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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Kill la Kill World

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PostSubject: Kill la Kill World   Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:42 pm

Name of Anime/Manga/Book: Kill la Kill

Anime/Manga/Book Description:

Set at Honnouji Academy, which may as well be called a city due to its size, in Tokyo Bay. The academy is dominated by its student council, which oppresses the inhabitants and the school staff thanks to the power of their Goku Uniforms, uniforms made of a special fabric called "Life Fibers". Matoi Ryuko, a transfer student, travels to the Academy in hopes to find clues about her father's death. She assumed Kiryuin Satsuki, the Student Council president and ruler of Honnouji Academy, had clues towards her father's murder. As such, Satsuki became Ryuko's main target for interrogation. Once visiting her father's destroyed home, Ryuko found a hidden basement where she found Senketsu, a "Kamui". Kamui were specifically made to counter Life Fibers, even though they were made of Life Fibers themselves. Along with Senketsu, Ryuko tries to find the truth about her father's death.

Magic System: Kill la Kill isn't your average "Rasengan" and "Getsuga Tenshou" kind of magic anime. Kill la Kill doesn't usually have any forms of casual energy liberation; that's something reserved to only a few characters. What it does have, however, are Goku Uniforms and Kamui. And it also has Life Fiber infusion. I shall explain all three accordingly.

Goku Uniform: These are divided in three ranks; One-star, Two-star and Three-star, with One being the weakest and Three being the strongest. In the lore, the number of stars in your uniform would determine your life quality and hierarchic position at Honnouji Academy. One-star uniforms are used by the lower-ranked members of the student council; Two-stars are used by club presidents (You know, like School clubs. Gardening club, Boxing club, etc.); finally, Three-stars are used by what is called the "Elite Four", the highest-ranking students at the council, which are right below Satsuki, and are presidents of a specific school Committee. But, enough about the lore. Time for the part that matters; how they work.
One-star: Gives a power boost that is always active, but it only makes you stronger than the average human. It still can't contest against a Two or Three-star or a Kamui. Pretty much useless, since there are no relevant characters in Kill la Kill which use this uniform. There are only two models; one for male students and one for female students.
Two-star: These are more diverse. For example, Fukuroda, the boxing club president, has a jacket, shorts, belt, headgear, and boxing gloves as his uniform. The tennis club president has a uniform which looks like your typical tennis girl getup, and so on. These, besides providing a boost higher than those of One-stars, can be activated to augment certain abilities. Fukuroda's, for example, make his gloves grow extremely big and become faster. The tennis girl has her racket become giant and much, much stronger. Sadly, they don't stand a chance against Kamui or Three-star uniforms. So as the One-stars, they're kinda useless, but not as much.
Three-star: The strongest type of Goku uniform. Besides giving you an even greater power boost, they can be activated to transform the uniform into a... combat suit of sorts. These are really OP, especially if taken from the end of the anime, but not quite as much as Kamui. These are also varied - Sanageyama has his own Kendo-themed uniform, while Nonon's looks like a school band leader. They have the potential to defeat a Kamui, but even still, the chances are slim.

And now that we're done with the icing, let's place the strawberry on the cake that stand above all: the Kamui.
Kamui are clothing that are 100% made of Life Fibers, as opposed to the Goku Uniforms' 30%. However, such an amount of Life Fibers would mean that the Kamui could control its wearer and eventually kill it, unless their user has been infused with Life Fibers that are compatible with the Kamui. Kamui look just like regular uniforms, but, when they enter in contact with blood, they transform and rely on that blood source to stay transformed. As such, wearing a transformed Kamui for too long will cause the user to pass out from blood loss. However, Kamui are the OP ones out of the bunch. You're not gonna need that much time to kill your opponent, anyways. While wearing a transformed Kamui, the user's strength rises to a point where it can easily cut through refined steel as if it was paper with only the wind generated from a sword slash. Its speed becomes as fast as a jaguar, and, at later levels, faster than what the human eye may follow, leaving only a colored trail behind. Also, its defense becomes so that it cannot be harmed by anything, unless it is something stronger than a Kamui. For reference, missiles don't even leave a scratch. And what is best about Kamui; they can get stronger than that. The more Life Fibers you feed them, the stronger they get. Not only that, but Senketsu, Ryuko's Kamui, also has the ability to speak to its user. The stronger the bond, the stronger the Kamui gets. Sadly, the fun has to end when you pass out due to blood loss. Kamui can be deactivated manually, however, as long as you have some way to stop them from drinking your blood. Kamui have yet another weakness; there is a special metal which can cut Life Fibers easily. When struck by a weapon made of this material, a Kamui can easily be torn to shreds.

Also, I've mentioned Life Fiber infusion a few times during this post. What is Life Fiber infusion, anyways?
It's when a human has their body infused with Life Fibers. Many characters from the anime have this... But I'd rather not list them, because spoilers. The Life Fibers give their host inhuman strength, enough to slice rock or send decapitating airwaves with a blade's swing. They also give their host extreme resilience; any part that is cut off of them can be connected again to the body to recover it, as long as there is a Life Fiber thread connecting both. Wounds heal extremely fast. They can literally have their chests pierced, rib cage wrecked, and heart ripped out, and they'll still be fine; the wounds would heal in seconds, and the heart would return to the users' chest as long as a single thread of Life Fiber is left connecting the heart to the body. And, for the record, Life Fibers cannot be cut with anything but that special material I mentioned above. Yet another advantage of this is that the body generates blood at an extremely accelerated rate without making it too dangerous, making it nearly impossible to die from blood loss.
And now that we mention Kamui, only humans who have been infused with compatible Life Fibers can succesfully activate a Kamui transformation and survive.

Second/Ascended levels: The Kamui's OP-ness won't stop there. If a Kamui attains enough power, either by its bond with the user or by absorbing enough Life Fibers, they can trigger additional transformations. Here, I'll list the ones I know of. In case you mind it, then I'll put them on a Spoiler tab, since they can be considered spoilers.
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PostSubject: Re: Kill la Kill World   Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:04 pm

However, this world is on Probation, just as any Revealed world is. For the first few topics this magic system is in play, it will be monitored for correct conceptual application. Worry not, this is a Probation that every new world is placed under.
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Kill la Kill World
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