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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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PostSubject: Fate/ TYPE-MOON   Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:33 am

Name of Anime/Manga/Book: Fate/

Anime/Manga/Book Description:

The Fate series is a TYPE-MOON media collective that follows various events called Holy Grail Wars that involve Masters, generally accomplished magi, summoning Servants, Heroic Spirits, and battling each other until the last remaining pair can claim the purported Holy Grail. This is a war waged over aspects of power and desire, justice and freedom. A Master gains an article pertaining to a hero of the past, and create a ritual to create a symbiotic pact with said hero, and allow them form in the present existing plane. A war is then waged between seven classes of Servant, being Saber, Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster.

Magic System:

A system deterrent upon a symbiotic relationship of Master and Servant, where the Master provides the Servant with prerequisitional power called Prana to sustain themselves, and procure themselves with magic dubbed a "Noble Phantasm", which is a main regarding ability that defines each Servant upon their abilities without limit, as well as secondary abilities related to walking on water, or special items such as a chariot. Along with this, Masters themselves occasionally practice multiple "martial" arts be them magic or any adverse way such as physical combat or firearms, or some combination. The Servants themselves may freely exist and vanish at will, making them severely hard to finish off, making the Master the prime target. This is off set, given the Master can hide, letting the Servant fight, and if lose, retreat.

Second/Ascended levels:

Noble Phantasms - Items or abilities specified to the Servant's specific concepts of combat. As Servants are all heroes of the past, Noble Phantasms embody their power and soul. They are the embodiment of the ultimate mysteries of a hero that symbolizes his existence through historical facts and anecdotes. They can be general weapons, such as swords, lances, and bows, or support items, such as rings and crowns. They can also be abstract concepts, like abilities, curses, and changes to the environment and its physical properties. Noble Phantasms are considered to be a Servant's trump card and are activated by channeling prana into them and releasing their true names. This can only be done by their true owners

Secondary Accessory: Items or abilities less inclined by the Hero, and more generalized. Armour that provides perfect defense against physical attacks, a method of transportation, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Fate/ TYPE-MOON   Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:43 am

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