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PostSubject: Alexzander X Cross (POSSIBLE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)    Alexzander X Cross (POSSIBLE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 12:16 pm

Name: Alexzander Xavier Cross. (Alex Cross)

Title: Liberator

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Liam is a young man in his early twenties with golden sandy brown the the longest lock being neck lenght. He has a smoitg carmel skin tone with florescent green eyes. Liam has a small button triangular nose with medium sized ears. He weighs 175 pouns with a swimmers build.His attire usually consist off a long sleeve white button up shirt with black dress slacks and dress shoes. He also could be seen in a black button up shirt with a beige long sleeve leather jacket, blue jeans and a mint green scarf.


Background: Alexzander was born into the Cross family in Northern California who at the time were were freshly rich people who discovered a large pocket of oil under their land. Growing up he really never had his parents around. They were off running their newly created business increasing their income with the lump sum of the cash they were recieving from the still plentiful amount of oil left. Alex had no other siblings, himself being a miracle child grew up alone and sheltered. He had the latest toys, clothes,  and materialistic things. He was taught by the best scholars in the country. The older he grew as a child the more saddened he became. He wanted nothing more but his parents attention and love and affection a child was suppose to recieve. He did find a little comfort in a maid who spent her time playing games and teaching him things street wise.

As a teen Alex had a wider variety of freedom. He would venture outside the walls of his mansion. He would venture into the towns causing trouble and wrecking havoc on the citizens of the town. Truthfully everyone enjoyed his company his rambunctious spirit brought a new light to the dull town. He quickly made friends of which were the same behavior of his. The group of friends became close and became the light of the town. Everything was finally falling into place for Alex until the one day that will haunt his memories forever. The town was attack by a group of shades came to take over the land killing all of Alexzander's friends and family.

One by one the villagers would fall into Darkness. Fire spreading from building to building screams and shots ringing from every where. All this was happening ouy of the blue and he could do nothing. He would be taken away from the town along with the rest of the suviving children and infants. They would flee to his Mansion taking refuge from the shades. But they still werent safe. The shades discovered his mansion bursting throw the doors. Killing and attacking the remaining villagers and the maids and servants. Alexzander in the midst of the commotion managed to escape bandits running. Through the fields of his of his previous home, with no destination in mind or no plan. He ran as far as he could as long as he could. He would not stop until his body gave out.

In his last moments consciousness he would stumble upon a farm now in Southern California owned by a mid aged married couple. Just as he prepared to ask for help his body would give out and the life would fade from his eyes. The married couple would take care and nurse him back to full health although he were unconscious for several days. Alexzander would go through a period of great depression but would find great comfort in this family. They eventually would adopt Alexzander and raise him well. He would adjust to farm life and country towns. A year later Alex adoptive parents would conceive a child. A baby boy which his parents allowed him to name. Totsuzen would think carefully and hardly on what to man his new little baby brother.  He eventually would come up with the perfect name, "Sebastin." His adoptive parents adored the name and blessed him with it.

Alexzander would adore his new little sibling. He did everything for him never questioning or kept him waiting long. He never had a sibling so all of this was new and exciting for him. His little brother adore him to often reaching for him and crying for his attention.  Totsuzen would keep perfect watch over his brother.

On his twentieth birthday he had become apart of a resistance to protect the Suviving Areas. He one day had stumbled upon a newspaper which had unbelievable article. All around thr world people in surviving area began obtaining powers similar to that of anime character and shades. At first Alexzander wanted nothing to do with these powers. Not until his was was killed by another shade. He heard it was a ritual to summon a specific persons power. He knew the exact person. He received the mans powers and became a advocate of the good side protecting both his country and his family...

Personality: Alexzander is a extremely friendly person he is able to become friends with almost anyone even his enemies. He at times can be very sly and sneaky. He is very smart and well mannered. He is trustworthy and reliable. When his friends are in trouble he could become cruel and tenacious. He always keeps his cool never letting anyone get into his head. He can be short tempered if his friends are endangerer. He is confident in himself and also his abilites.

Succession World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Successor(Optional): Xanxus

Abilities -

Free Form Abilities:

Flame of Wrath

-Dying Will X Guns (Sky Pistols): By charging Flames of Wrath into the pistols barrel which contains dying Will Bullets he would be able to fire concentrated wrath flames. These guns can be used to fire lethal blast at an opponent or to use the force of the blast as propulsion so high speed movements or to fly. +30 speed

Dying Will X Guns:

Second Abilities:

Dying Will X Guns Techniques:

- Scoppio d'Ira (Burst of Wrath): An Attack that requires the use of the Dying Will X Guns.  unleashes a barrage of Flame simultaneously that, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large super-powerful blast. One per three post. +25 Magic

Scoppio d'Ira:

-Bocciolo di Fiamma (Bud of Flame): Another Attack that requires the use of the X Guns. Alexzander uses one gun to fly around the target and the other to shoot his target from different angles to form a flower bud at the target's feet. Once per two post. +20 Magic and +10 speed

Bocciolo di Fiamma:

-Colpo d'Addio (Blow of Farewell): A stronger version of Scoppio de Ira where Alexzander charges up energy in his guns and fires two super-powerful shots with the same or more power than Scoppio de Ira. Once per four post + 40 magic

Colpo D'Addio:

-Martello di Fiamma (Hammer of Flame): The strongest version of Scoppio d'Ira and
Alexzander's' strongest move. Once per five post. +60 Magic

Martello di Fiamma:

Sky Vongola Box

- Leone di Cielo (Sky Lion): By using the Sky Flames harmony factor Leone di Cielo has the power to fire sky flame roars at an opponent which absorbs energy and over time morphs it into stone.

Leone di Cielo:

--Ruggito di Cieli Sky Edition- A Flame-based attack in the form of a roar. It can assimilate the enemy with the battlefield through the Harmony powers of the Sky Flame through contact over a long period of time. Once per three post. +50 Magic.

Ruggito di Cieli:

Third Abilities:

Ligre di Tempesta di Cielo (Ligre of Storm and Sky): Leone di Cielo true form. In this form Leone because mixed with a storm attribute tiger changing him in Ligre di Tempesta di Cielo. A Lion/Tiger which has both flames of Sky and Storm.

Ligre di Tempesta di Cielo:

--Ruggito di Cieli Storm/Sky Edition: Similar to the Sky addition Ligre di Tempesta di Cielo fires a roar of sky flames now infused with storm flames. First the sky harmony factors activates turning an object into stone while then shortly after uses the storm disintegration factor to break down the petrified target destorying it. Once per three post.

Appearance same as Ruggito di Cieli Sky Edition.

-Armatura Platino: Ligre Tempesta di Cieli: An alternate form of the Ligre Tempesta di Cieli, just with a longer mane and a platinum armor, giving it immense defense and durability, and is thus able to withstand attacks. (This form is required to use Cambio Forma.)

Armatura Platino:

Cambio Forma- Pistole Imperatore Animale: in this form Armatura Platino: Ligre Tempesta di Cieli combines with Alexzander's Dying Will X Guns giving the pistols and his techniques of the Dying Will X Guns the factors of Sky and Storm petrifying and dissembling anything it touches also causing the blast from his X Guns to take shape of Armatura Platino: Ligre Tempesta di Cieli head and are now as twice as strong.(Increase the post cooldown of every attack by one.)(Ruggito becomes a Cambio Forma ability now and does not have A cooldown)
+/~/ Magic, +70 Speed
Cambio Forma:

Attack from Pistole Imperatore Animale:


Strength -25

Speed - 20

Defense - 20

Magic - 30

Magic Defense - 25

Sense- 10

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Posts : 121
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PostSubject: Re: Alexzander X Cross (POSSIBLE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)    Alexzander X Cross (POSSIBLE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)  I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 17, 2014 4:43 pm


Enjoy! Watch your back, Pseudo-tenth. Prove yourself too tall, and I'll have to cut you down.

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