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 Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P}

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Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Empty
PostSubject: Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P}   Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 5:05 pm

Name: Rogue ???


Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Fran_reborn

He gained the Appearance of his Predecessor after the Reign had occurred. No matter what outfit he wears, he keeps his Frog hat on at ALL times. It helps to protect his head since it is infused with Mist Flames.



Succession World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Successor: Flan

Abilities* ( )

Free Form Abilities:

Illusions: The user can cast illusions which can fool and trick people. Rogue however can use his illusions to not get hurt what so ever. He may look like he had been harmed but he is just fine.

Varia Ring:Like any other Ring it can project the flames of the user. It has no special properties and is used to summon the users flame and/or inject the flames into the Box Weapon.

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Squalo's_Ring

666 Ring: This Hell Ring is also called by the pseudonym "Unlucky Ring" and it has been said that, after 666 times of misfortune have come to pass, it will be overturned and one time of fortune will be bring forth, but there is still no reports of a successful precedent. One would normally think of it as a high-risk ring, but an illusionist that considers misfortune as a way of thinking does not feel misfortune as misfortune, or simply has a personality that does not care about it might wear this ring willingly.

It gives off a powerful amount of Mist Flames which will make a Box Weapon more powerful when used.

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Hell_Ring

Second Abilities:
Real Illusion Gloves: With these gloves the user can turn his Illusions into reality. He can summon powerful rockets which can blow you apart. The user is able to turn thought into reality but unlike regular illusions these can actually kill.

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} 200px-Reality_Illusion_Glove

Bel Box Weapon: The User injects Mist Flames into their Box Weapon and like a jack in a box A puppet that resembles Belphagor pops out. It can act as a defensive shield BUT it can also shoot powerful Mist Flames out of it's mouth which can pack a powerful punch.

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Flan's_Box_Weapon

Third Abilities:

Genju Gagai:

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Tumblr_m6ae9oCwYW1rsbk5io1_500]

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Tumblr_mwsjylduvJ1swz9v9o1_500

Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P} Gokudera05
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Rogue the Trolly Illusionist! {W.I.P}
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