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 -Sasha Avansted-completed

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PostSubject: -Sasha Avansted-completed   -Sasha Avansted-completed I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2014 12:24 pm

Name: Sasha Avansted

Title (Information can be found here: Dusk Sentinel

Gender: Female

Age: Sasha is 24 years old, but looks a bit younger than so.


Sasha's appearance transformed drastically during and after the reign, much to her liking and benefit, as it now reflected her "warrior woman" personality much better than the small, almost "cute" girl she now no longer resembles. She was allowed to mess up her hair now, and could choose the style of clothing she saw fit, instead of having to always wear that tight little white dress, ragged and dirty, she had since she was a child. She could make any changes she saw fit to her body, and nobody could or would stop her.

-Sasha Avansted-completed 442614-bigthumbnail

She now retains a more physically able body, as if the reign had been a month's worth of body-building. Her figure, though curvaceous, was much more intimidating, and was what she was looking for when getting into fights. She was not going to do a ballerina dance. She was going to fight, and at east now she looked as so. Her skin tone, however, still had the light fairy look to it. Something Sasha is as of now unable to change in any way. She also seems to have not grown much, only standing at roughly five feet, though this doesn't cause her much trouble in life. Her face has changed from having a timid expression to a mean, shrewd look, something which Sasha has almost naturally.

Her eyes have also undergone a rather peculiar change. As if by different stages of evolution, they went from the light, sky blue to a tinted ocean color, before morphing into a violet color, and then, near the end of the reign, finally transcending into their final form. A beautiful, majestic crimson. Her attire is probably the most notable aspect of Sasha, as it appears to be very random and unique. It is, in some ways, a mixture of a battle armour and a regular school outfit. Her shoulders are completely exposed to the outside world, except for a small parchment of red fur to help keep warm. On her arms are long, black sleeves with strips of gold wrapped around like bandages.

Covering her chest and middle section of her body is  white and black armour which appears quite thin but provides useful defence. there are several segments of black, but it mostly remains white in color. In her breastplate lies a peculiar pattern which consists of a shape bearing resemblance to a heart, surrounded by jagged red lines which barely miss touching it. Just barely. Below this can be seen a few violet stripes which lead down to Sasha's crimson red skirt, reaching only down to her thighs, a black line of fur stretched along it. The rest of her legs are covered by black tights and white padding.

Rested horizontally along her upper back is a sky blue sheath, within it a long blade, or Zanpakuto, with a unique design.


Sasha's birth, as with all births, consisted a lot of blood. She spent much time within the body of another, simply a small, insignificant being. Her birth seemed to cause pain, as did all births, something Sasha soon learnt when her sister was born. But, Sasha's birth was painted in blood. She was born into red. Her eyes, her entire tiny, feeble body covered in it. This is the beginning of the story about Sasha, and the color of...


She lived off the little grain of food provided to her every day. The small, tiny nutrition which kept her from death. It was almost lie torture, forcing her to live of so little when death surely, surely meant a better place. But lack of proper food was the very least of her problems.  Every day, she was force to walk down the only route home, a dark alley in the outskirts of Southern California. Forced to deal with the hooligans who felt compelled to go there and harass her So much much....


She would, however, come to notice another side of this nightmare, forever haunting her. A softer side. On the very rare occasion her family went to the fields, she passed a small but bold bunch of roses. They lay on the floor, neatly, beautifully. She called her sister over, not aware of her current...condition. The heat did not help. And Sasha was forced to stare at her lifeless body, covered by roses....covered by...


Then came the black. The shadow in the sky. Then came the Excul. Gargantuan creatures of pure darkness and malice, bringing chaos onto the world. The world seemed to enter and endless eclipse as the next day played out. People Sasha had known, friends and foes alike, disappeared, leaving a trail of her nightmare. Her family where gone, left her to rot or be killed by the monsters. No chance.. The Excul had won. Nobody could stop them. And all around her lay...




But, the came an unexpected friend. An ally, from another world, another dimension, who gave her the powers to combat these creatures. Tier Harrible became her successor, and gave her the strength to move onwards. She lived that day, and grew a lust for battle. But also came an ally to help her combat the nightmare. The one thing she hated was deflected by her powers, like a guardian angle protecting one from the demons which hunt them.



Sasha's personality, in a similar fashion to her attire, is a mixture of several aspects and traits which must each be analysed separately to fully understand what Sasha is like. Though oddly enough, some traits only appear at certain times, and can even contrast with some other personality traits.

-Outside traits-

These are the traits that Sasha expresses regularly, and the ones that anybody close to her would be able to identify. These include her tomboyish personality, often displayed by a rather careless attitude, and in some occasions, a short temper bringing about violent outbursts. She displays a "tough girl" personality, never crying or showing even the slightest sign of weakness. A warrior must not show weakness. She is not flustered by either gender, and believes strongly that love and romance are also signs of weakness. However, she will not hesitate to make allies if it helps her in any way.

She has a lust for battle and is willing to show it. It makes her blood pump, her heart beat, and is pretty much the only thing she enjoys in life to this extent. Despite this, she knows when to calm down, and will not challenge anybody unless she is sure she has a chance to win.

-Hidden Traits-

As with all people, or the majority of people any ways, Sasha has certain personality traits and features she does not expose to the outside world, and keeps hidden to herself and herself alone.These include her actual care for people, especially friends and allies she has been with long enough to develop bonds with. She always states that warriors cannot show any signs of weakness, but everyone has feelings within them. This, in return, makes Sasha feel guilty when she is rude or, rarely, cruel to others, but she has done it countless times and has learnt, or rather has been forced to learn, how to endure the guild.

She also is often traumatized by the color red, and often enters a form of trance when staring at it. Throughout  period of time afterwards, she remains silent, becomes more cruel and rough to others, even her friends.

Succession World: Bleach

Successor: Tier Harrible

Abilities* ( )

Free Form Abilities:

Spiritual energy: This is the form of energy residing in all spiritual beings, and some rare humans too. It grants access to most attacks used by Sasha, but also gives her additional advantages. One such gain being the ability to stand on all types of matter, such as air or water, and treat exactly as one would a solid surface. However, one difference is that, since they are indeed liquids ad gases, if concentration is broken one could fall right through them and not take any damage, unless they where to hit a solid afterwards. Another ability, one which can only be achieved through considerable amounts of spiritual energy, is the power to create pressure which can be felt by others around a large area. It is commonly used to scare off weaker foes, but to say it deals damage is rather far-fetched.

Hierro: A natural quality found in all Arrancar, this is far more than just stronger skin. This trait makes Sasha's skin naturally as strong as iron, allowing her to catch simple strikes without being hurt, and providing a useful defence against certain magical attacks. However, this defence is by far not impenetrable, and if enough force is put into an attack, can be broken, though it would be much weaker than it would have been against other targets.  +45 added to defence and +20 added to magical defence.

Sonido: This is an instant movement which appears to make the user disappear, apparently teleporting to another location. However, it is simply an incredibly high-speed movement, and has a limited range. It is characterised by a super fast, low buzz when used. This ability has a cool down of a single post, before ebing available once again. The user moves at a speed of +100

Second Abilities:

Cero: This ability is a textbook "energy blast" technique. It allows Sasha to charge and shoot a yellow beam of pure, thick, spiritual energy which travels in a straight line. Though not as fast as it's sibling power, the bala, it packs much more destructive energy than said ability, and can deal devastating damage. This ability has a cool down of two posts before being available once again. +45 magical power

Ola Azul: This is a unique ability only demonstrated by Sasha's successor. She is able to gather yellow spiritual energy within the large gap present in her blade, which then surrounds her rather thick zanpakuto. As she thrusts it forward, the energy is released as one large projectile which travels at a high speed, capable of dealing moderate damage. Two of these may be fired before a cool down of two posts commences. Each projectile has a magical power of +30, and travels at +30 speed

Third Abilities:

Resureccion-Tiburon: Sasha becomes surrounded by a torrent on water, which releases her true power, transforming her into her released stage, named Tiburon. In this stage, she is dressed in a very revealing armor. As an example, most of her chest is exposed, aside from certain...features... as is most of her body. There are fragments of padding, such as shoulder plates and leg padding, scattered around her body, seemingly made out of bone. She also retains her skirt, but once again, made out of a bone-like substance. Her most notable trait is an immense blade, almost as large as her own body, which appears similar to a fin found on her right arm, containing multiple gills. This form grants several increases in strength, speed and other statistics, but also allows access to multiple unique abilities, most with a water-based theme. The boosts this form grants include +50 strength  +50 defence +40 magical power  +40 magical defence and +30 speed.

  -Resurreccion-only abilities-

Water Manipulation: Very straightforward. As the name suggests, this ability allows Sasha to manipulate water freely whilst in her released form. She can produce water from the gills in her blade, or simply gather water from the surrounding area and ccontrol it in any way she likes, including torrents of liquid or even shields of water. +30 magical power

Hirviendo: In simple terms, this power allows Sasha to boil all water, and ice, and deflect it around her, later allowing her to manipulate it with her resureccions ability. this can be done freely with no cooldown.

La Gota: Sasha uses her water production powers to compress a large amount of water around her blade, covering it in the blue liquid before firing it like a bullet from a gun. The projectile, despite it's small size, contains a considerable amount of water, and can travel at high speeds. Three of these may be fired before a cool down of three posts commences +25 magical power

Cascada: Sasha's most powerful ability allows her to produce an immense quantity of water from her blade, surrounding it in a typhoon fashion, before dropping down on it's target in the form of a devastating torrent. Though the ability alone is powerful enough, it can be strengthened by adding surrounding water with Sasha's water manipulation, though this would take additional preparation time. The ability has a cool down of five posts. Without the boost, it has a magic power of +60 magic, but additional water can increase that to +80

Arced Cero: In simple terms, this is another version of the powerful Cero. Sasha may charge the blast on her blade, releasing it by swinging in a curved shape, releasing the Cero in a much wider arc form. The blast, however, has the same power. This ability has a cooldown of two posts. The blasts retains it's original power of +45 magic.


Gran Rey Cero- The strongest form of Cero available to the Espada, Sasha can create an energy blast mixed with her blood, which lone contains enough power to completely eradicate objects and entire people, thus in Bleach it was banned from usage within Las Noches. This ability can be shot as a ball or beam, depending of the user's preference. This ability has a cool down of four posts. This Cero has a magical power of +60

Base statistics:

Strength: 30

Speed: 30

Magic: 40

Defense: 5

Magic Defense: 20

Sense: 5

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PostSubject: Re: -Sasha Avansted-completed   -Sasha Avansted-completed I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 9:53 am

I post here to inform the staff and administrators of this site that i have completed this application, and am ready for it to be viewed.
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PostSubject: Re: -Sasha Avansted-completed   -Sasha Avansted-completed I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 10:54 am

Change La Gota to + 25 per projectile, and change Gran Rey to +60 Magic. Once you do, it's all approved. Your stat base is 130.

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

-Sasha Avansted-completed De22c19eb6bb8ed46e75ac3abaa834a8
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PostSubject: Re: -Sasha Avansted-completed   -Sasha Avansted-completed I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 10:58 am

I have completed the edits required. Thank you, mister Flynn.
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-Sasha Avansted-completed Empty
PostSubject: Re: -Sasha Avansted-completed   -Sasha Avansted-completed I_icon_minitime

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-Sasha Avansted-completed
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