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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Rydar-currently a work in progress

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PostSubject: Rydar-currently a work in progress   Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:37 pm

Name: Rydar

Title (Information can be found here: Chaser Dusk

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: (Apologies, no picture)

Rydar's appearance, unlike so many other successors', is unique due to the fact that it did not change one bit during or even after the reign, despite the clear fact he had gained powers from a physically power individual. Instead of miraculously transforming in to some big warrior, arms and legs bursting and rippling with muscle mass, Rydar remained the scrawny, short 14-year-old he had been since the beginning. Th freckles on the four-and-a-half-foot-tall boy remained, maybe even growing more numerous throughout the years.

His skin, too, seemed to become dangerously pale, like a dead man. His dark, mud-brown eyes remained the same, dark color they had always been. Nothing had changed. His red hair, too, had remained nearly the same, a part from a slight growth which Rydar just assumed was natural, rather than being due to his new powers. Even so, longer hair! That would mean little even if it was changed by his successor.

His formal and regular attire, which is scarcely removed, consists of regular grey pants, a neat and spotless white shirt which is cleaned on a daily basis to maintain it's clean status, a red bow tie which, in Rydar's own opinion, is tied rather well. His shoes are, once again, spotless and shining with cleanliness, despite being dark and black.

It should, however, be noted that once Rydar changes in to his three forms, he no longer resembles a human, and becomes a new, alien like creature.


Most of Rydar's life before the reign did not matter, s it was a very generic life. He lived, ate, made friends, learnt  variety of new things. No breath-taking adventures or horrifying tragedies, no, just a very simple life. He got in no fights, no detentions ever. He was a "goody two-shoes' as people would call him, unable to understand that he simply ignored them. Nothing that happened in his life was big enough for him to remember, except of course everything he learnt at school, but that was nothing special. Everyone else was learning it, after all. During the reign, things were bad of course. The few friends he'd ever managed to make were killed or simply disappeared from his life, gone to fight the merciless beasts named the Excul.

He managed to survive by awakening his powers, using them to fight back, though sometime's he nearly lost. However, the most important part of this boy's life, the part which affected him as a person the most was the period of time after the gruesome "Reign". Having been a survivor, a few other successors found him and took him to a secret, abandoned building. Hidden in this ruined place was a sort of science-lab, where the group of successor`s brought him. Rydar, noting that several others where here as well, knew something was wrong, but did not argue with the successors. He was outnumbered, and could easily be killed without hesitation if they already had more "Subjects"

So he allowed himself to be experimented upon, to be tested and changed, as he underestimated how much of a change would be made to him as a person. After countless days, multiple failed experiments, and a single dispute with the other successors, the group decided to release him, knowing he would never work. Rydar, now free in the world, had one thought in his mind, which would be his first goal in his new life.

What were they planning?


Succession World: Dragonball Z

Successor: Freiza

Abilities* ( )

Free Form Abilities:

Second Abilities:

Third Abilities:

Base Stats (Information can be found here:, and here





Magic Defense:

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Rydar-currently a work in progress
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