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 Aster Phoenix

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PostSubject: Aster Phoenix   Aster Phoenix I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2014 5:45 pm

Name: Aster Phoenix

Title: Liberator

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Aster Phoenix BiXaM43kr4c
Aster wears a black, unzipped collar jacket with a white shirt underneath, and dark gray baggy jeans that go over his black buckled boots. Aster also wears his black fingerless gloves that reach up his wrist.

Aster was born in Auburn, Maine, accompanied with an unholy amount of intensity. Everything he did had to be done with all the strength he had. He had tried everything that interested him, everything that kept his spirit ablaze.
            The thing that put his power and spirit to the test the most was boxing, a sport that let his intensity run free and be limitless. Boxing had also lead Aster toward video games and anime with characters that had seemingly endless spirit and intensity.

With his indomitable spirit, Aster entered numerous Boxing Tournaments, and had won nearly all. Aster became well-known, and had been requested to join multiple teams. He had declined them all due to lack of spirit.
            A night before a tournament Aster was in, he was told his sister had been found dead. The news had brought Aster's passion to a sudden halt, and he barely had the will to fight. The night of the tournament was upon him, but Aster could not fight, and he forfeit the match. People began hating him, labeling him as a coward, and soon just forgot him entirely. Aster was helpless in his ability to fight, he had the one who inspired him to fight on, and had been deprived of his spirit and passion. If he couldn't do his tasks to the fullest, there was no point in doing them at all.

Aster was now a nobody, just drifting from state to state, people often recognizing him, but not with positive opinons. Aster became just a regular person, someone who lost his flames, his will to fight on.

            Soon, the Reign happened, and Aster could not find his brother, sister, or any of his family. He could not fight off the threat that plagued the world, all he saw was weakness in himself, a feeling that he could not stand. With the sight around him, all the despair and the fact fear had taken control of everyone's spirit, ignited an overwhelming amount of power inside of Aster, it gave unbelievable strength, Aster felt a spark of passion and intensity inside of him, something he lost since the incident. This power had restored Aster's will to fight with his intensity! His basic gloves had been replaced with steel gauntlets, emitting bright yellow flames, the symbol of the Sun Guardian engraved on the steel plating on the the back of the glove. Aster had recognized them, they were Ryohei Sasagawa's gloves! He had come to realize he held the power of the Tenth Generation Sun Guardian! With his sheer intensity back inside of him, Aster had inspired those who cowered in the corner to get up and survive.
            But Aster still couldn't fight this threat off alone, and remembered his numerous invitations to teams, and decided to form his own team of people who had indomitable spirits and power that would act as a light for people to fight for the future.

Aster is filled with a spirit that cannot be tamed, he has unlimited energy when it comes to fighting. He will push himself past his own limits to set a waypoint for a point to pass the next time he fights. Aster automatically considers all who share his intensity his friend, even if the person doesn't feel the same way.

While he is intense, and fights for his own goals, Aster will always put his own well-being in danger for the prosperity and survival for those around him, and will gladly help those who fight with all they have.

Aster completely dislikes weak and cowardly people, who fight without passion, and run away from the face of peril. His spirit for others acts as a light to follow through battle, passion that inspires people to keep fighting, and intensity to overwhelm his opponent.

Succession World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Successor: Ryohei Sasagawa


Free Form Abilities:

Kangaryuu Vongola Box - A Kangaroo created out of pure Sun Flames that holds the user's equipment. The Kangaroo is also able to fight on its own. Kangaryuu may release the Dying Will Boots and Sereno Gloves. The Sereno Gloves rapidly heal the user upon wearing, as well as powering up his attacks. They also grant incredibly rapid cell regrowth, making the instant incineration of Storm Flames or those of the like severely nullified.  (+15 Strength and Magic. Takes ten posts to fully heal) The Sereno Boots also granted allow speedy flight, powered by Sun Flames (+ 10 Speed)

Mangaroo's Abilities:

Mangaroo has Speed - 20, Strength 25, Defense - 15 Magic Defense 15 Magic - 20 Sense - 5

Sun Turret - A hyper powered blast of Sun Flames shot from the turret on Mangaroo's back. +30 Magic

Sun Trowel - A small item coated in Sun Flames that will slowly heal wounds, takes seven posts of use to fully heal.

Second Abilities:

Extreme Straight - The user compresses their muscles with the power of Sun Flames, releasing a single super fast jab (+25 Strength, + 30 Speed) (Once every two posts)

Extreme Rush - The user lets loose a flurry of blisteringly fast punches using Sun Flame propulsion on a single target with one hand (+20 per punch Strength, + 40 Speed) (Once every two posts)

Maximum Cannon - A super powered single punch that heavily compresses Sun Flames into the user's hand, creating an explosion, which forms into a beam shot forward. (+55 Magic, +50 Strength, 45 Speed) (Once every two posts)

Maximum Ingram - The user utilizes a veil of Sun Flames to create an image of multiple copies of the user, letting lose a single punch. However, the fists of each copy are physical Sun Flames, and can also do damage (+35 Strength for each copy) (Once every three posts)

Maximum Combination - The user utilizes the same technique as Maximum Rush, however with both hands. Sacrificing power for speed with a virtually invisible flurry of blows (+20 strength per punch, + 60 Speed)(Once every three posts)

Third Abilities:

Cambio Forma - Maximum Break: The user's gloves and body fuse together with their Box Animal, and enter a state of incredible power. All of their natural abilities are increased and gain access to the Maximum Break Cannon. The user's Speed is severely boosted most of all. (+55 Speed, + 55 Magic, + 65 Strength)

Base Stats (Information can be found here:

Strength: 30

Speed: 35

Magic: 35

Defense: 10

Magic Defense: 10

Sense: 10

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PostSubject: Re: Aster Phoenix   Aster Phoenix I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2014 5:50 pm

Aster Phoenix Nas15

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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Aster Phoenix
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