

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Dominic Volk
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