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 Hyouhaku Blühen

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PostSubject: Hyouhaku Blühen   Hyouhaku Blühen I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 18, 2014 8:35 pm

Since some of the images here are kinda big, Spoilers were used. Be warned.

Name: Hyouhaku Blühen (Birth name is Hansel Fitzgerald)

Title: Liberator

Gender: Male

Age: 16


Reconstructed Senketsu:

Hyouhaku looks just like the image above. He always wears Senketsu and some baggy, knee-length shorts, along with sandals.

Don't worry. All of Senketsu's transformations are exactly the same as those from Kill la Kill, but, instead of covering Hyouhaku's "bottom parts" with those tiny pieces of cloth, they're covered by something that looks more like masculine underwear.
He wears a special glove with a needle stuck in. When the needle is removed, his blood leaks from his body, causing Senketsu to transform. If deactivation is necessary, the needle may be re-inserted for that purpose.

First, insight on his childhood.
He doesn't remember ever having parents, and used to be just a homeless street boy who took the food out of people's trash cans to eat in dark alleys. He never stole any. He didn't have a name up until he was taken in by a gang of delinquents. Its two leaders were German and Japanese, respectively, and they gave Hyouhaku his current name. Even though they were flagged as "delinquents", they weren't really ill-willed. They only followed around other gangs to stop their evil deeds before they happened. This led to them being chased by gangs. While commemorating Christmas (Hyouhaku was 12), they were assaulted by two allied gangs who tried to rob a supermarket once, but were foiled by Hyouhaku's. The assault was brutal; the two enemy gangs even had your average run-of-the-mill weapons, like bats and fire extinguishers. The worst part, though, is that they bribed some cops to help them catch Hyouhaku's gang and send its members to jail. They all were caught... Except for Hyouhaku, who managed to hide in a trash can by the two leaders' orders.
And now from his adolescence onwards:
Hyouhaku used to hang out with other delinquents in Venezuela ever since he was 13. He never got involved in their illegal activities - rather, he hanged out with them to try and stop them, in honor of his lost gang. He thought their illegal actions were foolish. However, all of the times he tried, those attempts were in vain. The delinquents always overpowered him, and forced him to look for a new gang to hang with each time. After failing to save a young schoolgirl from being stolen and beaten, the Reign happened. Lots of Excul appeared near that area, and, judging by their appearance, they were not there for games. With him and the girl surrounded by them in a dark alley, with one trash box to serve as means of hiding from the creatures, the boy thought everything was lost, but still covered the beaten-up girl with his body. However, something came out of the trash box and dragged the boy in.
"Who are you? What ARE you?", Hyouhaku asked in an angry tone. He was in a pinch, and now a small, dark-colored creature wants to talk to him. What to do?
"Do not worry, boy. You want to save that girl, don't you?", the dark thing asked.
"Y-yes! But you got in the way!", the boy said.
"Don't worry. Let me help you.", the dark creature said. He jumped towards Hyouhaku, and made the boy wear him. They popped out of the trash can, to find the girl getting approached by Excul, slowly.
"What do you plan on doing now, frea- huh? Y-you're a talking sweater?!", Hyouhaku yelled in surprise.
"Don't worry. Just let me take control of some things here and there...", the sweater said. Taking control over the boy's body, the sweater swiftly dug around the trash can, pulling up half of a giant scissor, and removed the needle from the boy's glove mechanism. This triggered their transformation, which left the boy on a shock.
"Now you have the power. I'll let you take care of the rest, boy. Go for broke.", the sweater said.
"Well, about time to show these bastards that assaulting young girls is wrong.", Hyouhaku said. Masterfully wielding the scissor blade, he sliced the closest one from him. The next two came attacking with a forward lunge, but he managed to crouch underneath and finish both with a single slice. The last one had disappeared, as it wuld attempt a sneak attack from above.
"Boy. Above you!"
Hyouhaku pierced the creature as it fell down. With all of them cleared, he turned towards the girl. She ran away, probably in fear of the creatures (and I'm speaking for all creatures present there).
"Boy. We have ot get out of here. I'll explain everything once we get to a safe place. Now, I have a technique which can get us out. Just yell, 'Senketsu Shippu'.", the jacket said.
"What the hell? Why should I place my trust in you, who forced me to wear you?!", he yelled in anger.
"Fine, then. I'll do it for you. Senketsu Shippuu!", the jacket said. Senketsu transformed into his Shippuu form, and, while dealing with some resistance from the boy, eventually took him to a Garrison in Caracas.
After getting inside a room provided by the locals there, the boy took Senketsu off, placed the scissor blade near the entrance, and they both cleared each other on their names, stories, and what was going on.
"Well then, Senketsu. You seem like a nice fellow. But why don't you fight these Excul by yourself?", Hyouhaku asked.
"That is because I can only fight strongly with those who are compatible with me. And you, Hyouhaku... You were chosen as the successor to my previous owner.", Senketsu claimed.
"...Cut the crap, Senketsu. I'm not anyone's descendant here. Now let me sleep - I'm tired...", the boy said, jumping into the bed.
"It appears I have to prove myself, then.", Senketsu said. He took the scissor blade and the boy's hand, and made a slight cut on the boy's thumb.
"What is wrong with you?!", Hyouhaku yelled.
"Calm down. Look.", he said, as the wound regenerated almost instantly.
"But then... Why... Why me?", the boy asked.
"That is something I don't mind discovering, Hyouhaku. However, for this, we shall do it together. What do you say?", Senketsu asked.
The boy agreed. Both being on good terms, they both took a rest after that tiresome conversation. They are both fighting together to discover the truth behind this sudden invasion of not just the Excul, but also from these weird powers.

Personality: Just like his ascendant, Hyouhaku can be a rather rowdy individual. However, this does not mean he is anti-social; he's nice to everyone but his enemies, and cares deeply about his friends. Too much psychological assaults can get into his nerves, but he usually tries to keep his cool about things. Feels a bit ashamed to wear Senketsu, but he always treats him as if he was his best friend – and he is, pretty much.

Succession World: Kill la Kill

Successor: Matoi Ryuko

Stats (? total) -





Magic Defense:

Senses: (Senketsu adds ? Sense)

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:
+ Masterful use of his Scissor Blade. Scissor blade is made of Hardened Life Fibers, and cannot be broken with any known material.

+ Extremely fast wound regeneration thanks to Life Fibers. This goes to the point of even having his own head sliced apart, and still be able to snap it back into place.

+ Quick blood production thanks to Life Fibers.

+ Strong enough to send air shockwaves from his blade capable of cutting through stone (Strength 15 per Shockwave).

+ Able to activate Life Fiber Decapitation mode with his scissor blade. This improves range and enabled the use of Sen-I-Soushitsu.

+ Able to morph his arms while wearing Senketsu to make weapons (currently, only blades).

Second Abilities:
Life Fiber Override: Senketsu
The user triggers Life Fiber Override with Senketsu, gaining enough strength to cut through steel as if it was paper, enough speed that is hard to follow with the eye, and a defense which can only be pierced by special anti-Life Fibers metal. He also gains the ability to change into many different forms freely while activated, depending on his will and/or needs. Also, the buffs stack.
Stat boosts:
+15 Strength
+15 Speed
+15 Magic Defense
+/~/ Defense (Only harmed by Magic or Hardened Life Fibers, or by bludgeon based, +10 Defense otherwise)

Senketsu Shippuu
A transformation of Senketsu which transforms the user's legs into Jinbei pants and removes his feet in exchange for jets. The user also gain steering wings on his shoulders.(Lasts three posts)
Stat boosts:
+5 Strength
+35 Speed while in flight, 25 Speed on the ground
+/~/ Defense (Only harmed by Magic or Hardened Life Fibers, or by bludgeon based. +10 otherwise)

Senketsu Senjin
Another transformation of Senketsu. This one makes the user grow spikes all over Senketsu, and gain claws on his gloves which can be used for combat. These claws allow for attacks with less recovery time, which improves the countering of counterattacks. Also, the spikes can be extended and manipulated as if they were tentacles, or spin them to make an effect similar to a chainsaw. (Lasts three posts)
Stat boosts:
+35 Strength
+5 Speed
+/~/ Defense (Only harmed by Magic or Hardened Life Fibers, or by bludgeon based. +10 otherwise)

The user, activating Life Fiber Decapitation Mode, goes through the opponent at high speeds, cutting off their clothing and absorbing any Life Fibers they may possess, empowering Senketsu. May be used only once per post with no cooldown, but leaves the user slightly vulnerable after use.

+10 Strength and +10 speed for the time it is used. +10 to all stats spare Sense for every full Life Fiber base absorbed.

Third Abilities:
Senjin Shippuu (Spoiler image, maybe)
A combination of Senketsu Senjin and Shippuu. Besides of those form's advantages, it also allows the user to combine both of its resources to unleash more complex attacks, like turning into a cutting wheel of flames. (Lasts six posts, with an eight post cool down. After exiting Senjin Shippuu, user gains Adrenaline, which buffs all stats except Sense by 20 for two posts. For those two posts, no forms can be used).
Stat boosts):
+40 Strength
+50 Speed
+/~/ Defense (Only harmed by Magic or Hardened Life Fibers, or bludgeon based. +20 otherwise)
+10 Magic Defense

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PostSubject: Re: Hyouhaku Blühen   Hyouhaku Blühen I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2014 8:52 am

Approved. (Sen I Soushitsu image wont load)
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PostSubject: Re: Hyouhaku Blühen   Hyouhaku Blühen I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2014 1:20 pm

Hyouhaku Blühen Tsuna_13

I will grant you the honour of my superior "Approval" stamp, since you obviously cannot control your own. Heh.
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PostSubject: Re: Hyouhaku Blühen   Hyouhaku Blühen I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2014 6:02 pm

Re-approved after fixing. Much better, and more tactical. Excellent job, Octo.

Hyouhaku Blühen Nas17

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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PostSubject: Re: Hyouhaku Blühen   Hyouhaku Blühen I_icon_minitime

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Hyouhaku Blühen
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