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 Scott the Fist

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Scott the Pilgrim

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PostSubject: Scott the Fist    Scott the Fist  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 8:55 am

Name: Scott the fist (cause he punches stuff, his style is hand to hand)

Title: Dusk sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: Takumen is tall, almost six-four, and weighs nearly 250 pounds. His is muscular but often covers them with long sleeved shirts. Speaking of clothes, Taku wears a full marine style suit which is black and the Marine Jacket with the emblem of the Marines on it, justice, which hangs from his shoulders to allow free use of his hands. He wears black leather gloves and brown wing-tip shoes. His hair is short and brown and his beard, while a bit bushy, is short and brown as well. He has a wide booming laugh usually starting with a bwah!  

Background: Before the Reign Takuman or in this case his successor Garp was a Vice admiral of the Marines from the one piece world. In his time he was considered to be a hero and held many titles. Now his spirit lives in our world as Takumen a dusk sentinel. Since the Reign Taku has been changing, he feels this. His body has grown stronger and stronger and his abilities more precise. And as the anniversary of the reign grew closer he felt his own personality shift. This is causing a rift inside of taku, who always just wanted to achieve his own interests. Now he finds himself helping people, which he never would done before.

Standing on the edge of the rest of his life, Takumen now hesitates. He has no idea what he really wants and doesn't know how to move on.

Personality: Takumen is slowly inheriting some of the tendencies of Garp the Fist, including his sense of duty and honor, which is slowly overpower taku's own self-centered wants. This is causing Taku to be irritable and to snap out at people for no reason. He doesn't want to loose himself, but feels he is to the character. In reality, he is just becoming someone he was always meant to be and just doesn't realize. Besides this Taku has little else wrong with his personality. He loves to read and write poetry and often will tear ruins apart to find books.

Succession World: One piece

Successor: Garp the Fist

Abilities - Incredibly training and the ability to use Haki.

Free Form Abilities:

Busoshoku Haki being an armament Haki. Armament haki allows the user to deflect attacks and harden their own body. A side bonus of this is two fold. They can use this power offensively as well, and they can hit people whose bodies are of a liquid or tranferent state. Meaning that a body like luffys will take damage. Imagine black blood vs. soul wavelength in soul eater almost. When being used increases attack by ten and defense/magic defense by twenty.

Soru: A techniques which allows the user to move at blinding speeds. relies on the users ability to control Haki. When used, increases the users speed by twenty.

Second Abilities: Kenbunshoku Haki: a precognitive Haki which allows the user a slight sixth sense. This allows a user to dodge incoming attacks much more easily and can be used in combat to see how a person will block. +40 sensory  

Third Abilities: None as of now. to be developed later.


Attack: 35


Speed: 25

Magic Attk: 5

Magic Defense: 5

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PostSubject: Re: Scott the Fist    Scott the Fist  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 10:52 am

Scott the Fist  Rd11

As of right now, your character cannot be approved for a simple reason. "Takumen" isn't a real name. "The Fist" isn't a last name either. Now, I understand it might be a nickname, but in the "name" section, you have to put a real name. "Takumen" is a Japanese Ramen company that only sells over the Internet. It would be the same as someone making a character called "Cox the Cable". Just slap on a real name and explain this nickname, and you're golden.
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Scott the Fist
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