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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Megaman X World

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PostSubject: Megaman X World   Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:14 pm

Name of Anime/Manga/Book/Game: Megaman X

Anime/Manga/Book/Game Description:

Earth, XXII century. After Dr. Cain finding Dr. Light's ultimate creation in terms of robots with human behavior, Megaman X, many robots were made using X's system as a base. These robots were called "Reploids", as they possess a replica of X's program to simulate human behavior and emotions. However, being replicas, they were not made perfectly. As such, some Reploids had severe fails in their systems which caused them to rebel against humanity. These "rebels" are called Mavericks. Any Reploid can go Maverick through many different methods, including: computer errors, viruses, reprogramming, or by pure will (though this is rare). Since Mavericks were causing too much chaos, a special force of Reploids geared towards dealing with Mavericks - the Maverick Hunters - was made. These Hunters were tasked with destroying and/or capturing Mavericks that were causing too much trouble. However, Mavericks only started to be a really big threat once the leader of the Maverick Hunters (and closest to X in terms of system replication), Sigma, went Maverick himself. Along with him, he took lots of Maverick Hunters into rebelling. His high number of ex-Hunters subordinates and overall power turned him into the leader of the Mavericks, and turned the Maverick vs. Hunters conflict evenly matched. This gave birth to what is called the "Maverick Wars", in an effort to stop Sigma and his plans to eradicate all humans. By default, all Mavericks must be filed into the "Shades" rank, and Hunters will be in the "Liberator" rank.

Magic System: Magic isn't really used here. However, thanks to Dr. Cain's discovery of X, technology is certainly top-notch. I'll try and translate the system nicely for it to fit  an RP site, so here we go.
Reploids can be classified in two types: Those who can copy abilities of defeated enemies and those who can't.

Reploids who CAN copy abilities are often more human-looking, and all have a weapon by default (which can either be a hand which morphs into a small plasma cannon, a lightsaber, or dual plasma guns). These weapons can be used as Free Forms with no Ammo or Cooldown restrictions. Additional weapons are possible, such as a shoulder-mounted turret, but abilities involving those additional weapons will rather be Seconds and will be attained to an ammo/usage limit. These Reploids will, also, as the name implies, get the chance to take one Second-level ability from any foe they defeated and use it exactly like their previous user would. However, as to not make these Reploids super broken, copied abilities will be Second-level just like their original counterparts, and will face an ammo system restriction, just like in the games; copied abilities may only be used a certain number of times per fight, and refill for every new fight. The more broken an ability is means less ammo for it. These Reploids also get Dashes as Free Forms that can be performed mid-air, which allow them to gain momentum for attacks or for re-positioning.

Reploids who can't copy abilities usually resemble non-human lifeforms, such as animals or plants. These Reploids have less variety than their counterpart, but they have increased strength and agility to compensate for it. Besides that, they gain additional stat boosts depending on what lifeform they resemble (For example, Jet Eagle would get increased speed, while Rock Armadillo would get increased defenses). They are only allowed to have one Second-level Ability, and that Second must be related to their theme (for example, Launch Octopus shoots homing piranha missiles, Spark Mandrill releases electric shockwaves, etc.). However, this Second can be used as if it was a Free Form, with no restrictions or cooldowns. So what they lack in Ability variety they make up in raw battle prowess. And they don't get a Dash. But they can perform crazy jumps anyways, so why bother over it?

Second/Ascended levels: This. Before you say Reploids who can't copy are super broken and deserve a nerf, this is where those who can copy abilities outshine them; only Reploids who can copy abilities can change Forms. These additional "Forms" are more like special Armors. Armors are activated by using chips associated to them, and Reploids who can copy abilities always start with one chip by default. Different Armors have different effects; new attacks, improved weapon performance, improved Dashes, the ability to fly, etc. If a Reploid with the power to copy defeats another one of his kind, they may choose to take all of its chips. Chips can be used multiple times, but they CAN be destroyed permanently. To compensate, Armors have little to no drawback. It would only be fair, considering how you can lose a transformation permanently if you're not careful.

That is all. Thanks for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Megaman X World   Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:31 pm

We cannot force characters to be a specific side. As Successors, we inherit POWERS only, and something appearance.

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Megaman X World
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