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 Flynn Grayson

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PostSubject: Flynn Grayson   Flynn Grayson I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 7:17 pm

Name: Flynn Grayson

Title: Dusk Sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: Nineteen


Flynn Grayson

Flynn's body had increased in quality after the Reign. Constant training and multiple near death experiences against the Excul and Shades, most namely that of Liam Ava-something, have whipped his body into shape. His hair is raggedy, almost never done but still falls into place. His features are considerable in the sense they can highlight his emotions rather well, such as an arched nose and strong jaw. His eyes are a stately silver that form from blue, to green to hazel, and even odd colours such as violet. He dresses in warm clothing, as the Reign has decreased warmth all over the world. A scarf around his neck and a peacoat jacket over a smaller jacket, a Kingdom Hearts undershirt and pants.

Background: Flynn has never been one for the real world. Born in a scarce range of mountains neighboring the Silverado county of California, his outstretched life was one filled with solitude. Flynn lived with a full family of five, along with adorable pets. A brother, a sister, a mother and father that lived life as if they were blind, just like the billions of people within planet Earth. Every day in a world filled with people, he couldn't help but feel alone more and more.

There had to be something more to this world... Right...?

The phrase that ran through the boy's mind so many times, it engraved itself within the recess of his mind and the interior of his heart. Turning to books, video games, manga, and anime to fill the void in his chest. The mystery and fantasy was the fix he needed to live within this world. A wonderful writer and a terrible speaker, his voice never strayed further than the cheers made when defeating that freaking boss. Throughout his life, he has felt more emotions than nearly anyone would feel within ten life times, and it has burned him in so many ways.

During the Reign, Flynn was separated from his family. Flynn was at his first day of a new job, miles away when the earth began to spew demons of darkness. The last Flynn heard, every military sanction his family could have possibly made it to had fallen within a matter of days.

Flynn now travels between Covens and Garrisons with his new-found power of solitude, granted by the heart and soul of Ulquiorra Cifer. Were the hearts and souls of heroes lost... Searching for the vessels closest to their own...? Flynn ranged from blackening fear to burning joy with the powers of one of his favourite anime characters, and a respectable one at that, being able to combat any other with equal standing.

Personality: Flynn is a man whose conversation will leave room for thought. He is an incredibly intelligent boy with a gift for tactics through and through. He can be explaining something diversely complex for one moment, and be explaining his lack of knowledge the next. Or even spanning to a conversation about noodles. He smiles with meaning, as he understand how much reason it has. His laughter is well earned, and easy to bring out as his sense of humour is nearly boundless.

However, Flynn also brings a native feeling of stoic, sometimes staying silent and staring without any perceived thought. Other times, expressing his feelings of discontent and presenting in the nicest, and if needed, not-so-nicest way to explain someone's stupidity to them. However, one factor that controls Flynn's personality, is his passion. His never ending hope and desire to live, and express or experience everything he chooses. He will fight for even the smallest thing he believes in with the biggest fool adamant mentality one will ever see. Even when he's wrong, he will keep on fighting just to see how long it takes for him to lose. He is the epitome of silver, as he has lived through every light and darkness, never seeming to corrupt one way or the other.

Succession World: Bleach

Successor: Ulquiorra Cifer


Free Form Abilities:

Sonido - A virtually instant step in any one direction with a limited range (once per post, increases in use per speed boost such as a Sword Release) +100 Speed

Hierro - The user's skin is comparable to near steel, a considerable defense against physical attacks and high resistance to energy. + 45 Defense

Pesquisa - The user can sense the life force of anyone within range + 15 Sensory

High-Speed Regeneration - The ability to instantly regrow the user's body in any place except for the brain or internal organs.

Solita-Vista - The user can create a screen of energy to show their memories like a movie

Spiritual Pressure - The user has a base control over the energy within existence, allowing them to step onto air and water, or create a slight pressure to be felt by others with similar abilities

Second Abilities

Cero - An incredibly powerful blast of the user's energy that is feared for it's blatant power (once every two posts) +40 Magic

Bala - The user can send a nearly invisible projectile of energy from the hands or feet at blistering speed and high power (Up to two projectiles a post) + 20 Magic + 20 Strength

Third Abilities

Resurrection - Murcielago: This ability is the release of the user's sword, changing their body and power. Their general abilities are enhanced incredibly to the point the user outspeeds abilities related to a "Sonido", and their movements are considerably hard to track. It increases the user's energy power, Hierro, and, base strength as well. +65 Speed + 35 Strength + 25 Defense + 55 Magic + Regenerative properties that can instantly regenerate anything except for vital organs + 25 Magic Defense.

Lanza Del Rampalgo - The user may create a lance/sword of Cero energy to wield or throw, and once per post. (+50 Magic/+80 during Murcielago) During Murcielago or above, the user may create infinite as the user loses their sword.

Cero Oscuras - The user's Cero is amplified many times, infused with black energy. It holds the same base power as Grand Ray Cero, but when used in the Segunda Etapa state (not yet unlocked), it is many many times stronger with complete destruction of whatever it touches (only once in a post). +65 Magic

Grand Ray Cero - An ability related to the Cero, but many times stronger. It holds immense power with enough strength to completely eradicate physical objects and energy. It can be thrown as a ball or shot in a beam (only once in a post) +55 Magic +30 Speed.


Strength - 30

Speed - 45

Magic - 30

Defense - 5

Magic Defense - 5

Sense - 5

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Posts : 122
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PostSubject: Re: Flynn Grayson   Flynn Grayson I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 7:22 pm

Flynn Grayson Bleach10
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Posts : 122
Join date : 2014-04-15

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PostSubject: Re: Flynn Grayson   Flynn Grayson I_icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 1:29 pm

Add  Flynn's stats mister lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Flynn Grayson   Flynn Grayson I_icon_minitime

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Flynn Grayson
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