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 The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura

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Kimiko Sakura

Kimiko Sakura

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The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura Empty
PostSubject: The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura   The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2014 4:54 pm

Name: Kimiko Sakura ( Real Name: Kimiko Langlois )

Title (Information can be found here: Liberator

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Appearance: The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura P35TLQS

Kimiko has bright blue eyes and long light pink hair in twin-tails that reach to her knees. Her dress is adorned with sakura petals and with her magic, transparent sakura petals seem to flow from them, disappearing before the touch the ground, a effect of gaining magic powers.When her darkness magic is released she goes through a transformation as described, however the transformation only relates to the changing of hair and petals to the color black and her eyes a blood red.


Early Childhood

Born into a wealthy family such as the Langlois Family, Kimiko didn't have much control over her life. She lived in a large estate in the country, miles away from other people and civilization. Although she lived in comfort, soft silks, expensive food, and high class entertainment, she wasn't exactly happy with her life as a wealthy child.Despite having her parents and countless other maids and servants around, she was quite lonely. Unlike other kids at her age at the time, she didn't have any friends, much less anyone around her age. In addition to her parents going to dinner parties, she was left by herself more times than she can count, because she was to young to attend. So, to pass the time she spent alone, she often read books or watched anime. It was around this time that she was introduced to the anime Fairy Tail, and her life began to change...


Being the only child, she was thrown into the position of the successor without a choice, to inherit the family business, wealth, and estate. With her future being decided for her, she went along with everything, smiling, only wishing for her parents happiness. Her mother sat with her for a few hours each day, teaching her proper etiquette , how to cook a meal and sew, along with other feminine traits necessary for her to know as the successor of a wealthy family. While her father sat with her for the rest of the day teaching her about business, politics, and economics, other "necessities" she needed to know. Along with her teaching she was also allowed to come to dinner parties, which sparked some excitement within her. She had always imagined what they would be like,but these gatherings did not turn out as she expected. Kimiko was forced to wear a dark blue dress, with white high heels, and her hair was tied up in a tight bun, making her look " mature and proper". When she arrived she noticed how everything looked perfect and expensive as she thought, with exquisite food and fancily dressed adults. She stood while the adults came over and asked her questions about the family business and what will she aspire to do with the company in the future. The many questions thrown at her and people surrounding her was overwhelming and exhausting. Several hours later the party was over and she was relieved to get home, and into bed at last.

However, the cycle continued on as she got older, even much stricter if she could say. Everyday it was listen,study,parties, and more studying, and it was starting to wear her out. Keeping the happiness of her parents in mind, she decided to ask nicely what all of this work was for, without complaining. Her father simply said " It's for the sake of the Langlois family company's future.." and added after sometime " ..and for your future as well.". Believing those words, she continued on with her studies and attending the fancy parties she disliked, for the sake of the future. What kept her going were her late night watchings of the anime Fairy Tail. She loved that anime, and it always cheered  her up when she felt lonely or sad. One particular exhausting day, she watches her daily episode of Fairy Tail when she had free time at night. She stared up at the starry sky through her window and thought in her head..'Wouldn't it be nice if i were in that Fairy Tail anime? I could be free to do what i wanted and not have to worry about the future of my family company, or the estate and wealth either. If i could have magic like they do...i could live an adventurous life too, one where i can fight for what i believe in with my friends...' She laughs and her expression changes into a hopeful but sad one." if that could happen.." she says as she get's into bed and drifts off.

A Few Years Ago

Kimiko woke up in a cold sweat and sat up, closing her eyes momentarily to collect her thoughts. She simply passes off what she saw as a nightmare, and smiles looking at the bright sky from her window."Another day.." she says as she slowly rises from bed and walks toward her room door and was about to grab the handle, when suddenly she felt a wave of unease course through her. "W-what is this feeling..fright?" She slowly retreats from the door and closes her eyes once more , staying perfectly still, trying to remember something-something important she had forgotten...

**Flash Back Time**

It was a normal day for Kimiko in the Langlois household. She was in the middle of her studying as usual, learning now about the importance of economic value and marketing. Her lesson however was cut short, and she was given the information that she was to go to a tea party held by one of her fathers business partners. For the first time, she was able to choose how she is dressed, and she walked to her room to prepare. She dressed herself in a pink,white, and burgundy outfit she had made herself, adorned with sakura petals , her favorite type of flower. As she was about the exit her room, she heard a loud crash from what sounded like the front entrance. She ran as quickly as she could to see what was going on, and was surprised to see something a girl of her age should never have seen. Laying on the polished wood floor before her lies her mother, Kumiko, covered in blood-not of others but of her own. Her face expressing the shock and surprise at the sudden attack-and paralyzed by the injuries that were inflicted upon her. It was a horrifying sight that she had witnessed and her eyes were kept on the slowly dying figure before her. Before she could do anything other than that, she was quickly picked up and carried away at a fast speed. Recognizing the cloth that was pressed against her face , she knew it was one of the maids, who work there. Her mind began to process the recent events hoping to figure out what was happening. As scenes of people flighting and some on the ground, it didn't take her long to discover what was going on. 'An attack..we're being attacked...but by wh-'. Her thoughts were interrupted when suddenly she felt a powerful force hit, and she was sent flying a few feet into a wall. She fell to the ground and had trouble getting back up, with the pain she had received from the blow. She managed to get into a crouching position, but as soon as she looked up she was hit with terrible force, rendering her unconscious-but not before she caught a glimpse of a figure with an odd mask with a dark hood overshadowing his face, which scared her severely before she blacked out.....

**Flash Back End**

Kimiko takes another look at her surroundings finding that it's not her room but what she saw was only an illusion. She finds herself in a dimly lit cell , alone behind huge metal bars. She tries pushing on the bars to see if it would budge even a little bit, but her effort was to no avail. She then sit's down as far away from the cell entrance and curls up in a corner,trying to get herself to think of a way out. Her mind wanders to the estate and how everyone is-her mind now flooded with a feeling of worry. She hopes everyone is safe and she was about to think about what happened, when she suddenly hears a small mew from a corner. Her train of thought broken she sit's up and looks around in the dim light when she hears the noise once again, and starts to crawl toward it. She comes face-to-face with a small white kitten, with unusual pink stripes on it, and it was shaking-backing into the corner as soon as it saw her. She picks up the frightened kitten and holds it close to her, trying to explain she wasn't going to hurt it. When it calmed down she gave a small smile at how cute the small creature is. Her small moment of happiness was interrupted as a hooded and masked figure entered the cell she was in. She stared up at the figure and stood up-frightened."Well ,well it seems you have finally woken up little girl.". As he spoke, his voice sent chills up her spine." Now,now don't be afraid, just tell me where the Langlois family fortune is and i'll let you go unharmed."'Family fortune...i never heard of it before...' She knew the family had a large amount of money..but a fortune? " W-what fortune..i've never been told about this before." The next time he spoke he seemed to have anger in his voice"Don't play around with me! As the successor , you should know where it is! So speak now or be punished!" When she didn't answer he took out a leather whip from his cloak." Punishment it is then..." he trailed off as he took off his mask to get a better look at her. She watched as his eyes landed on the small kitten she had found earlier and grinned darkly at it. Automatically she brought it close to her and her expression changed into a glare," Don't you dare try to hurt it!". He just laughed and lashed out at the kitten with is whip intending to hurt it. Instead Kimiko took the hit not wanting the kitten to get hurt. Seemingly angry at her action, he lashed out towards her violently, her earning bruises and cuts , she closed her eyes from the pain but she still didn't move.When the relentless attacks stopped, she opened her eyes again, finding the surroundings to look hazy. She glared up at the hooded man who in return shouted at her" Why are you protecting that  weak little furry creature? It has no value or meaning for it's life, so there's no use trying to save it. Just like you, you pampered little brat!". Kimiko angrily rose from the ground and stood , with her hair shielding her face," My situation is one thing...but wanting to hurt a small,defenseless,innocent creature just because you think it's life has no meaning-just for your amusement..." She looks up at him once with a glare that made him take a step back,not because of the look, but the shine that was growing within it's depths"is unforgivable!". She suddenly heard a voice in her head and was suddenly in a place she didn't know of, it was strange but oddly warm..

"You have proven to have the courage to stand up for those who are weak, and the will to protect them. Therefore i will bestow upon you the power to defeat your enemies and defend the innocent.However your dark magic will be sealed off until a moment of grave danger-or a moment of extreme anger for the right reason. With your new power will you promise to fight for good , to protect others and bring them happiness? To bring peace to the world now lost in darkness?.."

Kimiko contemplated on those words for a moment . 'New power? World lost in darkness? What does that even mean?'. Her mind lingered on the words fight for good and protecting others. It was as if she was going to be in that Fairy Tail show she loved so much. She would love a chance to escape her captive life here and go exploring in another world-even if it meant she had to fight. Her mind set, she decided to take the chance."I promise!" and answered with determination in her voice.

"Very well. With your new powers go and start your new life as one on the side of justice, fighting for whats right, and ever may be the light that guides the way to the future."

"I understand , i'll do my best!"

That conversation lasted only a few minutes when she was suddenly back where she was with the kitten and the hooded figure. Everything seemed as it was before  except she felt something new. She felt like there was an energy flowing through her, she felt light and strong. 'Is this the new power that voice was foretelling me about? Is this...magic?". She then snapped out of her thoughts when she remembers her current situation, and focuses her attention on the man before her again. She noticed his expression of shock and anger and sensed that there were other people around-which was new. As more hooded figures came to the cell she was surrounded, with no openings of an escape. Her only chance of escape and survival was to use the new powers she had acquired. As they start to close in on her, their malicious intent so thick it could be felt in the air, she quickly thought of a spell to use. An spell suddenly came to mind, one that she had seen in the Fairy Tail anime, and decided to try it when the hooded figures were about to grab her. She swiftly sets the kitten on her shoulder and releases a spell."Heavenly...beams!" She shoots several powerful magic light beams towards all of them with one hand, hitting them with great force and knocking them back. Kimiko didn't seem to remember how powerful that spell was, because along with the hooded guys being completely unconscious, several walls were damaged and now crumbling. She stood for a few seconds in awe at the power before once again remembering her situation, and choosing this chance to escape. She runs from her cell and down several corridors trying to find the exit, while keeping in mind that there may be more hooded people in the area.She was surprised that she had no trouble on her way to the exit and felt a rush of adrenaline when she was close to the exit. However as soon as she reached the door-or rather the gate- she was greeted by about 30 or more hooded figures.'They were probably waiting for me to get here, but i'm not going to let them stop me now!'. She quickly used the spell Heaven Breakdown, which causes the ground in front of her to break and fall bring down all the hooded figures along with it. She then ran around the large crater she had made and through the gateway finally free, and kept running until she was as far away from that place as she could. She looked back at the rather large tower like structure she was held in, and her eyes went wide as it collapsed.' I have the destructive power of Natsu now..' she says and sighs.

She then looks up at the Azure sky with fluffy white clouds, and closes her eyes as a breeze blows past her ,hair flowing in the winds direction. She opened her eyes realizing the fact she was never able to enjoy nature like this before, because she was always busy in the house or at dinner parties, never truly was she able to experience the cool afternoon breeze or the sounds of animals-and she liked it. Holding the kitten she rescued earlier in her hand she decides to keep it with her. She additionally decides to change her last name from Langlois to her favorite flower name Sakura. She doesn't want anyone to identify her by her family's name or wealth but by her own personality and actions. Now free with a kitten companion by her side, just what will she do with the new powers she had obtained.


Enter Kimiko Sakura, user of the elements of both light and dark, into the new world of magic and war, making allies and enemies on her journey to fight for peace and happiness, as she ventures into the Kingdom of Broken Barriers~

Personality: At first meeting Kimiko seems like a rather quiet and mysterious person. She doesn't speak anything about her past,preferring to keep it a secret. She is often one to be found staring at the sky or looking at things she has never seen before.Having been alone most of her life, she is unsure how to act around people, much less make friends, so she isn't one to start conversations with people. She actually mostly keeps to herself , somehow always being able to rescue someone in their time of need, and vanishing soon after. She has a dislike for violence and fighting but has learned that those types of situations are inevitable in life. She steps into a fight if someone is being bullied or attacked, though they are innocent, this action often getting herself into a bad situation or danger instead.

When you get to know her she becomes less mysterious and distant, her true personality shining through. As she makes friends and allies she becomes a truly happy and optimistic person. She is very kind , always trying her best to help others and listen to their problems. She often tries to talk to people before actually fighting, her dislike of violence still there. Being incapable to truly hating someone, she instead tries to reason with them to try and get them to see the right in things, and maybe even bring them over into the light. She is very friendly and energetic, due to her young and childish age. She may seem much mature than she is suppose to be at times, due to the events of her past. She also keeps her problems and negative emotions to herself, not wanting to bother or cause others to worry.She is nice to everyone unless you hurt people or her friends, then she get's angry and starts a battle with you. She loves her friends very much and holds them dear to her, never having any actual friends before and doing anything to protect them. However,if you severely injure her friends of someone she holds dear, if their blood is shed , then her dark magic is released.

Upon the injury or death of her friends her darkness magic is used. When used her eyes turn a blood red color and her hair  turns pitch black-her sakura petals on her dress turn black as well- and she becomes cold and merciless, an effect of having darkness within her and using this magic. Because of that magic's destructive power,it has been sealed until that very moment.

Succession World: Fairy Tail

Successor: Jellal Fernandes

Abilities* ( )

Free Form Abilities:

Thought Projection: Kimiko is capable of creating a Thought Projection of herself, and is very skilled at doing so, being able to fool everyone that the projection is an entirely different being from her own. Her projection is also able to don an attire different from Kimiko's own.

Telekinesis: Kimiko has shown the ability to move objects around in the air without touching them, being capable of doing so even through her Thought Projection.

Telepathy : Kimiko is able to communicate telepathically with others, disallowing any "jacking" of her communication to occur.

Keen Intellect: Kimiko is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual.She capable of creating clever schemes and planning ahead.

Enhanced Endurance: Kimiko's vast array of spells comes with the stamina to employ them in subsequent reprises, with her being resilient enough to use Flame of Rebuke, something similar to the effects of Etherion.

Enhanced Strength: Kimiko has considerable physical strength, enough for her to send a being of a Excul's stature flying several meters away from her using only a single hand; what's more, the feat was performed with a backward motion.

Immense Agility: Aside from her Magic capabilities, Kimiko is fast, agile, and has quick reflexes, being shown avoiding and redirecting the slashes from  large bladed weapons with ease, reacting to them with his own Magic.She is also able to evade assaults through several remarkable acrobatic leaps.Kimiko is able to flawlessly dodge the attacks of a Dusk known for his masterful skill in employing speed-enhancing Magic (or rather Magic which slows his opponents' perception of him), without resorting to employ her own spells; aside from ducking even with her back turned, She is also able to subsequently pinpoint a person's location.

Immense Durability: Kimiko is a highly resilient opponent, capable of undergoing large amounts of damage without collapsing. She is also able to survive doing something that should of ended in her certain death.

Immense Magic Power: Kimiko  possesses a vast amount of Magic Power.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Kimiko, despite favoring the use of her ranged Magic, can be a capable unarmed combatant.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Despite having scarcely been shown employing one, Kimiko, is able to wield a sword with impressive proficiency.

Second Abilities:

Heavenly Body Magic: (This magic, which is Kimiko's preferred magic style, is based on astronomical objects such as stars, black holes and meteors and Kimiko uses their energy to attack her opponents. For example, she can create starchains, starbeams and so forth.)

It is a powerful form of Magic that allows the caster to use the properties of many astronomical objects for battle, preferably in offense. The properties of Heavenly Body Magic rely primarily on astronomical objects like meteors or the generation and manipulation of the energy of stars from their own body. The caster can create powerful light blasts or beams of high destructive power, reminiscent of starlight, at their opponents. This light is not the only substance used, however. The caster is also capable of using the power of gravity against the opponent for destructive usage; the strength can be comparable to the effects caused by a black hole. The use of such Magic can be used to enhance the caster's own skills drastically for various purposes, such as shrouding them in Magic that can increase their speed significantly.

Heavenly Beams: A spell in which Kimiko releases several powerful beams from her hands towards her opponent, causing great damage.

Heavenly Blast: A spell in which Kimiko closes her fist, except for two fingers and swipes them backwards; a large sphere of Heavenly Body Magic appears and rushes towards her target.

Heaven Palm: A spell in which Kimiko grabs her arm with her other hand, and straightens her palm; a ball of Heavenly Magic appears in her palm, which then is shot at the target, pushing them away as if it were an invisible wall.

Heaven Breakdown: A spell in which Kimiko swipes her hand, causing the ground in front of her to break, making everything on top of it fall.

Heavenly Arrows: A spell in which Kimiko swipes her hands, releasing several arrows of light towards her target.

Darkness Magic-Darkness Magic is a type of Magic which allows users to manipulate and control destructive Dark Magic. This Magic has a physical form used for destroying objects, blocking enemies' attacks and picking up objects.The color of the Magic varies depending on the caster (red, purple, black, green, etc.). Users typically shape their attacks into the form of ghostly apparitions, which they can use in various ways. The malefic nature of this Magic tends to complement the sinister nature of its users, and it is known to make people physically ill and cold in nature. Like other elemental Magic, this Magic includes body transformation

Dark Force: Kimiko is capable of moving a target around in any desired manner. By moving her hand in the direction she wants it to move, she blows the target away as if he were hitting them. This will seemingly produce an invisible, powerful blunt attack to strike the target; an attack which is strong enough to kill opponents, causing their blood spilling out.

Dark Grab: Kimiko moves his hands towards the opponent, far away from him. This will prompt a pair of strong, dark-colored arms to appear from a nearby surface and grab the opponent, immobilizing or choking them according to the movements performed by Kimiko Herself, who, after grabbing the target, is capable of controlling the spell with a single hand. The spell can also instead take the form of a large amount of red glyphs, which surround the opponent, swirling around them and then grabbing them. Such glyphs can also be used to lift the target in the air and bring them to her.

Darkness Cage: Kimiko creates a sphere of Darkness Magic in her hand, before firing it at her target, releasing several ghosts that wrap around the them, restraining their movement. Kimiko can also summon several small masses of Darkness Magic which then grow and come together to create a sphere around the target, restraining their movement and dealing pain.

Dark Vanish: A spell in which the target, instead of being struck from the outside like with Dark Force, seemingly implodes from the inside, or is, in any case, forced to vanish through unknown means, leaving only the clothes behind.

Dark Ray: Kimiko shoots a powerful ray of darkness from her hand towards the enemy.

Dark Mass: Kimiko creates a dark sphere that expands until it transitions into multiple tentacle-like entities that rush towards the target, and upon contact, spontaneously erupts. Within, the dark sphere appears to feature the face of Ksitigarbha.

Ghost Fireworks: Kimiko extends her arm and releases a flurry of ghosts towards his opponents. They seem to be alive as when someone cut them, they shed blood.

Fire Magic : Kimiko masterful in the use of fire-based spells.

Flame of Rebuke : This spell, when released, creates golden flames in Kimiko's palm, the spell being incredibly powerful.[184][185] According to Kimiko, creating these flames uses up virtually all of her Magic.

Bind Snake : This spell appears in the form of a snake tattoo. The snake winds its way around the target's body, tightening and restricting movement.

Third Abilities:

Abyss Break : An extremely powerful spell which employs the four main elements to attack the opponent

Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song : Kimiko creates several Magic circles covered in runes above his opponent, which release a concentrated beam of Magic Power that damages the enemy.

Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water : Kimiko uses several Magic staves to cast a Magic circle that can reflect spells back at their caster.

Meteor (流星, ミーティア, Mītia): Kimiko's body is surrounded by a cloak of Heavenly Body Magic, allowing her to move through the air at incredible speeds. Even if someone could detect her trajectory, it is nearly impossible to catch her. With her speed, Kimiko assaults her opponents with quick, but powerful, melee attacks.

Altairis (暗黒の楽園, アルテアリス, Arutearisu): Kimiko crosses her arms above her head to begin casting the spell.As she prepares to fire the spell, all nearby shadows are drawn towards her, forming a small black orb which rapidly grows in size (inside are small white lights, giving it an appearance similar to that of the night sky), before unleashing it towards the target. The orb appears to be incredibly dense, and may hold a tremendous amount of gravity capable of crushing everything in Kimiko's path.

Grand Chariot (七星剣, グランシャリオ, Guran Shario): While in the air, Kimiko places both arms on top of each other, with the top hand having only the index and middle fingers spread out. Seven Magic Seals are then summoned in front of her and connect, creating a constellation of sorts. Each Magic Seal then releases a powerful light blast down on the opponent, forming the same pattern on the ground before exploding. According to Kimiko, this spell's destruction capability rivals that of an actual meteor.

Fourth Abilities( I think this is necessary):

True Heavenly Body Magic: Sema (真・天体魔法 星崩し Shin Tentai Mahō Sēma): An attack in which Kimiko bows down and points her hands downwards, with all the fingers closed except the index and middle fingers. She then begins to slowly move her right hand until it points upwards, causing the clouds above Kimiko to begin circling, creating what appears to be a cyclone.From the center of the swirling formation, a glowing orb begins to form, growing in size until a humongous meteor emerges, falling quickly to earth towards the intended target. When the meteor hits, the force is strong enough to create a large explosion, which engulfs a wide area and releases a strong hurricane of air, also leaving a large crater in its wake.

Base Stats (Information can be found here:, and here





Magic Defense:


*Abilities also merit stats, meaning abilities must also have their own stats.

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The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura   The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2014 5:38 pm

Already, I can tell this is a new concept to you. While I highly appreciate the gung-ho attitude with regards to our anime fantasia, this character will need just a little work before we're ready to start saving the world from light and or darkness.

First off, you're missing stabilization. This means, you're missing post limits, cool downs, and uses. Telepathy, as an example, requires a post limit and cool down. Also, you far overestimate your own strength. Excul are... Excul are NEVER to be underestimated. Even if your character was the strongest physical character in the world, with enough force in your attacks to shatter mountains, the Excul would still overtake you. If a powerful character has 10/10 power, an Excul has 7/10. Two Excul would be 14/10. Already outmatched. Excul are severely powerful beings. Cold, intelligent, merciless.

Next, is realism. Firstly, you must understand something CRITICALLY important. We are NOT the actual anime characters themselves. Meaning, we do not have their training, their past, their bodies, or their strength in magic.

You are simply a Successor. You are NOT the real thing. Your freeforms need to be fixed to adjust this, as you are simply... A little girl. Now, with magic. This does not augment your body to flick a building and cause it to collapse.

Third, specification. All of your abilities seem Copy/Pasted from the Fairy Tail Wiki. This is incorrect, as it's far too broad and general. REMEMBER. ABILITIES NEED POST LIMITS AND COOL DOWNS, AS DO ALL SPELLS IN THE MAGICAL WORLD. We don't see people spamming the exact same spell over and over.

ALSO, CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. YOU ARE MISSING STATS. The stat system is very subtle, as we only use it to settle arguments of "No, I'm faster". "No, I'm stronger". So don't feel like it's a video game. However, virtually all abilities require stats. You're also missing your general stats. As a Fairy Tail character, you have 130 points to allocate between Strength, Magic, Speed, Sense, Defense, and Magic Defense.

ABILITIES ALSO HAVE STATS. So, using your Abyss Break would say... Take three posts to charge, and then fire a beam with a magic stat of +100, but would require the charge for that much power.

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PostSubject: Re: The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura   The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2014 5:39 pm

If you would like help, I will help you personally. It'll shave off so much time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura   The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura I_icon_minitime

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The Awakened Light and the Hidden Darkness-Kimiko Sakura
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