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 Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!

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PostSubject: Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!    Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:34 pm

Name: Jaden Silver

Title:Dusk Sentinel

Gender: Male

Age: 16

After the Reign occurred Jaden took on the appearance of his predecessor looking exactly like him in every way. Jaden tends to where the clothes similar to what Gokudera would where including the garments he wore during the Vongola Rings Arc. When he is wearing his own clothes he wear a thin red hoodie and a black leather jacket over it with black jeans and red converses. He also wears a black suit with a red undershirt just like his predecessor wore in the future.

Background: Jaden was a loner all though out his life. He was with his parents for the first 9 years of his life. Until one day his dad lost his job and entered a time of depression. He committed suicide and his mom did as well to be with her lover. They left Jaden to fend for himself in this cruel world. He only ever had one friend. His best friend if you want to put it like that. He had told him about this anime called Kayekyo Hitman Reborn! but he thought it would be dumb to get into anime. After he lost contact with him he began to watch get more and more into anime. The only thing he could remember about his friend was that his name was Daemon.

He managed to get a fake ID and pretend he was older then he really is so he was able to get a job. With this job he was able to fend for himself in the stat of New York. When he was 11 he got introduced to the world of anime. Anime was something that he loved and he took an interest in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It was his favorite anime and he took an interest in the Storm Guardian Hayato Gokudera. He bought a Storm Vongola Ring to wear and just to help him feel like Gokudera.

When he was 13 he had just graduated and when all the families were with their children Jaden could be seen walking home alone. Kids and parents looked at him confused as to where his parents were. One of the kids he considered an associate came up to him and asked. When Jaden explained it the kid's parents called ACS and tried to put him into a foster home.

5 days before the Reign happened he was on the run from people trying to put him in a foster home because for some reason they would not give up on him. He was running and ran into a alley way where he jumped through a window into darkness. He hit something hard and got knocked unconscious.

He awoke 5 days later due to a bright like coming from the Ring he had bought on the internet. It came off his middle finger and began to levitate. A bright red light bursted out of the ring making Jaden close his eyes and when he opened them the ring looked identical to the one he saw in the anime. It stopped levitating and fell into Jaden's hands. Jaden was confused at what had happened when he saw a large piece of glass on the floor and when he looked into it he saw Hayato Gokudera. He was confused at what had happened but then a bookbag fell on top of him from out of no where. He looked inside of it and found box weapons.

The only words he could think of were "What the actual hell..." He then began to hear noises and watched as a shadowy figure appeared out of the ground. It began to get closer and closer to Jaden but he was not scared. He looked at his Ring and made a fist and closed his eyes. In his mind he said to himself "Turn your resolve into a flame... I want to live... I want to live..." then out loud he screamed "I WANT TO LIVE!!!" A red flame bursted out of his Vongola Ring and he went into the bag and pulled out a mossy box with a skull on it. He put the ring in the whole of the box and a skull arm cannon appeared on his left arm. He put his hand into his shirt and to his surprise pulled out a stick of dynamite. He loaded it into the cannon and fired a burst of red deathperation flames screaming "FLAME ARROW!!!"

2 weeks later he found himself out of New York and in what was refereed to a Garrison. He began to go over everything he had and smiled. "I am the successor to Hayato Gokudera..." He began to laugh and then stopped. "I wonder if there are any other Vongola Guardians out there..."

Personality: Jaden tends to be a loner due to his past of being alone. He never really spoke out much due to him not knowing many people. He has a really bad temper which he gets from his predecessor.

Succession World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Successor: Hayato Gokudera

Abilities* ( )

Free Form Abilities:

Dynamite: Jaden carries a seemingly unlimited supply of pressure explosives that ignite after a lit timer. While not that strong, the pressure is enough to push someone off of their feet. The user has both large and small bombs. All pressure bombs are (+15 Magic a post)

Double Bombs: Jaden throws about 16 Dynamite at the same time at an enemy. (+20 Magic a post)

Triple Bombs: Jaden throws about 24 Dynamite at the same time at an enemy. (+30 Magic a post)

Double Bombs with Mini Bombs: Jaden takes smaller bombs and throws them mixing them in with normal bombs to mess up someones perception because the smaller bombs look like normal bombs so it messes up there perception and then they get hit by them.

Pickpocket Bomb: Jaden puts a single Dynamite on an enemy without them knowing.

Speed Bomb: Jaden takes out a mini Dynamite and throws it towards his back and the explosion makes him run fast but also hurts him in the process.
+20 Speed

Storm Flames:
Jaden can manipulate Storm Flames with the disassemble factor from his Vongola Ring.

Storm Vongola Ring:

Second Abilities:

Flame Arrow: Jaden uses his Vongola Ring to summon a Storm Deathperation flame from it and put it inside a mossy box weapon with a skull on it. After he opens the Box Weapon a Arm Cannon appears on his left arms with a Skull for the mouth. When loaded with Dynamite it can shoot a beam of Storm Deathperation Flames at an enemy which can deal considerable damage. When the shot is less concentrated it can get rid of an enemy's Deathperation Flames.

Gatto Tempesta (Uri): Jaden can summon Uri by opening his box. Uri by himself is just a normal cat which does not Like Jaden but when combined with Sun Flames it Uri can turn into a Storm Leopard.


System C.A.I Rings - The user has five different attributes of Flames within their body which can be used to infuse the Flame Archer's Storm beams. (Can use one shot per post, cannot use the same shot twice)

Sun Flame Arrow: Jaden turns the nozzle at the end of his Skull Cannon to the right and opens a box weapon with his Sun Flame and it reveals an ammo clip which he can put into the nozzle and shoot bullets which go at a rapid acceleration due to the Sun Ring's Active Factor. The Beams are shot at a blisteringly fast speed (+ 40 Speed)

Rain Flame Arrow: Jaden opens one of his box weapons which reveals a canister. He puts the canister into the back end of his skull cannon and he shoots a Flame Arrow which is coated with Rain Flames so it can weaken the enemy's defenses and have the powerful Storm Flames pack a heavy punch. The Beams are shot with the ability to weaken enemy defenses (Pierces through shields/barriers)

Cloud Flame Arrow: Jaden opens one of his box weapons which reveals a canister. He puts the canister into the back end of his skull cannon and he shoots a purple beam which uses the Cloud Flame's propagation factor to stem out and multiply into multiple beams. The Beams split into multiple beams that surround the follow the opponent.

Lightning Flame Arrow: Jaden opens one of his box weapons which reveals a much larger canister that is oval shaped and  has metal spider legs so the canister resembles the back end of a spider. When he put's the canister in the legs sends the spider legs forward and around the skull cannon. He then shoots a Flame Arrow which is fused with the solidification factor of the Lightning Flame so it's a much powerful attack. The Flame Arrow also has red lightning coursing through it which is very noticeable. Creates a solid beam of immense power that is so powerful, it can be considered a physical object (+40 Attack/20 Magic)

Rocket Bomb - The user's pressure dynamite bombs have mini thrusters which allow them to fly a different direction than thrown once.

Bomb Spray - The user is able to use a single pressure bomb to instantly explode and push the user or target away (+40 Speed Once every two posts)

Flame Missile - This is the box that replaces Uri's box in the updated SISTEMA C.A.I from the Vongols Box. A Storm rocket launched from the Flame Archer that creates a powerful explosion (+50 Magic, three post cool down)

Third Abilities:

Gatto Tempesta V. Storm Leopard - Usually a small Storm kitten, the kitten evolves into a massive Storm leopard with incredible strength and agility when using the Sun Flames active factor from his skull ring. Stats are Strength - 30, Speed - 30, Magic - 5, Defense - 10, Magic Defense - 10, Sense - 5.


SISTEMA C.A.I: SISTEMA C.A.I consists of 16 box weapons which can only be opened by 5 different Deathperation Flames. The user unleashes all the boxes on their body, creating four glass-like platforms that float around, and can be used to defend against attacks or manipulate the Flames in the user's body.

Bone Loops - Four black circles of bone with transparent glass middles that can act as shields to defend, float, and are controlled by the user's mind. They allow the user to manipulate Flames in according to effect. User can only use one shield every other post, and not the same type of shield in a row. All shields have +60 Defense and + 60 Magic Defense. Up to two shields can be combined to double these stats, but both will auto-break after defending, requiring a five post cool down.

Rain Shield - Creates a shield that also weakens power of whatever touches it(Adds a slow effect to whatever touches it as well as increased magic defense +40 Magic Defense to regular shield stats. Four post cool down.)

Storm Shield - Creates a shield that begins to do damage to whatever touches it (Acid effect and +10 Magic, two post cool down)

Sun Shield - Creates a shield that heals whatever touches it, and is much faster to react (Shield is + 30 Speed, 3 post cool down)

Lightning Shield - Creates a shield that is incredibly more powerful than all the rest(+120 Defense, six post cool down)

Contact Lenses - Allow the user to take into account the smallest factors with special contacts including weather, air flow, magnetic fields, and even gravity itself.

Storm Disk - The user is given a storm disk that allows instant flight at high speeds (+30 Speed)


Storm Vongola Box: Jaden's Vongola Box consists of 3 things. SISTEMA C.A.I with Uri's boc being replaced by Ammo for Flame Arrow (Flame Missile) Uri V. Vongola and Flame Arrow.

Uri V.Vongola: Uri comes out of the Vongola Box instead of one of the SISTEMA C.A.I boxes. Uri has a differnt appearance due to him being able to combine with Flame Arrow for Cambio Forma.

Cambio Forma - G's Archery: The user turns their Flame Archer into a great Storm bow, capable of creating Storm arrows simply by drawing the string. The bow grants arrows with incredible power of the most pure and powerful Storm Flames. (Arrows are +50 magic a shot with +20 strength)

Tornado Flame Arrow - After a one post charge, the user is able to shoot a single arrow of black bone and pure Storm Flames, with such destructive power is pierces though everything and anything, including energy or magic (+90 Magic, + 30 Strength)

Gattling Arrow - The user can shoot up to four Pure Storm Flame arrows at once with piercing powers, and massive force (+65 Magic . + 25 Strength per arrow, pierces through barriers/shields)

Base Stats:

Strength: 30

Speed: 35

Magic: 35

Defense: 5

Magic Defense: 10



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PostSubject: Re: Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!    Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:29 pm

Welcome to the fray, Storm Guardian.

.........................You're on my list.

Strength - 30 Speed - 40 Defense - 5 Magic - 40 Magic Defense - 5 Sense - 5

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PostSubject: Re: Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!    Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:06 pm

I have been waiting so long for this. It is time to kick some ass. You should join Ryans Ikkaku character ship he's Ace's succesor and Daemon (Yamamoto Successor) just joined his crew.
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PostSubject: Re: Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!    

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Jaden Silver The Guardian of the Storm!
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