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 To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)

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Posts : 121
Join date : 2014-04-15

PostSubject: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:27 pm

Within the last several days, the clouds have been thicker. An unending shower of rain blanketed over the open world, drowning out what little light the sky might have offered. Crowds bundled together inside the glowing Garrison walls for safety and communication. However, many of these confused souls stayed not by choice, but from the cause of the greatest confusion of all. The Scrying Glasses within every Garrison shattered only hours before the rain began to fall, blocking incoming and outgoing transportation, and effectively trapping everyone inside who could not travel without them.

As one door within the walls crumbled, another outside the walls grew ever more imposing. The previously inaccessible golden doors far outside the reach of the California Garrison had come closer. Much closer. The massive kingdom doors were now within walking distance, beaching itself on the shadowy sand only minutes away from the Garrison.

It was almost obvious what the greater powers were offering; an entrance inside a new world. Several heroes have already stepped forward in volunteer to enter this frontier, and each of them had no idea the several fronts that would rail against them.

(Story topic open to five, another story topic will be open for Shades and Dusks soon. First come first served, simply respond below! First person to respond must start the topic. A group of five have volunteered to enter the titanic doors, and you are a part of it. This group is composed of Liberators AND Dusk Sentinels/Dusk Chasers).

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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Posts : 86
Join date : 2014-04-17
Age : 19

PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:48 pm

Nova stood on top of the roof of his mothers home staring at the doors which had seemed to have moved closer. He wanted to be a hero so he thought maybe he should volunteer to venture out and enter the doorway. Who knows where it would look to. Nova did not know so their for he was curious and his heart was beating fast. He looked up into the sky as the rain fell onto his face forming a very small puddle in his lightning bolt scar. He looked down the water running down his face and little jolts of electricity exerting from his body.

He jumped down to the floor the winds gust blowing against him, his hair flowing with the wind and the sleeves of his Leather Jacket which dropped over his shoulders also blowing around. From the looks of it his Leather Jacket should have been taken with the wind but it did not. He began to walk, every time he would step into a puddle you could see electricity being conducted through it.

He arrived in front of the door awaiting the other people who would also be taking a glimpse of what lied beyond the majestic door of mystery. He merely stood in front of it the rain falling onto his hair and the wind blowing against him.


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PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:53 pm

The rain dropped endlessly on the female successor who sat on the edge of a large, grey, eroded building, legs dangling over, as if they where about to fall, swinging in curved motions. Sasha Avansted sighed with annoyance, looking out in to the vast, dull horizon. Why did the world have to be so...gloomy? Especially with the recent phenomenon of the Scrying Glasses which occurred earlier today. Sasha knew that something, whatever it may be, was going to happen.

Her attention was dragged to the immense pair of golden gates which drew closer to the garrison by the second. As if being pulled towards it by a magical entity, she stepped on the air, walking towards the gates.
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Posts : 34
Join date : 2014-04-24
Age : 18

PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:54 pm

"What lies behind the golden gate?" This is all Adam thought about during the passing days. There was no knowledge of these gates in the books he studied, it was quite peculiar. The disappearance of the Scrying Glasses was also quite strange. Adam had to partake in the long trek to the 'new world'. He just had to know what was beyond the gates, which is why he volunteered in the first place.

His pack was sitting on his desk, along with his books and whatnot. Not being sure how long the journey would take, Adam had to pack everything he could. Books, common supplies, and clothing occupied most of his pack space. The young adult was now ready.

"The gate seems to be made of a gold colored material. Gargantuous indeed. It's quite the marvellous sight." said Adam, talking to himself per usual. Adam's brown eyes directed to the other volunteers who would join him.
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Posts : 25
Join date : 2014-04-19

PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:40 pm

"Well. I'm stuck here due to crappy rainfall, and also the fact of the Scrying Glasses being broken. This isn't very fun. There's also those damn gates that seem to be moving closer. Although I couldn't care less on other occasions, I have to figure out what the hell was gonna go on inside that door. I might as well go into it. I mean, why not? It's just a adventure, and the world went to hell and back not that long ago, so it can't be worse then the day this whole shithole of a thing happened." Matt thought, unhappy, although intriuged the slightest bit by the door moving closer.

He had been sitting in a chair, thinking that. At this point in time, he really didn't want to sleep, even though he loved sleep. He got up from his chair and stretched, he had a few more things to think about. Quite a few. He thought about if he really wanted to risk anything going into this, and if he risked it, would it be totally worth it? After about 10 minutes, his thoughts trailed along this little set of words.

"It could be a return to being competitive, back to what I'm used to, but, is it worth risking my health. Even though in the new world, in which it's a deathwish to go outside the garrisons and," He lost his thought for a moment, trying to remember what the other areas were called. "Oh whatever they are. I can't travel at all without the Scyring glasses being fixed. Major inconvenience, but, one I have to deal with" He wasn't going to pack anything. He had his spears, and his clothes. That's all he figured he needed. Now, he didn't really want to be a hero, being one wasn't really his thing.

With this in mind, he finished stretching, and looked around for something to do.
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Posts : 92
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PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:27 pm

Hyouhaku went to visit the beach again, the one where he remembered seeing a golden gate once. He wondered if Nova and Alex would be there. On his way, he heard from some people that the Scrying Glasses broke, so he didn't have a way to return home. He decided to spend some time on the beach. The golden gate had gotten closer, and was actually reachable now. However, he was paying more attention to the sea rather than the door.
"...This can't be good.", Senketsu said.
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PostSubject: Re: To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)   

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To Kingdom Come (Open to Dusks and Liberators) (Story)
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