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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Guilty Gear

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PostSubject: Guilty Gear    Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:13 pm

Name of Anime/Manga/Book/Video Game: Guilty Gear

Anime/Manga/Book Description (Post both a link, and explain):

In the 21st century, three scientists pioneered the Gear project which is meant to advance human evolution, however the “Gears” are used as weapons instead. Justice, the first complete Gear commanded her brethren to wipe humankind, starting with Japan. The world is thrust into a war that lasted a century. The Holy Knights were formed and was led by Kliff to battle the Gears. Sol Badguy joins the Order but deserts it, stealing it’s precious Fireseal sword. Ky Kiske, a 16 year old boy was made commander of the knights and led a mission to seal away Justice. It was successful and the Gears became dormant and the world was peaceful for five years.

There were rumors of Justice reviving and the UN again organized a Holy Knight selection tournament that aims to recruit the most powerful fighters. Turns out it was all a plot by Testament to revive his master using the blood of the combatants. Justice was revived but Sol Badguy defeats her.  It’s revealed that Sol is the first Gear, a prototype and also one pioneers of the project. Before dying, Justice mentions “That Man” who turned them into Gears. Kliff Undersn dies. Testament is presumed to be dead. Dizzy and Testament become friends. A new independent Gear who is feared to be another commander type is found. All the bounty hunters come to the Grove to hunt her down. Testament is alive and resolved to protect her with his life out of love rather than mind control. Sol Badguy fights her only to discover she’s a scared, innocent young woman who wants to be left alone. He spares her life. Dizzy is then assisted by Potemkin, Ky Kiske, Johnny and May to live a peaceful life with the Jellyfish pirates. That Man observes Dizzy.The original reality was Ky dying because of I-No. Dizzy becomes a commander Gear that succeeds her mother, Justice and was obliterating the human race. I-No goes back in time after meeting That Man and saved Ky’s life, resulting in the current timeline.The PWAB and I-No just mess up with all the characters. Ky anguishes over the grayness of the world, Sol is implied to have deeper connections with Dizzy. The PWAB releases Justice clones to mess up with characters. Characters mess up with other characters. Dizzy asks Ky to help her understand her powers and her origins.

The world is reorganized, Ky Kiske fathers a child with a Gear woman and becomes a puppet king of the UN. Sol takes care of Ky’s son. Valentine sublimated the Gears in Ky’s kingdom and was searching for the Key. It turns out the Key is Ky’s wife and the reproduction of Justice. A nation full of peaceful, independent Gears is revealed. Ky defends his kingdom but has bad relationships with his son, Sin. Valentine takes Sin as he has the cells of his mother, Sol rescues him and sees That Man again after 100+ years, he fight him and loses. Sol defeats Valentine then learns afterwards that she’s copy of his dead lover, Aria, one of the three scientists of the Gear project.

A meter that grows over time, and can be used as payment for skills.

Tension is built through a fight or battle as so your tension builds by 15% every time you attack and if you defend you gain 5%, 3% if you get hit (Failing to defend).

Now how to use Tension: Free forms are free, Seconds cost 10-40%, Thirds cost 50-100%, Fourths cost 100%.

Attack/Defense System:
With this system there is attacks that go by rank:
Basic Attacks

Special Attacks
[Requires tension and/or post cool down.]

Tension Attacks
[Requires Tension 25/50/75/100% and post wait]

All-Out Attacks
[Requires EX/Tension at 100% and 1 post wait]
Magic System:
Basic magic here is called tension with tension you are able to produce attacks/abilities that are stronger than most normal attacks, every one has tension but yet it is differently used of whoever uses it.
EX: 25% Power of Tension

50% Tension

75% Tension

Normal Magic: Ky Kiske (Lightning), [Sol Badguy, Axl Low] (Fire), [Eddie, Venom] (Shadow), I-No (Music) <--Bard of Death, Testament (Necromancy/Blood), Faust (Random Magic [Teleports behind you with a door and can hit you/throw bombs and summons a small meteor shower to hurt opponents), Zappa (Ghost Possession), Slayer/Jam (Super Strength), May(Water)


Second/Ascended levels:

Second "Tension" :

Name: Burst Meter

Description: Burst Meter is a power that can be used when a opponent dashes towards Vincent or if Vincent is doing nothing in particular he can use this and sends a small shockwave sending the opponent flying away from him in a distance.

Effect: Using Burst and connecting with the enemy if doing nothing or dashing towards, 50% Tension will instantly be gained.

Name: Force Break

Description: Force Break attacks are like mini Overdrives that only require 25% of Tension.

Effect: Lasts 2 posts

Name: Fortress Defense

Description: Obtained through Slayer's power Vincent obtains Fortress Defense which is activated by guarding. While active, each time the opponent hits, no damage will be inflicted upon Vincent.

Effect: Each use consumes a varying amount of Tension, the amount being greater when blocking attacks (20% Tension for each attack).


"EX": EX is a boost mechanism just like a Bankai form Bleach and it lasts for at least a couple posts (6) but in turn it can give you a bonus. As for Slayer in his EX form he can regenerate health slowly as the fight continues on just like a vampire,

[NOTE this does nothing to your tension]

Tension can be gained from a sense of anger or some type of clarity which gives a attack that can be used 3 times [NOTE: Given about your tension], with your EX activated you can use an All-out attack which gives you ONE CHANCE! to use against an opponent or else you will definitely lose this battle this cannot be regained until the current battle is over, All out attacks can be a grab, trap, rush, or blast. This will cripple a enemy if they don't defend against this attack.

Example of All out attack:

OVERDRIVE: This is a part of tension when it hits 100% they can use this as a strength booster but it will consume health once the tension is depleted. (25% From 100% each turn) [NOTE: They can use this if they want too if they hit 100% on tension.]


GG Importance: Most characters within the game carry weapons that amplify their attacks/magic. As Sol Badguy has Fireseal, Dizzy has cuffs that amplify her magic, I-no has a musical instrument to use as a weapon.

Now since we have gotten everything out of the way there are 3 classes:

EX lasts for 6 posts


[May: Water]
Can summon water and make a small wave of water making her the push away type.
EX: Unnatural Strength

[Sol Badguy/Axl: Fire]
Their fire power can never go out given their status and strength.
EX: 2X Fire power

[Testament: Blood/Necromancy]
Testaments attacks are with a companion crow/succubus and if you hit your target with a special crow feather the crow will attack as well knowing so you can set up traps along the way.
EX: 2x Blood/Necromancy power

[Eddie "Zato 1": Shadow/Darkness]
Eddie's attacks are based on Shadow/Darkness power alone making things physically hurt.
EX: Can be part of the shadows within the area.

Holy Knight:
[KY Kiske: Lightning]
Ky Kiske is based on lightning and his own blade with these he can set small lightning shards in the air which will implode and hit the opponent if they touch them.

EX: Lightning Power 2x

[Faust: Item/Teleportation]

Faust is a weird yet strategic character given his height and stature he can throw out bombs, small meteors showers, or just plain doll's that can hurt you.
EX: Regenerate (During Battle)

[Zappa: Ghost Possession]

Zappa is possessed by a ghosts of unnatural power yet they are scared of one that possesses Zappa during battle. Within this you have 3 types of ghosts: Dog, Three Ghosts and the Blood Blade
Dog: Attacks on your command; has 4 types of attacks
Three Ghosts: have 3 types of defense
Blood Blade: has 5 types of attacks
EX: Can have 2 types of ghosts on the field

[Slayer/Jam: Un/Supernatural Strength]

Slayer is a supernatural vampire that can disappear and appear right behind you punch you with just a punch making you fly away with ease.
EX: Regenerate (Heals you during battle)

Jam is based upon more Unnatural strength than supernatural because she is more human and based her attacks.
EX: Tension increases by 25% during battle.

[I-No: Music]

I-no generates sound waves from her guitar allowing the sound waves to become physical and hurt opponents.

EX: Shattering Sound

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PostSubject: Re: Guilty Gear    Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:04 am

Explain how much Tension is gained per post, and get rid of the hit or miss thing, and it will be:

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PostSubject: Re: Guilty Gear    Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:13 am

Alright shall this work out?
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PostSubject: Re: Guilty Gear    

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Guilty Gear
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