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 The Storyline so far.

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The Storyline so far. Empty
PostSubject: The Storyline so far.   The Storyline so far. I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 5:45 pm

In the massive worlds of Anime, Books, and Video Games, leaked a mysterious darkness that infected and dragged the worlds into complete darkness, leaving them corrupted and full of malice. This lead the souls of the heroes to head to Earth by a mysterious light, and entered the bodies of worthy vessels. The darkness that had plunged their world into darkness followed the souls to Earth, and began its invasion on July 13th. It spawned creatures named the "Excul", and the Earth fell victim to the darkness' might.

The year is now 2014, the month now entering into January, almost a year since that fateful day, the day we called the "Reign". But the invasion was matched, as people around the world started to gain powers, powers from anime, books, and video games. Some powers often changed the appearance of the person who wielded it, and sometimes giving unique items and weapons. The darkness had not consumed all of the planet, as some areas remained unmarked. Amongst the darkness, an angelic figure wrapped in a warm light emerged, placing crystal walls around the sacred areas of the world, creating what are called "Garrisons", along with "Scrying Glasses" for traveling from Garrison to Garrison. The angelic light also granted those who were brave enough to combat the seemingly endless darkness the name "Liberators". Although, some people turned away from the light, and became imbued with darkness, seeking spite toward the Liberators and the light they brought forth, these people were named "Shades". The Shades were rejected by the Garrisons, so they created Covens, places of darkness that are swarming with Excul, which Shades had control over. Now, there are some in this world who did not deny the light, nor did they accept it. They have their own ideals, and use their abilities to fulfill their own beliefs instead of a Liberator's, or a Shade's, they are called Dusks. Dusks can be found helping a Shade, and are known as Dusk Chasers, or allied with a Liberator, known as Dusk Sentinels.
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The Storyline so far.
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