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In the simplest of terms, this is a melting pot. On our site we have the most purest of goals, to fuse the many worlds of anime and manga together.
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 Power System (Magi)

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PostSubject: Power System (Magi)   Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:24 pm

Magic System: 

There are also several magic castles full of treasures and traps known as "Dungeons" and each of them is the lair of a powerful magic being, a Djinn. Individuals that manage to overcome the trials of a Dungeon and earn the allegiance of its Djinn are known as Dungeon Capturers, gaining the ability to use its powers infused in a personal item of them known as "Metal Vessel" and create less potent "Household Vessels" for their companions as well.

Djinns range from a variety of magics and abilities, including simple elements, or to even diverse distortion including space and environmental changing. However, many Djinn repeat the same element, while still retaining their own unique aspect. An example would be of Amon, and Astaroth, both Fire Djinn with their own unique abilities. While they both retain incredible prowess in fire, Amon has the ability to burn through anything with it's sword, while Astaroth has the ability of eternal flames.

Household Members are those granted a Metal Vessel aside from that of the Djinn's main host. a Djinn holder may imbue the Metal Vessel with their power, deeming that person as a part of their household. This is in reference to anyone with a Djinn is considered a "King's Candidate". Household Members are not weak by any means, and their powers are unique and branched off of the original's. The power is mainly based on the Metal Vessel. For example, a Household Member of Amon, Djinn of Fire, would potentially have chains attached to their body which can summon flame, ignite, grant flight, and have general full control over the size and extension of the burning chains.

Alongside this are the basic principals of magic which can be combined, such as fire and earth into magma. Very basic and understandable magic through manipulation of Magoi.

Second/Ascended levels: 

Djinn Equip (Full): The Djinn Equip is infusing the power of a Djinn within yourself, physically changing and augmenting your body with the element and power of the respective Djinn. This grants incredible physical advancements, being able to fly and move at almost invisible speeds, while being able to slice through mountains or building size giants, multiple of them with one slash (Little stronger than the average Bankai, but less variety and no flash step or Kido or all the cheap crap Bleach has). 

Extreme Magic: After reciting a short chant within the Djinn Equip state, the user is granted a single, massive and incredible attack based upon their Djinn and element. The Extreme Magic is almost always a single attack, and requires a vast amount of magic power, leaving the user drained for several minutes after, taking a decent time to recover.
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Power System (Magi)
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