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 The Unfortunate Gary Griot

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PostSubject: The Unfortunate Gary Griot   The Unfortunate Gary Griot I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2014 4:43 pm

Name:  Gary Griot

Title: Liberator

Gender:  Male

Age: 16

Appearance: The Unfortunate Gary Griot Rgc10

Gary grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. His mother was a drunk and his father was addicted to gambling. This was obviously not a stable environment for a child with schizophrenia to grow up in. His mother was often drunk and could rarely take care of herself. She was often quite violent but Gary was extremely tolerant considering she was all he had. He adored his father. His father was his greatest role model but he too was tempermental. However, whenever his father had a good day gambling, he often brought Gary home a toy and showed him all the affection a child craves. It was a torturous battle of give and take.

One night Gary himself decided to take up playing cards. He was around 10 or so at this time. He taught himself a few games. However, around this time his mother drank herself to death. Gary felt nothing. He knew he should be sad and mourn for his mother. It wasn't that he hated her... He just wasn't saddened by her death. And this, his father noticed. He wondered why such a young boy wouldn't be saddened by the sight of his own mothers corpse. He was infuriated and beat Gary for being so disrespectful. After that day, he and his father stopped talking. Not a word between them for over three years.

On his fourteenth birthday, Gary managed to scrap up enough money to buy himself a cake and deck of cards. This was all he wanted really. However one day his father game home, drunk and enraged. Gary was yet to see him like this and couldn't help but to be frightebened. His father saw that Gary was playing with cards and grabbed him by the hair. He slammed him against the wall. "Cards!? Why do you want to play with cards!? Do you want to be like me!?" He repeatedly punched Gary until he'd managed to slip away. He retreated to the kitchen. That's when things got foggy.

His father rushed toward him arm extended. Gary backed into the corner with the drawers. He reached in and pulled out a knife. After his father lunged for him he stabbed him. His father looked him in the eyes and said "Not like m-". Gary continued to stab him over and over again. His fathers cries of pain were loud Gary's scream was louder. Over and over again, his whole body stained with blood. Before he would control his body, he'd managed to stab his father 58 times. 58 times he'd plunged the blade into his own father, his last piece of family.

That same night he was still lying in the kitchen, shaking in fear. Tears rushed down his face for hours. But after some time he noticed there wasn't one tear on the ground. He walked outside and noticed the sky dark and the screams of people around him. Then it all went black.

He awoke in a chair. But not a normal chair, he was strapped in. A man was electricuting him repetitively. He constantly asked "What are you? Excul?" Over and over again. Then by sheer will, Gary discovered his ability to travel through space. He teleported behind his torturer and grabbed him by the through from behind. He squeezed and squeezed until the resistance stopped. Of course, Gary has no recollection of this.

Two long years later, Gary still wonders the street. Looking for love. Though, loved ones are his greatest fear.

Personality: Gary is schizophrenic. On a good day he's the nicest person you've ever met. On a bad day...  You might lose your life.

Succession World: Kingdom Hearts

Successor: Xigbar

Abilities* :

Free Form:

Teleportation - User has freeform teleportation that can be used freely, as the user succeeds the essence of Space (Once every other post, because people complain about infinite teleportation, even though it's a part of the character).

Arrow Guns - User can summon freely at will, two arrow guns that can shoot an infinite array of tracking shining bullets. Must be reloaded every three posts. Bullets can be teleported.(Each bullet is +15 magic)

Space - Along with teleportation, the user can stand and levitate on air without being hindered by gravity.

Nobody (Sniper) - User may summon up to ten Sniper Nobodies, humanoid creatures of both Nothingness and Space that retain a high caliber of intelligence. Each creature can shoot up to a single shot before reloading, each shot being +15 of the user's magic, and also retain the ability to teleport. However, these abilities are highly limited compared to the user's.

Corridor of Darkness - User may create a portal of darkness capable of travel to any destination visited before, also allowing pass of anyone allowed by the user. These corridors are even capable of travel between worlds. Not usable in combat.

Second Abilities:

Piercing Snipe - User can combine their arrow guns into a full ethereal sniper rifle, which can shoot individual bullets at an incredibly far range, or a single charged massive laser arrow that can be charged up to three posts before being shot at blistering speeds and has piercing capabilities, and travels for several miles with perfect accuracy as well as the ability to bounce off of air, and be teleported to the user's destination once. (one charge is +50 Magic, two charge post is +90 Magic, three charge post is +130 Magic)

Third Abilities:

Critical Snipe - The user fuses their arrow guns together to create a single sniper rifle, yet still retains the ability of rapid fire. Each shot is as strong as a single charged sniper shot, being +50 magic. Each shot causes an explosion, and also pierces through defenses. Whatever the shot touches, even the explosion, causes a stun effect. (Cannot be used until six posts into combat, and stun lasts only one post. Critical Snipe lasts three posts, and takes three posts to cool down. User cannot walk when in use, can only teleport once).

Final Limit - The user's bullets become larger, faster, discoloured, and extremely powerful, as anything that touches them will be instantly blown apart regardless of defense, Bullets are tracking and can be teleported. (+/~/ Magic, cannot be used until eight posts within battle, lasts three posts, takes five posts to cool down. Must be standing completely still, can only teleport once within use)

Ultimate - The user becomes completely invincible to any and all attacks as they are separated from existence per the feature of "Nobody". They place their arrow guns beneath them and let loose all bullets within their guns multiplied several times into a portal. Portals appear everywhere and anywhere within the area and are shot at blisteringly powerful speeds. (+70 Magic a shot, cannot be used until ten posts within battle, can only be used once in battle).

Base Stats

Strength: 10

Speed: 25

Magic: 30

Defense: 5

Magic Defense: 10

Sense: 20
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PostSubject: Re: The Unfortunate Gary Griot   The Unfortunate Gary Griot I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2014 4:58 pm

Wow, those abilities were so perfectly made. I think this is the first time anyone has ever made an application that needed zero work. Excellent job. Dose abilities, doh. So gude.

The Unfortunate Gary Griot Nas14

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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The Unfortunate Gary Griot
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