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 Vincent Faust

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PostSubject: Vincent Faust    Vincent Faust   I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 11:09 am

Name: Vincent Faust

Title: Dusk Sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Vincent Faust   Profile_picture_by_iori__yagami-d4r3is1

(Before Reign) - 5"11, black hair, Asian, 168 lbs, wears a white long sleeves and work pants.

(After Reign) -5"11, red hair, Asian, 168 lbs, wears a red long sleeve with black jacket, white pants

(Before the Reign [18]):
Vincent was your average guy who worked, went to college in Austin, Texas as for most people he would seem the nice guy on a normal daily basis. He had a family two brothers and a sister as well a mom and dad they mostly talk to him here and there but give him the space and time for him to grow. As for during the off "hours" into the night he would go out in the hot Texas heat and go to a "meeting" where people would fight and beat up each other as a game and for fun. Vincent was number 2 within the whole "meeting" and very well respected among many people except the number one who always ridiculed him for being way too weak. Vincent continued on to make himself stronger and more deadly into his martial art so he can surpass his peers and become number 1 but whenever he didn't go and fight at the meetings he would go and play his fighting games on his playstation to give him more of a idea and ability to copy what they might do thinking it would never happen.

(During the Reign [20]): Fire, screams, destruction it happens as it all was supposed to be. July 13 the dreaded day and the greatest thing happened the bodies piled and fire burned within Vincent as he began to wander into darkness not knowing what had happened to him. As he came to find himself in a strange place not knowing where he is and to see a castle before him and a laugh of joy and a slow clap, Vincent followed the noises within the castle to end up in a hallway where there was a mirror as he got closer he went and sees that he has changed....

(After the Reign [23]): A few years went by after he found that he was changed and became stronger with supernatural strength as well meeting other weird and random characters of this new world he is in accepting the fact he became a video game character he loved to play as on his playstation. He has no knowledge about the Excul except those distant screams and blacking out on that very day July 13, he continues on to find he has adapted more powers and strengths training hopefully to make a use of himself but overall he has a thought of home here and there but slowly it will be all the past as he walks into this world of Guilty Gear.

Personality: Determined, Can become care-free, open-minded, arrogant at times.

Succession World: Guilty Gear

Successor: Slayer

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:

Free Falling: Can fall from high heights and not get hurt.
Name: Supernatural Strength
Description: With the given strength from Slayer, Vincent can use his supernatural strength as a advantage so he could throw cars, break through walls and stone.
Image: Vincent Faust   Wall+break+gif

Name: Supernatural Defense
Description: Defense made from Slayer can make Vincent not be knocked out or go unconscious as well a punch from another strong being like himself will take it as a normal punch rather than have his head knocked off as for swords will cut him but not sever his limbs or even his head.
Name: Tapped Slayer Potential
Description: Vincent cannot access Slayer's full power but only letting him be able to obtain a little power up to 6% of the 100% of his power. To this dismay Vincent uses this power to his advantage able to use 6% as a booster.
Name: Martial Arts
Description: From Vincent previous life before the day of July 13 he was known for fighting and was able to dodge most attacks to hit people full throttle with his punches or kicks but as well he was still number 2. As he continued on his life of practicing martial arts he can almost hit in every direction to hit a person and break their arms or legs.

Name: Eternal Wings
Description: A power from Slayer himself, Vincent is able to float or fly with wings on his back enabling him to go around in aerial battle if need be as well avoid ground attacks. It is also noted that these wings cannot be destroyed or broken for some odd reason.

Second Abilities:

Name: Burst Meter

Description: Burst Meter is a power that can be used when a opponent dashes towards Vincent or if Vincent is doing nothing in particular he can use this and sends a small shockwave sending the opponent flying away from him in a distance.

Effect: Using Burst and connecting with the enemy if doing nothing or dashing towards, 50% Tension will instantly be gained.

Requirement: 10% Tension.

Weakness: 3 post cool down.

Special Attacks [Requires Tension.]

Name: Time to at least try.

Description: Vincent uses at least 2% of the total power of Slayer making him powerful in strength, defense, and speed.

Effect: 3X Power increase on strength (Can destroy buildings.) and defense (strong as steel), Speed (Fast as Flash Step.)

Requirement: 2 post wait/10% Tension

Weakness: 3 post cool down

Name: Disappearance

Description:  Powers given from the successor Vincent can only disappear and re-appear further back to avoid an opponent's attack someone in a fight. It isn't as fast as flash step which is the down side of it.

Requirement: 10% Tension

Weakness: Once every two posts, after three uses, takes three posts to cool down

[Tension Attacks]:

Name: This ends here. [25% Tension]

Vincent Faust   Slayer-talk

Effect: Increases tension by 15% more after attacking opponent.

[Basic Tension gain 15% + This ends here tension 15% = 30% Tension gained after each attack post. This will last for remainder of the battle.]

Name: Knuckle Time [50% Tension]

Description: Vincent begins to inhale and exhale as begins to walk back and forth, looking towards the opponent giving him/her a stare then sigh at them as he gather more determination and strength to fight them. He will take out his brass knuckles putting them on as he would pound the two together creating a shock wave.

Effect: Attack is doubled.

Weakness: 3 post cool down

Name: Shockwave[75% Tension]

Description: A wave of energy will come towards Vincent giving him a chance to recuperate with damage he took from an opponent. Such as bruises, cuts.

Effect: Heal, 2 posts to heal completely

Weakness: 3 Post cool down

Name: Compression  [100% Tension.]

Description: Vincent will inhale and exhale as his fists and feet are slowly commence static and air around them making them seem harmless and pointless to the opponent's eye. But this actually tightens the strength of Vincent's power, like a soda can shook up and about to explode when opened.

Effect: Causes dents onto the opponent's body.

Weakness: 4 post cool down

Vincent Faust   Mr_ima_punch_the_wall_by_im_just_me_7-d5qs9ej


Third Abilities:

EX Awaken: Can be obtained through mid battle. (Within 6 Posts [Battle])

Description: Regeneration recovers the damage taken from the opponent. If a opponent used a third ability attack that would almost kill the character, regeneration will go into effect healing the wounds which takes around 3-7 posts exactly. The healing ability is very slow but it is efficient to help and recover the character. This recovers severe flesh wounds (3 post recovery), broken bones (7 post recovery) or blood loss (4 post recovery).

Weakness: 3 Post cool down

Attacks Power 2X
Defense Power 2X

This is a part of tension when it hits 100% they can use this as a strength booster but it will consume health once the tension is depleted. (25% From 100% each turn) [NOTE: They can use this if they want too if they hit 100% on tension.] (Lasts 4 Posts)

Requirement: 100% Tension

Weakness: 3 post cool down.

All-Out Attack [Final Attack]:
Name: Shattering Shot

Description: Uses 6% of power from Slayer giving him the edge he needs over the battle. He was able to obtain this power through practicing against a few trees around the Castle but after he uses the power it makes him go unconscious.

Effect: Shock waves surround him suppressing all the strength into one attack.

Vincent Faust   175px-GGAC_Slayer_j214214S

Requirement: EX and Overdrive needed.

Weakness: 6 Post cool down, Needs to be in the air.

Last edited by Saika on Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:14 pm; edited 26 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Faust    Vincent Faust   I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 11:48 am

Looks good so far. I don't know if I have the powers for this, but...
Vincent Faust   Korose11

If any Staff member has an objection, please say so. Otherwise, people will be slayed. (Bad joke)
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Faust    Vincent Faust   I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 12:58 am

Hmm any other things I may need to edit? So far I think there is a lot of chunks now gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Faust    Vincent Faust   I_icon_minitime

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Vincent Faust
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